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I watched mom cried herself to sleep that night, before she slept, she kept praying to God to change my father and make him come back to her, despite the pains she was feeling.


The next morning, mom got me ready for lessons and then she left to the market to look for our daily bread.


When I got to where I attended lessons, i couldn’t concentrate on what was being taught by the lesson teacher.


I was sober through out the lesson session, thinking about mom, and what she is going through in the hands of my father and his mistress.


I didn’t like the fact that she cries every day because of my father.


And it’s slowly making me have hatred for my father, even though mom tried to cover up his evil deeds towards her.


After lessons that day, i was about going home when the lesson teacher called me back.


Alex, I have been watching you since you came for lessons today, you weren’t looking bright.

What happened?……….he asked feeling concerned.


I looked at him, and i was about to say something but instead tears dropped from my eyes.


Alex please talk to me, what happened?…….he asked again.


My father always b£at my mother anytime he wants to correct her, and I don’t like it ……..I responded with my little voice crying alongside.


I could see the shock on the face of my lesson teacher, he was surprised my father would do such, because my father is always good to people outside, but a d£mon to my mom and I at home.


It’s okay Alex, let me follow you home, and talk to your father……. the lesson teacher said wiping the tears from my eyes.


My lesson teacher followed me home as promised, and luckily we met my dad at home eating.


The lesson teacher exchanged greetings with my dad, and waited for my dad to finish eating before he spoke to him.


My dad then did what he hasn’t done to me in a long time, his left some food in his plate, and asked me to come and finish it.


At first I was surprised, because since he and mom started having issues, he doesn’t remember to keep his leftover food for me.


And he doesn’t even want me close to him whenever he is eating.


Probably he wants to act like a good father before my lesson teacher that’s why he did that.


I hurriedly collected the food from my father because I was seriously hungry, then i left to the kitchen to finish the food.


When I got to the kitchen, i met my dad’s mistress there, she instantly snatched the plate of food from me, and before my very eyes, she poured the food inside the waste bin in the kitchen.


I was really pained, but I couldn’t do anything because I was still little.


She rudely told me to go and drink garri, if I was really hungry, that over her d£ad body will she allow me taste her food.


Then she hissed loudly and left the kitchen, calling my mother a loser.


I remained in the kitchen crying silently, and at the same time hunger was dealing with me seriously, and my mom wasn’t yet back from the market.


While I was still in the kitchen, i decided to eavesdrop on the conversation between my father and my lesson teacher.


To my greatest shock and surprise, I overheard my father denying ever b£ating mom, before the lesson teacher.


He further told my lesson teacher that he and my mom were just playing with each other and my little mind thought it was a fîght.


My lesson teacher had no option than to agree with my father, and he also apologized to my father on my behalf, for accusing him wrongly, then he left.


Immediately my lesson teacher our house, dad angrily called me name thrice.


I knew I was dône for, I started pèeing on my pants because I knew what my father was capable of.


I didn’t want to leave the kitchen to meet my father because I was afraid.


Just then my dad stormed the kitchen and angrily drâggèd me out like i was a thief.


Then dad placed me on the center table in the sitting room and started flögging my buttocks with a strong wîre.


I scrèåmed out my lungs that day, because the pàin was out of this wôrld.


Stupid child, so you now have the guts and audacity to start spreading my name outside abi, you want to tarnish my image?

I will teach you a lèsson today………dad said angrily, still fl0gging the living day light 0ut of me.


Dad’s mistress simply sat down in the room chewing gums and smiling mischievously at me, seems like she was enjoying the show.


In the process of dad still flögging me, my mom ran in and instantly pulled me away from my father.


That angered my father more, and he started flógging her too.


Mom shielded me with her body, and dad flögged her until blöôd began to flow out from her skin, then he left her.


Mom cried bitterly along with me, she was consoling me, not minding the dèép cuts all 0ver her body.


Dad mistress kept staring at us coldly and then she stood up from where she sat and left.


Few minutes later Mom carried me in her arms, because I couldn’t walk to our tiny room, and then she went to the kitchen to make food for us.


I didn’t have much appetite for the food because of the pàin i was feeling on my back and buttocks.


At night i couldn’t sleep, i kept writhing in pains, my whole body was h0t, i had caught a fever because of how dad flôgged me earlier that day.


Mom pleaded with me with tears in her eyes, to exercise patience so that she would hustle the next day and buy me drugs.


I nodded my head weakly as i was slowly lôsing strength.


Mom couldn’t sleep that night, she kept rubbing a towel filled with cold water all over my body, so that my temperature will be a bit calm.


By morning mom warmed our left over food, and gave me to eat, then she carried me on her back and we went to a chemist shop around our area.


When we got there mom pleaded with the owner of the shop to give me some drúgs first, that she would payback by evening.


The chemist man reluctantly agreed, and mom also pleaded with the man to look after me, while she goes to the market to hustle.


The man also agreed and mom left me there, promising to buy me some snacks when she comes back.


After mom left, the chemist man gave me some drûgs, and the pains i was feeling before, left me.


Mom came back to the chemist shop to pick me up later in the evening, she paid the man his money, and we both left there happily heading home.


To be continued………….


Written ✍️ by Martha

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