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I was about claiming responsibility for the pregnancy of ogechi because, I was happy that I would soon be a father but, oke signalled me to say no.


I looked at him again to be sure, and he signalled me again to say no using his hands and lips.


And then i denied being responsible for the pregnancy and I even denied knowing ogechi which i regretted doing.


Just then i heard ogechi’s voice from the background of the phone screaming at me reminding me of the last time we had fun at my mom’s farm.


Her voice sounded like someone in pains and she was crying too, which br0ke my heart into a million pieces.


I heard mama shouting back at ogechi and then i heard a sl*ap and the call ended.


Immediately the call ended, i started sobbing like a child.


This is the second time am denying ogechi before mama and i am not proud of it.


Am such a coward, will ogechi ever forgive me why am I not proud of our love?…..I asked aloud crying.


And then I wondered what ogechi would be feeling now, how will she cope knowing fully well how i betrayed her.


Oke came closer to me to comfort me, and he also told me the reason why he asked me to deny the pregnancy.


Nwanne calm down inugo?

I asked you to deny it for a very good reason


And why is that?….I asked oke angrily.


It’s because you are already eating the food meant for adults, so you would have to be careful so you won’t swallow bone….. oke said.


Oke me i don’t understand this your parable oh, please hit the nail on the head….I said confusedly.


See nnamdi, if you had told your mother that you are responsible for the pregnancy, she would have immediately called your uncle.


And then your uncle most definitely inform his wife which is also your girlfriend, and you know what that means.


Remember you told me one time that your mom warned you seriously not to get any girl in the village pregnant?


Guy you ghat to wise up oh, if your uncles wife found out about ogechi and her pregnancy, she might keel her oh.


And also bringing ogechi to Abuja here won’t help matters oh because, your uncle wife will still find out about it and do something.


Remember how she got you to her bed, she is likely to do anything to just to have you nnamdi.


Oke kept talking and talking, and I was beginning to see some sense in what he was saying.


So oke what do you suggest I do, i need to get married to ogechi as soon as possible so I can father my unborn child.


Nwanne I will advise you start processing your visa and ogechi’s own so you both can travel out of this country oh.

That will be the only way you can escape from your uncles wife oh.


But oke i on have ten million naira in my account, it won’t be enough to process visa for me and ogechi na….I asked.


See this guy oh, you better Bill that woman better millions oh, you can’t be knacking her for nothing oh ….. oke said eyeing me.


You are right oke, i would have to exploit money from her henceforth.


That’s the spirit nwanne, you can come up with a fake business plan so she would invest in it and then you lie to her that you were duped…. oke said smiling sheepishly.


Oke my man, what would i have done without you….I said hailing him.


Nnamdi free me abeg, ehen that reminds me, both of us will have to go and see ogechi and her parents in two weeks time, make them no swear for you.


It’s true you have a point, I will drop a million naira for them to take care of ogechi pending when I finish preparing our visas….I said smiling.


Oil dey your head nwanne we won’t even let your mama know oh, make she no put sand for your garri…. oke said laughing.


We discussed about other things and then i left oke’s house towards evening going straight to my uncles house.


When I got to the house, i immediately changed my mood into a sad one so that aunty caro would notice am not happy.


I parked the ride at the garage and and then i went into the house.


When I got in, I met Aunty Caroline sitting on one of the sofa’s in the sitting room, seems like she had been waiting for me.


Immediately she saw me, she ran to give me a hug, but I gently pushed her aside and went to my room upstairs without even looking back.


Few minutes later aunty caro barged into my room looking worried.


What is the problem nnamdi, you don’t look happy, did you fou*ght with anyone?….she asked worriedly.


I wished to be left alone,,,,I replied without even looking at her face.


Of course you know i won’t do that, please talk to me my love, what is the problem?….she pleaded.


And then i brought out my phone showing her a fake business plan oke sent to me so I can get money from her with it.


When I went to see my friend today, he introduced a very lucrative business to me which will fetch me hundreds of millions but I didn’t have enough to invest in the business….I said said said sadly.


Is that so, okay how much are we looking at here?…..she asked staring at me.


Well I will need thirty million for a start….I replied still putting up the act of sadness.


No problems, give me a week time, i will get the money to you, cheer up for me my prince….. she said touching my face.


I stared at her in total shock and amazement, and then i pulled her closer to me for a hug.


I would do anything for you nnamdi, as long as am the only woman in your life….she said pulling away from me and looking at my face.


I promise, you are the only woman in my life my queen….I said patting her hair.


And then we had a kiss which led to something else.


Then we had our bath, and went downstairs for dinner.


To be continued….

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