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Life they say, only favours bad people, and the good ones keeps having a taste of the bitter side of life.


Well in my own case, i never had any good taste of life since my childhood, most times i wondered if I was cursed from my mother’s womb.


Life has been cruel to me, despite my good behaviour, and calm demeanor.


Sometimes I wished I wasn’t born into this planet earth filled with evil people.


Everyday i wished I was an allien, or even an animal so I could live a normal life and be free.


But sadly, wishes don’t come to pass easily, or i guess I wasn’t just lucky for my wishes to be granted.


I was just a young boy of sixteen presently, but i looked like an old hag because of too much stress and burden in my heart.


My name is Alexander, but I’m called Alex for short.


When I was very much younger, seven years old to be precise, I watched my parents always having issues, and they were fig*hting every day.


With my little understanding then, they always fought because of dad’s mistress, who was also my mom’s best friend.


Mom’s best friend snitched on my mom, and was having an affair with my father.


Mom wasn’t having it at all, each time she confronts dad about it, it always resolved to a fight.


Dad claimed he wants more children, that’s why he wants to marry another woman.


I saw mom always crying and pleading with my father to be patient with her, and she would definitely produce more children after me.


But my dad didn’t agree with mom, he told my mom, he is marrying her friend and it’s final.


Since dad started having an affair with the lady, he stopped taking responsibility for me and mom and even stopped me from going to school.


He was no longer giving mom money to feed us, and it broke her heart so much.


Everyday mom will take me along with her to the market to sell tied water, or pick plastic cans to sell so we could survive.


Mom couldn’t afford to put me in school, we could barely even feed properly.


But some times, I go for lessons close to our house, because I was very brilliant in learning.


Most times while mom and I hustle at the market, we usually come across dad’s mistress at the market place, and she would then laugh and mock at us, from her big shop.


The shop was once owned by my mom, but dad collected it from her and gave it to his mistress leaving my mom penniless.


You would be wondering why mom didn’t leave my father right?


Well my mom was an orphan, and didn’t have anywhere else to go, so she decided to stay with dad hoping he would change.


Some days dad will suddenly come home and Start b£ating mom, simply because he was told by his mistress that we went out to hawk.


Sometimes after b£ating mom, he ra*pes her before my very eyes, and there was nothing i could do about it.


One evening after dad finished b£ating mom with a b£lt as usual, he stormed out of the house in anger.


Mom folded herself on the floor crying bitterly, then I stood up from where I sat, and was trying to console mom.


She drew me closer to herself and was still crying, then i said something that made her gasped in shock, and pulled me away from herself, staring at me like I said something abominable.


“I hate my father so much much, he is evil”……..I said with tears in my eyes.


No my son you are wrong, your father is not evil, he is just correcting me because I did something wrong, please don’t say that again okay?…….mom said in a whisper, with fears in her eyes.


My little mind believed what mom said, and I nodded my head in agreement.


Along the line, dad’s mistress got pregnant, and he brought her to the house, telling my mom he can’t let her give birth to his child out his roof.


Mom didn’t have any option than accepting his mistress with open arms despite being broken inside, and dad also drove her from the room they once stayed together in, and told her to stay in a tiny room in the apartment.


Dad’s mistress, made sure she turned my mom into her slave, making our lives mis£rable in the house.


Immediately she came, she took over everything in the house including mom’s kitchen.


Anytime she cooks, she would only serve my father food and lock the kitchen, not minding if mom and I died of hunger, and dad Never said anything about it.


One morning Dad mistress sent me to boil water for her because she wants to make tea.


When I got to the kitchen, i was tempted by the mouth watering leftover stew and rice i met in the kitchen.


I didn’t eat last night, and my stomach rumbled in hunger, so I decided to take just a little scoop from the rice to quench my hunger.


Unknown to me, my dad’s mistress was at my back, watching me eat the food.


Then she p0unced on me and started b£ating me with all her might.


I screamed in pains, shouting for help, and my mom quickly rushed to the kitchen and dr*agged me away from her.


Philomena why are you like this, what has my son done to you that made you tried to keel him?…….mom asked almost crying.


Gina, you must be very stupid to ask me such questions, you witch, I simply sent your son to boil small water for me, he wanted and started stealing my food……… she fired back at mom, panting hard.


Philomena this thing you are doing is not fair oh, remember we were once best friends until you came and scattered my home……..mom replied, crying.


Look at this one, who said i was your best friend?

I was only close to you because I wanted something, now I have gotten it………she said laughing scornfully at my mom.


Mom didn’t say any more words, as she left the kitchen with me silently.


That same evening when dad came back from work, i didn’t know what his mistress said to him.


But he suddenly came to meet mom in the tiny room she was staying with me, and he was landing her pun*ches without listening to her side of the story.


His mistress came to the room and was encouraging dad to thr0w more pun*ches at mom.


After dad finished d£aling with mom, he left the room with his mistress, leaving mom with several pa*ins and br*uis£s.


To be continued………..


Written ✍️ by Martha

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