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My step mother successfully

turned her children’s heart against me.


They were both rude towards me, and didn’t have respect for me despite the age gap between me and them.


Along the line, Katherine died from a strange illness, and my step mom was left with only Kenneth, as she didn’t had anymore children.


Kenneth and I always had issues everyday because he was always insulting me, and disrespectful to me, and my step mother didn’t see any wrong in what he was doing.


Time and year’s passed, the more I grew older, the more I did better in my studies, making my step mom jealous of me.


I did better than my step brother Kenneth in my studies, and dad promised to further my education if I continued that way.


When my step mom Heard about it that i would also further my studies along with her son Kenneth, she got really angry and promised to deal with me.


One afternoon, my step mom suddenly raised an alarm, claiming her money was missing.


She tried asking me for her money, but my father immediately defended me, saying i wasn’t a thief.


She got angry and told her son Kenneth to search my room, and lo and behold, Kenneth came back with some bundle of money found in of my trousers.


You see, if I talk now, you will say i hate your son too much, now look at how he folded my money and kept inside his trousers, hoping to spend it lavishly for himself………..my step mom said sarcastically, referring to my father.


I instantly knelt down, pleading with my father that I knew nothing about the money, with tears flowing from my eyes.


You little thief, you are still lying to cover up your criminal act, isn’t it?……..my step mom said angrily.


Mommy please, i didn’t steal any money from you believe me, I have never stolen anything from you before………I pleaded still on my knees.


So who now stole the money, are you trying to say that my children stole the money, or am lying against you?……..my step mom asked sarcastically.


Before I could say anymore word, my father interrupted me, telling me he was disappointed in me.


He couldn’t even listen to my own side of the story, he simply told me he would never further my studies again, calling me a thief.


I cried uncontrollably pleading with my father to forgive me, but his mind was already made up, and i could see the mischievous smile on my step mother’s face.


I left the sitting room sadly and embarrassed to my small room, to think about my life.


I was just sixteen years old when the incident happened, and I was still in junior secondary school.


I got to my room and started thinking about my life, it’s obvious my father would no longer sponsor my education, i would have to start hustling, so that I would start saving for my future education.


So that was how my real hustling began, each time I went out to hawk for my step mom after closing of school.


I was also helping a woman who owns a large restaurant at the market place, to wash plates for serving her customers, and she would pay me handsomely.


The woman so how diligent i was towards my services to her, and she increased the money she was formerly paying me.


In the space of one year of working for myself, i had enough money that would be enough to write my waec when the time comes, so I won’t bother anybody for money.


I dug a hole somewhere in my small room, and that was where I kept my savings, hoping to use it future.


Later on i rounded up my secondary school education at the age of 20, and went further to pay for my WAEC exams when I was 30.


Luckily for me, i passed all subjects in flying colours and I was so excited.


I gladly showed my father my results, and he was really happy for me, but he unfortunately told me to wait till the coming year before I can further so he would look for money to send me to the university.


My father told me he has used all his money to sponsor Kenneth to the university, thinking i would not pass.


My step mom even told me to forget about school and join her in her business in the market, which i refused immediately.


I was still having some money with me at where i saved my money, but it wasn’t enough to further my studies.


So I simply went to the woman that I have been helping at her restaurant in the past, that day i went to her restaurant and showed her my WAEC results.


She was really happy for me, then I calmly pleaded with her to lend me some money so that I can add it to the one I have, to go to school.


She had pity on me, and gave me some money, telling me not to pay back.


I was really grateful to her and I was so excited, i took the money from her and immediately started my registration process.


It turned out to be that I would also be in same university with Kenneth my step brother, but we studied different courses.


The students hostel was already filled, and I didn’t had enough money to rent an apartment so I pleaded with Kenneth to allow me live with him in the student apartment he rented, because he lived alone.


I promised him to pay the rent along with him which he agreed, but gave me several conditions which i agreed to.


To be continued……….


Written ✍️ by Martha

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