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I woke up the next morning with a b@nging headache, and i held my head with one of my hands yelping in pains.


I slowly opened my eyes and looked around me and I saw i wasn’t in my room but in aunty Caroline’s room.


I stood up properly and I checked myself and I was unclad covered with a duvet and I was the only one in the room.


And then everything that transpired between i and Aunty Caroline last night came in a rush into my memory.


So finally nnamdi you falled for this £vil woman, you are d00m£d…..I said hitting my head with my hands.


I checked the gigantic beautiful wall clock i saw in the room and the time was 9:37am.


Now where is this da*mn woman i need to get out of here and get prepared for the day, it’s late into the morning already.


And then, the door opened, and Aunt Caro cat walked into the room putting on a smile on her face which irritated me.


She was still wearing her night garment and she held two tea cups in her hands handing one to me.


But i refused to take it from her.


Stop being childish nnamdi and collect it from me.

It’s an herbal tea that would instantly help you regain strength…. she said still stretching the tea towards me.


I would never take anything from you, because you are d£a*dly.

Who knows if you are about to p0is0n me this time…..I asked scornfully.


Just shut up nnamdi, if I had wanted to p0is0n you, I would have done it same way i did to you last night…..she said smirking evilly.


You finally got what you wanted from me isn’t it?….I asked sc0rnfully.


Oh yes my boy, i got what I wanted and am getting even more….she said sitting on the bed close to me and sipping her tea.


Even more???…I asked in astonishment.


Oh yes, we are lovers now and we are likely to make l0ve any da*mn fuc*king time you know….. she said looking at me.


No Aunty Caroline i can’t and I won’t go down this road with you.

You took advantage of me last night and I won’t let you do that again…..I said getting down from the bed.


It’s okay, I won’t argue with you, but please come closer let me show you something….she said bringing out her laptop for the drawer bedside her.


I went close to her to see what she wants to show me from her laptop.

And then she opened the laptop, and clicked on a file and I gasped in horror at what I saw.


It was a video of everything that went down between us last night and I watched myself handling Aunty Caroline roughly like i was going to d£v0ur her.


I felt so ashamed to look at the video for long and I looked away.

Why did you record this Aunty Caroline?…..I asked looking away from her in sadness.


Oh that, i purposely did it because I know you would want to back out after coming back to your senses.


So I would use this as a bait to keep you to myself nnamdi.


If you ever back out from me, i would simply send this video to your uncle telling him you r@p£d me.

You know what that means…..she said giggling.


When I heard her last statement, i stared at her in shock with tears in my eyes.


But Aunty Caroline i didn’t r@p£d you, you were the one who took advantage of me…..I said sadly.


Didn’t you watched how you handled me in that video?

Anyone would think you are r@ping me.


So if you know what is good for you, better play along with me, and you would not regret it.


And then Aunty Caroline brought out a cheque book for her drawer, wrote on it and gave me a slip of it.


Here’s a cheque of two million naira, use that to sort yourself out, in case you need anything let me know……she said handing the slip to me.


I collected the cheque and stared at it for a long time wondering if I should collect it or not.


But then i collected the slip from her so i won’t loose from both sides.


Good boy, you know, if you cooperates like this with me, there won’t be any problems between us ehhhnnn fine boy….. Aunty Caroline said teasing me.


I smiled sheepishly and told her I would like to go back to my room.


Ah ah, are you that ungrateful, wont you give me some honey before leaving?….aunty caro asked rolling her eyes at me.


And then we had a quickie right there on her bed.


Before I left her room, i decided to use her shower and she met me there and things went down between us again.


Aunty caro asked about my age and I told her.

It turned out that she was only older than me with two years, i was 30, she was 32.


I left her room and went straight to the kitchen downstairs to prepare something for myself to eat.


None of the worker’s suspected a thing because they all stay downstairs, they don’t come upstairs except sent on an errand.


I made noodles eggs and tea for breakfast and i ate it like i hadn’t eaten for week’s.


After eating, i went to my room upstairs, picked up my phone and called oke.


I told oke everything that happened and he hailed and told me i did the right thing.


He also advised i use that as an opportunity to make millions from Aunty Caroline and I agreed with him.


I promised oke that I would visit him the next week so we would talk better and the call ended.


After my call with oke, i had wanted to call mama, but I just changed my mind because I wasn’t ready for her harsh words.


So I tossed my phone aside and slept off.




After obinna left my room, i picked up my phone and happily called Agnes telling her everything that happened between I and nnamdi.


Agnes was happy for me and advised me to be careful and not to make the mistake of falling pregnant for nnamdi.


But i told her that if I got pregnant for nnamdi, i would be the most happiest because he is cute and I want my children to be cute too.


I didn’t want my children to be as ug*ly as my husband obinna, that’s why I didn’t want to get pregnant for him.


Obinna have been praying i get pregnant since I married him but unfortunately, I didn’t want it to happen.


Now that I now have nnamdi to myself, am now craving for pregnancy.


I just can’t wait to get pregnant for nnamdi, am not getting any younger.


After the call with Agnes, i reluctantly called obinna to know how he is doing.


And then i took my self out for a massage, my body really needed it.


To be continued….

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