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It’s been a month and some weeks since nnamdi travelled to Abuja and I had still not heard from him.


I didn’t want to go back to his mother again so she won’t embarrasse me again as she did the other day.


She even came to our house that evening to warn me seriously that she doesn’t want me close her son which made my parents despised me.


Since the day i ran away from my traditional wedding, my parents developed hatred for me including my elder brother.


They claimed i disgraced them before the whole village, they made life miserable for me in the house.


Most times i felt like running away, but where would I run to?

I don’t know anyother place apart from this village.


Suitors of timbre and calibre kept coming for me from all round the world, but i rejected them all because I kept hoping that nnamdi would come back for me.


The villagers started gossiping about me and calling me names like….. cheap, desperate, fuull and other despicable name’s.


But i didn’t care at all, I don’t mind going through all this humiliations for the sake of nnamdi.


Nnamdi was my first love, we met at the stream where we always fetch water.


And that was how we fell in love with each other.

But it’s so unfortunate my parents don’t want him for me.


Am 23, and old enough to choose the man i want to marry, but my parents don’t value my happiness, they think money is everything.


So that morning i sat at the verandah of our house, thinking deeply about nnamdi and spitting continuously.


But unfortunately for me, mama have been watching me closely from where she was sitting.

Under a pear tree Infront of our house.


For sometime now I have always been feeling dizzy and constantly spitting around me.

Sometimes I also feel nauseous and I just felt i had a fever.


Ogechi, biko bia….. mama said looking at me.


I instantly felt nervous but i don’t know why.

So I walked up to mama.


Mama stood up from the chair she was sitting, examined my two eyes with her hands.


Then she brought her hands to my breast, touching it lightly.


Immediately mama touched my breast, i yelped in pains because they were painful and I didn’t know why.


Then mama moved her hands from my breast, to abdomen pressing it with force.


This time I shouted, because it was painful too.


Then mama suddenly sat on the floor screaming and raising alarm and my father and brother rushed out of the house.


Ewoooohh, heeeeiii, my enemies have finally got me ooohhh, chiimoohh!!!….mama continuously wailed which got me confused.


Mma ogechi oginii?….my father asked my mother worriedly.


Ask your daughter oohh chaii, ogechi has brought another shame to us oh, ewoooohh…. Mama said pointing at me and papa looked at me angrily.


Aluuu!!!…papa exclaimed.

Ogechi, what have you done this time?…..papa asked me angrily.


Papa me too i don’t know oh, am confused here….I replied papa in fear.


You still have mouth to talk ehhnn ogechi?

Nnanyi your daughter is pregnant oohh… mama said referring to papa.


My father looked at me and held his head and was also wailing too which got me heart broken.


Let’s take her to the village clinic for a test to be sure if she is truly pregnant…my elder brother said eyeing me.


And then they took me to the clinic for the test which turned out to be that i was one month gone.


From the clinic we all moved to nnamdi’s house with me leading the way and my mother keeping loading me with sl*aps which made everyone in the village focused on me.


When we got to nnamdi’s house, we met his mother about moving out of the house with his younger sister oluchi.


Immediately i saw mama nnamdi, i bowed my head in shame and regret crying.


Papa ogechi, please what brought you and your family to my house this morning?….. nnamdi’s mother asked.


I have come to drop the result of the match your son played in my daughter….papa said pushing me forward to mama nnamdi.


What match is that nnanyi, I understand you oh….mama nnamdi asked.


Your son has gotten my daughter pregnant….my mother shouted.


Mba oh, my son isn’t responsible for your daughter’s pregnancy, he told me the other day that he doesn’t know your daughter, that your daughter is the one throwing herself at him…..mama said eyeing my parents.


My eyes widened in shock and disbelief at what mama nnamdi said and then i replied to her.


Mama nnamdi is the first and only man i have ever known he is responsible for my pregnancy….I said crying.


Taaarrr mechionu gi there, who are you talking to like that, my son can never get a village girl pregnant, he promised me that.


Let me even call him to confirm from him again in your presence…. mama said bringing out her phone from her purse.


Mama nnamdi called nnamdi before us and placed her phone on speaker so we would here everything nnamdi would say.


Nnamdi picked on first ring and I had butterflies in my tummy hearing his voice after a long time.


And then his mother started questioning nnamdi and even asked him if he was responsible for my pregnancy.


But to my greatest surprise, nnamdi blatantly denied knowing me and the pregnancy.


I lost my patience and started shouting at nnamdi from the background, reminding him of the last time we had it at his mother farm.


Mama nnamdi ended the call with nnamdi and sla*pp*£d me chasing me and my parents out of her house.


I felt horrible, downcast, and frustrated I couldn’t believe nnamdi would deny me just like that.


If anybody had told me that nnamdi would deny me this way, i would have called the person a li*ar and even foug*ht the person.


I and my family shamefully left nnamdi’s house and went home.


When we got home, my parents kept wailing and insu*lti*ng me.


That moment was a very sad one for, i kept crying and crying and crying till I slept off outside.


To be continued…..

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