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Some days after the death of Aunty Caroline, uncle obinna requested an autopsy to be carried out on auntie Caroline’s body.


According to him, he thinks she was poisoned and he must find out who did it.


The autopsy was carried out, and a high dosage of a har*mful ch£mical was discovered in her body.


I was really scared for myself and i prayed silently in my heart not to be exposed.


Because with how angry my uncle was that period, he won’t take it lightly with anyone responsible for his wife’s death.


Then some men came to the house and checked every camera in the house.


The watched everything that happened from the beginning of that day of the party till the end, but they couldn’t find anything suspicious.


After everything, they left and my uncle started wailing again, calling on Aunty Caroline to come back to him.


Uncle obinna loved Aunty Caroline very much, but it hurts to know that Aunty Caroline never loved him back.


Weeks passed, and uncle obinna still haven’t recovered from the death of Aunty Caroline.


I tried my best to always cheer him up, even mama came to Abuja after hearing the news of Aunty Caroline demise.


Mama tried her best to cheer uncle obinna up, but he refused to be happy.


Mama spent a week with us, and travelled back to the village.


Uncle obinna isolated himself from everyone in the house, he refused to eat anything or talk to anyone.

I think he was depressed and it broke my heart so much.


Many times i had wanted to talk to uncle obinna, telling him what happened between I and aunt caro that led to her death, but i just couldn’t do it.


A month after Aunty Caroline’s death, a loud knock on my door woke me up from sleep that early morning.


I went to check who was knocking aggressively on the door, and then i discovered it was one of the maids and she was crying.


What is it, why are you crying?….I asked feeling concerned.


It’s oga oh, he dr0wned at the p00l, and now he is dead oh….she said placing her hand on her head crying uncontrollably.


Whaaatt??…I screamed.


Then I saw my uncle lying lifelessly inside the pool, with some of the worker’s trying to bring him out.


They brought him out and I confirmed he was really dead.

I let out a very loud cry bringing my uncle close to me, begging him to wake up.


Few minutes later an ambulance came to pick up my uncles body and I followed them.


Before my very eyes uncle obinna was taken to the morgue which made me shed tears uncontrollably.


I called mama to inform her of the lastest news and the call suddenly ended and I was wondering why.


I called back again and oluchi my kid sis picked up the call telling me Mama fainted but she is trying to wake her up.


I ended the call immediately and held my head, i didn’t even know what next to do.


Just then again I received a call that I and ogechi should come for our visas interview the next day.


This supposed to be a thing of joy for me, but I was crying bitterly, people kept staring at me wondering why I was crying.


I left the morgue and went to my uncle house picking few of my things and went straight to oke’s house.


Oke gingered me to cheer up and stop being sober.

He further convinced me that I wasn’t the cause of their death so I shouldn’t worry much, instead I should be thinking of how to start my life afresh with ogechi and my unborn child.


For the first time in my life, i rushed to bar area of the apartment and picked up a big bottle of vodka.


Ogechi and oke tried to stop me, but I refused.

I kept drinking and drinking until i was drunk.


The next morning oke woke me up so I could get dressed for the interview.


Ogechi was already dressed, and I sluggishly went to take my bath so I could prepare for the day.


We got there, passed the interview and our visas were granted.


Oke and ogechi were very happy but I wasn’t.

I felt empty and broken.


Later that same day i spoke to mama and i was glad she was okay, just that she was mourning the loss of her only brother which was my uncle.


I couldn’t bring myself to tell mama I was traveling, so she won’t feel heartbroken, so I told her to give oluchi my kid sister the phone.


Oluchi understands me better, so I told oluchi i would be traveling out of Nigeria to dubai with ogechi and when I get there, i would bring her along.


She was so excited and I told her not to tell mama yet until i say so, and she happily agreed.


We finally travelled, and oke was the one who drove us to the airport.


Oke assured me to be brave, because most times life doesn’t give us exactly what we want.


I hugged oke crying on his shoulders, and he patted my back to comfort me.


Ogechi too wasn’t left out, she hugged oke crying too telling him she would miss his funny jokes.


That moment was too emotional go the three of us because there lot of tears, advises and promise’s.


After everything, i and ogechi boarded on the plane bading oke a farewell.


When we got to Dubai, it was as if i was renewed, i felt a little peace for the first time since after the death of Aunty Caroline and uncle obinna.


I wont easily forget them, I hope they find rest in the bossom of the lord.


I and ogechi had a small civil wedding in Dubai and few months later she gave birth to a boy who took after my uncle.


I cried bitterly the first time i set my eyes on my son because seeing his face, opened up the wound in my heart that I was trying to heal from.


But anyways I loved my son very much regardless and I never joked with him.


Mama later got aware of my stay out Nigeria and she was also aware of ogechi, but surprisingly she never got angry.


Instead she was very happy and she wished she could she her grandchild.


Two years later i and ogechi travelled down to our hometown to perform our traditional marriage.


The marriage ceremony was done, and there were lots of joy and merriment.


Mama couldn’t stop carrying my son, according to her she said he looked exactly like my late uncle obinna.


Oke came to be with me at the village and he stayed with us till we traveled back to Dubai.


And I lived my life happily, putting my past behind me.




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