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Eventually ekaette and I became so close, and we were just best friends for over a year.


We were both studying same courses which made us more closer to each other.


We frequently went to lectures together, and come back home together.


Most times i assisted her on some of her projects, or anything she finds difficult related to our course.


When our exams were getting closer, i spent more time reading at ekaette’s room because Kenneth won’t let me concentrate in our room, always playing loud music.


While I was in school, i did several menial jobs just to pay every fees that was demanded sometimes ekaette supported me with some money.


My father never bothered to call me for any reason since I started schooling, but I always heard him calls Kenneth, and maybe tell Kenneth to pass the phone to me.


I wasn’t bothered much about it anyways, I too didn’t bothered to call my father for anything, because I wasn’t happy with him for neglecting me.


Since I have known ekaette, I have never seen her with any guy or heard her talk about any guy.


I felt she probably doesn’t want to talk about her relationship with me.


One night, while we were reading at ekaette’s room, she suddenly started acting funny, like she was bothered about something.


What is it ekaette, is anything the matter?…….I asked staring at her.


She rolled her eyes at me and hissed, then she responded to me which i found funny.


Alex, take a look at me, am i not beautiful enough?…….. she asked, standing up from where she sat and turning around.


Yes, you are really beautiful, but where is the question coming from?…..I asked in confusion.


Then why haven’t you asked me out yet, or am I not good enough for you?


Ever since we became friends, you have never thought of having a serious relationship with me…….. she responded sadly.


I stared at her a bit, suddenly I started laughing wildely, ekaette wasn’t happy with my laughter so I stopped laughing, and then i started talking to her.


Ekaette, are you really serious with this thing you are telling me, or you are just trying to pull my legs?……….I asked still amused.


Yes am serious Alex, I want us to start dating, you are the right man for me Alex……. she said emotionally.


Then I held her hands, and looked deep into her eyes, pouring out my bottled feelings to her.


I told her how i was scared at first to ask her out in the past, because I felt she was in a relationship.


Right there and then we started our relationship with a kiss.


The kiss got intense and I immediately let go of ekaette, but she held me closer wanting to continue the kiss which i declined.


After the kiss, there was an awkward silence in the room between us, because of what just happened between us.


Suddenly I left ekaette’s room, giving an excuse that I was having a headache, and I needed to go and sleep Which she agreed.


When I got to the room i shared with Kenneth, i saw that Kenneth was already asleep.


Then i used that as an opportunity to reminisce on what happened between I and ekaette earlier.


Actually ekaette would be the first girl I will ever have a thing with, or fall in love with.


I have never been with any woman, because I just wanted to face my studies to avoid distraction.


But it won’t be bad if i start a relationship with ekaette anyway, she has been good to me ever since I knew her, so i think it’s time I give love a trial.


I couldn’t even sleep that night, i kept thinking about ekaette, and I was so excited with my relationship with her.


I picked up my phone keep myself busy, and I was surprised to see ekaette online.


Then i looked at the wall clock in the room, and it was 12:45am.


Seems like she too couldn’t sleep, i thought smiling sheepishly.


I sent her a “hi”, and she instantly replied asking if the headache was gone.


I told her am fine, and then we got talking again, expressing our feelings for each other and so on.


We chatted until it was 5am in the morning, then i went to catch some sleep, so I could later prepare for lectures that morning.


To be continued…………


Written ✍️ by Martha

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