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I noticed ever since that nasty loser called Alex started being friends with ekaette, he has overly became happy which made me angry.


He shouldn’t be happy, I do not want to ever see him happy, because he doesn’t deserve it.


My mom brought me up to believe Alex was cu*rsed and £vil, and évil people don’t deserve happiness.


Nothing bad i did, ever makes alex sad or angry anymore, because he seems to find solace with ekaette.


Ekaette in question, was every guys dream in our lodge, she was really beautiful and well endowed with round boob’s like oranges, and well moulded backside like watermelon.


Everything about her was topnotch, from her hair down to her toes, she had this smooth voice that can easily melt a man’s heart, and she had a nice set of dentition.


All the guys in our lodge, including me had tried asking her out in the past, but she snubbed us all and didn’t even give room for friendship to any of us.


I wasn’t much pained when she turned me down in the past because, I didn’t even wanted to have anything serious with her in the first place.


I was only after her beautiful body and i wanted to have a taste of it and move on.


But seeing her with Alex angered me, because how can she leave a cute young boy like me, and Go for an old man like alex.


Alex that is as poor as a church rat, what good does he have to offer to her?.


I got more angry with Alex, and i tried ruining his relationship with ekaette, if I can’t have ekaette, then he too shouldn’t have her.


But before I executed my plans, I first cunningly confirmed from Alex if he was really dating ekaette which he agreed to.


I was kind enough to indirectly tell Alex to stay off ekaette claiming that ekaette was a whore and every guy in the lodge had slept with her including me.


I pretended to show care towards him, telling him that I didn’t want my beloved brother to be involved with a whore like ekaette.


But that dumb head Alex was a hard nut for me to crack, he simply told me he would never leave ekaette still.


He even had the guts and effrontery to express the love he has for ekaette to my Face.


I didn’t say much to Alex, some days later, I secretly got ekaette’s number from Alex phone and sent her a text on WhatsApp with two fake test results.


One fake results for Alex mother which had her name on it, and the other result belonging to Alex, which also had his name on it.


I wrote to her that Alex mother died from HIV and Alex too was also infected.


Alex was very thin, so I also use that as an advantage to also tell ekaette, that the reason why alex was slim, is because he is HIV POSITIVE.


To make it look real, a friend had helped me forged alex voice earlier, when he was saying he was tired of his HIV crisis, then i also sent the recording to ekaette.


When I sent those fake evidence of ekaette, she immediately called me and was inquiring from me if it was true.


Kenneth please, i beg you in the name of God, are all those things you sent me, true about Alex?……..she asked crying over the phone.


Of course they are true, he is my step brother, and I know him in and out.


It’s just that I don’t want a fine girl like you to come and be infected with HIV, that’s if he hasn’t infected you already………I said sarcastically but she instantly cut me short.


God forbid, I am still a virgin, Alex has never touched me, thank you so much for this information, am really grateful……….she replied feeling grateful to me.


After the conversation with ekaette, i smiled wickedly because I easily achieved my plans than I even thought.


Now this is the time to finally get close to ekaette, so I can get what I wanted from her…….I thought, smiling fulfiled.


Alex came back home that evening from wherever he went to, and he went straight to ekaette’s room, probably to give her what he bought for her.


He came back an hour later confronting me about what I told ekaette, but I was already prepared for him.


I came out from our room, shouting at the top of my voice that I can’t let him infect an innocent girl with HIV.


Every student tried settling the fight between Alex and I, and then i used that as an opportunity to tell everyone of them that Alex was suffering from HIV and they all believed me.


I also played the fake voice record of alex talking about how he is tired of his HIV crisis, and everyone was shocked including Alex.


I watched Alex trying to defend himself with tears in his eyes, but no one believed him.


After that day, i and Alex lived like strangers, none of refused to talk to each other.


The news of Alex being infected by his mother with HIV, spread round the whole lodge and other lodge close to us like wildfire.


Alex couldn’t bear the shame and stigma, coupled with the fact that I had already started dating ekaette, and was rubbing it on his face.


Alex left the lodge to an unknown place, which i Didn’t care to know, but he was still coming for classes until he graduated, and I was still getting carryovers.


I later dumped ekaette, after toiling with her for three years.


Then a tragedy Struck me, and i lost my parents in a fire accident.


There were burnt to nothing along with their house, and then i was left without a single penny.


I dropped out of school because I couldn’t pay my bills, and then i started my life afresh, struggling to survive, until i got a girl pregnant, and we started our family.


To be continued………..


Written ✍️ by Martha

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