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Two months after dad brought his mistress home, he married her properly, and they even did a lavish wedding.


She now became dad’s second wife and my father forced me to always call her mom.


Since my father married his second wife, the woes of my mom increased.


Giving the fact that she was also pregnant, made her treated my mom like trash, and mom couldn’t say or do anything.


Everyday mom will wake up early, sweep everywhere clean, wash my father’s clothes and his second wife’s clothes.


My father’s second wife never lift’s a pin in the house since she got married to my father.


She only knows how to order my mom around the house to do things for her.


And my mom dare not disobey her, else she would report to my dad, and we know what that means.


One evening, after a long day working round the house without food, mom tiredly layed on the bed shivering.


She was shivering from cold, after washing large heaps of clothes from my father and his second wife, ûnder the r@in.


I watched her silently, then i hurriedly looked for any of her wrapper’s, and spread it over her.


Mom didn’t stop shivering, even after i covered her with two wrapper’s.


Then little me, ran to meet my father so he could take mom to the hospital or anywhere, so she would stop shivering.


I got to the sitting room, and I met dad and his second wife playing and laughing with each other.


I first swallowed hard, then i approached them, hoping i will get help from them.


Daddy good evening sir, mommy good evening ma………I greeted them both.


At first they pretended not to notice me, but then I continued greeting again, and dad angrily asked me what i wanted.


My step mom even told me if it’s food am asking for, she doesn’t have to give to me.


Daddy please, my mommy is inside shivering because of cold, i think she is sick, please come and help her………I pleaded with my father with tears in my eyes.


Then my father’s second wife started laughing at me scornfully, clapping her both hands together.


Alex as you can see, am busy here with my newly wedded wife, go and tell your mother to sort herself out as usual, me i don’t have any money to give to anybody………..my father replied coldly to me, without even looking at my face.


I was about to plead with dad again, but he chased me away.


While I was leaving i could hear my father and his wife laughing sarcastically.


They were even wishing my mom dead and It got me wondering what my mom did to them, to warrant this kind of hatred.


I slowly dragged my feet towards the small room i stayed with mom with tears flowing down my eyes.


When I got to the room, i saw that mom had stopped shivering, and her eyes were shut.


I was glad that mom was no longer shivering, and she was sleeping soundly.


I slept beside her that night on our small bed, but I couldn’t even close my eyes to sleep, i didn’t know why I was restless.


When it was morning, I stood up from the bed, and i noticed mom was still lying in the same position i met her last night.


She usually woke up before me, but my little mind kept wondering why she is not yet up by that time of the morning, and she hasn’t opened her eyes too.


I gently shook my mom, telling her it’s morning already, but she still didn’t open her eyes.


It didn’t occurred to me that she was already dead, i was thinking she was in a deep sleep.


While I was still trying to wake mom, my step mom walked in rudely, shouting at my mom at the top of her voice.


Gina, so you are still sleeping, what are you still doing in bed, when you ought to have been awake doing the house chores?………..she said rudely.


Then she walked up to our bed, and was trying to drag mom out of the bed, but she wasn’t moving.


She noticed mom wasn’t moving, then she let out a loud scream, and my dad instantly rushed to the room.


She told my father that my mom was dead, my dad also checked and confirmed it was true.


They covered mom with a bedspread, and led me out of the room without uttering a word to me.


Suddenly my father raised an alarm and was crying, people started coming to our house one after the other to sympathies with my father.


I watched my father and his second wife crying uncontrollably, like they were really sad about the death of my mom.


My father kept beckoning on my mom to come back to him, claiming he will miss her a lot.


The fact that my father and his second wife caused the death of my mother, angered me the more.


I watched the both of them shedding crocodile tears in front of sympathisers, I wanted to tell the sympathisers that they caused the death of my mother.


But unfortunately no one will believe a small boy like me.


A month after mom died, she was buried like a chicken at the community cemetery which was always raided by thief’s and örgan hàrvesters, trying to steal from a déad body.


After my mom was dead and buried, that was when my real woes began.


To be continued………..


Written ✍️ by Martha

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