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It’s over a week now that uncle obinna travelled to Germany, and I have been trying my possible best to avoid Aunty Caroline.

I was always indoors and never come out of my room, except if I want to take my food.

I felt lonely and downcast, I needed someone i could pour my heart out to.

Then I thought of my girlfriend ogechi, I really missed her a lot and would like to speak with her.

But it’s impossible because she doesn’t have a phone.

If mama had allow me come back to the village, i would have seen her beautiful face again.

I don’t know much about my environment here in Abuja, I would have wanted to buy a phone for ogechi from the money uncle gave to me as upkeep and waybill it to her.

So that afternoon, i thought of strolling out because I was already feeling bored staying indoors all day doing nothing.

When I stepped out of my room to go out, from the corridor upstairs i could hear Aunty Caroline laughing out loudly.

Oh sh*it not again, how am I going to pass now.

Then I peeped from the staircase, and saw she had a visitor and they were both discussing and laughing loudly.

I thought of going back to my room, but I brace up and decided to just mind my business and pass them.

I got downstairs, and I greeted both women.
Instead of them to respond to my greetings, they were just staring at me.

I felt awkward and I immediately turned my back heading straight to the door to avoid problems.

Wait nnamdi where are you going to?….aunty caro asked.

I just want to take a walk around the area….I replied facing the door.

Do you need a driver to drive you around, or you would drive by yourself?

No ma, I just want to stroll with my legs thanks….i replied and I left hurriedly to avoid further talks.

When I got out, my eyes first went straight to the garage and I saw fleets of exotic cars.

I counted them and they were up to 10 expensive ride’s worth millions.

Ranging from high lander, land rover, range rover, mercedes Benz, G-wagon and the rest.

I stood there for some minutes admiring those cars.

Heaven knows if I had known how to drive ehnn, I would have took one of them and cruise round the town.

I didn’t want to tell Aunty Caroline that I don’t know how to drive because of her visitor there.

I admired the car’s once again, and then i left the house.

While I was strolling around the estate, i saw my childhood friend okechuchkwu.
I call him oke, for short.

Okechuchkwu left our village after secondary school to learn a trade at Onitsha.
Since that time being over 12 years now i never heard of him again.

Oke recognise me at once, we both screamed and hugged eachother in joy.

Nnamdi how far na, you are now grown and handsome oh, wetin you dey find for Abuja.

I came to stay with my uncle here in Abuja oh…..i replied.

How about you now, do you base here or you came to live with someone too?….I asked.

I have been living here in Abuja for quite some time now.
After i learnt a trade, my oga settled me and I came here to establish myself.

Oh that’s wonderful oh
Let’s look for somewhere to chill now or should we go to your house?….I asked oke.

No let just hang around because my house is quite far from here, I came to give someone one of my products around this area.

My car is over there, let’s go in and chill somewhere….oke said pointing at his car.

We drove off in oke’s car which was a Voltaire to a cool bar around the estate.

While at the bar, we discussed about life and our families and some other important stuff sipping on our wines, and eating plate’s of isiewu.

When we were done, oke cleared the bills and drove me back home and we exchange contracts and he left.
I arrived home at about 8pm.

I was extremely happy because I had fun with my childhood friend oke.

I already made up my mind to just go and straight to my room, bath and just sleep off because I was already full.

I went in and the whole sitting room had a different scent and I wondered what was happening.

So I checked the dinning area, and I saw the dinning table decorated with candles and roses .

And they were different dishes and wine’s on it.

I was thinking maybe uncle obinna was around and probably he wants to have a romantic dinner with his wife.

And I saw Aunt Caro coming down from the staircase and I was wowed at what I saw.

She had a beautiful wig on her head, wearing a heavy makeup on her face.

She was also putting on a red sleeveless short lingerie which exposed her smooth thighs.

And then she walked up to me, held my hands and was leading me to the dinning area.

But i removed my hands from hers and told her I don’t want to have dinner because am already full.

Please nnamdi, just a bite won’t ha*rm you…. Aunt Caro said pleading with me.

I told her to wait so I could freshen up and then i went upstairs to my room.
Immediately i got to my room, i had my bath and went to sleep immediately.


It’s been a week since obinna my husband travelled and since then nnamdi has been avoiding me.

Well I just want to let him be for sometime before I str*ike again.

One afternoon while I was chilling in my sitting room, the door bell ringed and my maid rushed to check who was it.

It turned out to be Agnes my girlfriend, and we happily hugged and greeted.

And I ask my cook to get us natural fruit juice and some snacks which was brought in immediately.

So Agnes how was your trip to London na?
you just travelled and forgot about me….I asked eye*ing her.

My sister, my trip was fine oh and boring as usual with my husband…. she said hissing alongside.

That’s the reason I didn’t follow obinna oh, that man thinks everything is all about money am tired of his boring lifestyle biko….I said laughing, and Agnes joined me laughing.

While we were still laughing, nnamdi came downstairs, not wanting to look at us.

I asked where he was going, and he said he was going out.
I wondered where he was going to but I didn’t want to bother him with plenty talk, so I let him leave.

Immediately he left, Agnes quickly faced me tapping me alongside.

Chaii, Caroline nwannem, who is that sweet looking boy?….. Agnes asked in a whisper.

He is my husband’s nephew, he has been with us since a week plus now….I replied her smiling.

Chaii, do you have his contract?
Connect me to him na bikonu.

Agnes you sef, you no dey take eye see fine boys…I said rolling my eyes at her.

No be my fault na, that guy is da*mn cute….she replied.

I am trying to make him mine oh, but he is playing hard to get, he is the reason I didn’t follow obinna to his trip so I could lay hold on him.

Caro if you want to make him yours, you better act fast oh, so that all this Abuja small small girl will not take him away from you oh…. Agnes said.

You have a point Agnes, i will hasten my plans to have him now.
I had wanted to give him some time before, but now I won’t….I said with finality.

That’s the spirit nnem, you need to act fast as soon as possible…. Agnes said sipping her drink.

We discussed about other things and she left.

Immediately Agnes left my house, i instructed the cook that I needed a romantic dinner, which was carried out by the cook immediately.

And then i went up to dress up myself…..after dressing up.
I was looking all beautiful and perfect and then i walked out of my room, going to wait for nnamdi.

I was convinced nnamdi won’t be able to resist me this time around.

When I saw nnamdi, he admired me and I felt proud of myself.

I pleaded with him to have a little dinner with me, hopefully I could get his attention.

But he told me he wants to go and take a shower promising to come back.

I waited for him for close to an hour but I didn’t see him
So I went to his room to check what was keeping him there.

Lo and behold, I saw him sleeping soundly on his bed.

I was greatly angered, and then i left his room immediately.

I got to my room and started cr*y*ing until i fell asleep.

To be continued…..

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