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Being a roommate with Kenneth, was the biggest mistake i ever did, and I regretted every bit of it.


Kenneth treated me with distain with each passing day, most times he denies me in public of ever being my brother.


Kenneth would wake up every morning, bath and just leave the house, he won’t bother to arrange any where in the room or even cook.


I was the only one maintaining the room, and as well cooking for the both of us.


Kenneth was just 22 as at then, but his behaviour towards me was as if i was his age mate.


Kenneth usually always brought in several girls to our apartment.


And whenever he brought any girl when am around, he always told me to excuse them, and then i would wait outside till they were done.


Most times the girls don’t leave that same day, and it means i would spend my night outside.


One cold rainy evening, I returned from lectures, and I was drenched by the rain, so I needed a warm bath so I would rest.


I got to the room i stayed with Kenneth, and I discovered that the door was locked from inside.


Oh no Jesus, not today!!!!

This better not be what am thinking, I can’t stay outside like this…..I muttered angrily.


Then I started banging hard on the door, calling on Kenneth to open the door for me.


Kenneth slightly opened the door with a towel tied around his waist, and he was speaking to me with disgust.


Alex, why are you shouting my name like that, what is wrong with you?……..Kenneth asked angrily.


Kenneth please, allow me go in, as you can see, am already drenched from the rain, and am feeling cold……..I said shivering.


So how is that my business Alex, don’t you longer remember the rules, why are you complaining?


Please look for somewhere else and pass the night oh, as you can see am having a good time with my baby……. Kenneth said rudely.


Kenneth please don’t do this to me, it’s raining heavily, and you know i don’t have any friends here, please allow me go in, i promise i won’t disturb you and your girlfriend……..I said still pleading.


Kenneth didn’t say anymore word’s to me, he simply slammed the door at me, and I heard him locking the door from within the room.


I instantly felt pain on my chest and head, i was so pained by what Kenneth just did and it got me shedding tears.


I simply sat close to the door sobbing, and while I was sobbing, a beautiful dark skinned chubby lady walked up to me.


I recognized her to be one of our neighbors in the student building, and then she sat close to me asking what happened.


Hey Alex, good evening…… she greeted with a smile on my face.


Good evening, how did you know my name was Alex?…….I asked surprised.


Well I heard your brother ken shouting your name one time ago, and that was how i knew your name…….. she responded sweetly.


Oh thanks, are you here to see Kenneth or me?……I asked without looking at her face, because I was shy.


Yeah I am here to see you, sorry if I was medeling in the affair of you and your brother, but I heard from my room when you were pleading with him to allow you go in, so I came to tell you, that you can come and spend the night in my room, if you don’t mind…….she said placing her hand on my shoulders.


At first I was feeling reluctant to follow her, but seeing that I was shivering and I needed somewhere warm so I won’t die from cold, i slowly stood up and followed her to her room.


We got to her room which was five rooms away from the room i stayed with Kenneth, then she unlocked her door, and ushered me in.


A nice feminine scent from her room first welcome me.


Her room was nice and comfortable for a student, she has the complete set of home appliances.


Her bed was large enough for three people, and everything in her room seemed expensive.


Please have your seat…….she said pointing at the only sofa in her room.


Then she left to the kitchen, and few minutes later, she came back telling me she has boiled water for me to bath with.


She gave me a large towel and told me to go and have my bath in the little bathroom in her room which I did.


After bathing, I came out looking refreshed, and I wasn’t feeling cold anymore.


She gave me a clean shirt and shorts to put on, which i went back to the bathroom to wear, because I couldn’t just start dressing up in front of her.


After i wore the clothes she gave me, I sat at the only sofa in the room, then she asked if she should offer me food, which i accepted immediately, because I was very hungry.


Then she brought a plate of hot sizzling jollof rice and and chunk of meat beside it, and a can of water.


I dug into the food in haste, because I was really hungry, i hadn’t eaten anything for that day.


After I finished eating the food, i thanked her so much, but before I could stand up to return the plate to the kitchen, she instantly took the plate from me and went to keep it at the kitchen.


Thank you so much for helping me out this evening, am very much greatful………I said once again.


You are welcome alex…….. she replied smiling.


What’s your name please……I asked.


My name is ekaette….. she responded.


Along the line we got talking and knowing each other.


We talked and talked like we’ve been friends for years, and I was so free and comfortable around her, i guess she felt same too.


We talked all through the night, until ekaette dozed off, then i arranged her properly on the bed, covering her with a blanket i found on the bed.


I on the other hand made myself comfortable on the sofa, then i also slept off.


To be continued………..


Written ✍️ by Martha


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