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So two days before the party, i observed that the cameras round the house, and inside the house had been connected back.


I thought of how i will carry out a perfect plan without anyone tracing it to me.


I thought of putting on a mask, but it will look awkward if am the only one wearing a mask amongst the crowd.


Luckily for me,I heard Aunty Caroline would be hiring some ushers, waiters and waitresses for that day.


And they would all have there uniforms and would be putting on a Face mask and caps.


So I carefully searched around me for a th*ug who can carry out any dir*ty j0b for money.


Luckily I got a guy who i sense was a th*ug, and I explained what he is to do on that day which he boasted to me that he has handled several cases more than that.


I was also aware of the kind of uniforms those ushers, waiter and waitresses would be putting on that day.


So I quickly made same uniform and facemask for the thug am hiring, so he could easily pass for one of the waiters that day.


I paid him handsomely in full promising to give him something if the job was carried out well.


I had already flashed Aunty Caroline’s laptop beforehand, without anyone notice and I kept it back carefully.

Don’t ask me how i got hold of the laptop, it wasn’t an easy thing for me.


The day of the party came, and everyone in the house were busy doing one thing or the other.


Our compound was big enough to hold 500 guest for a party, so the whole place was decorated and canopies were everywhere.


Then the party kick started around 1pm, and then i got dressed in my best looking like a prince.


People of timbre and calibre started coming for the party in their numbers.


There were lots of food, drinks and many other goodies at the party.


There was a loud live band going on which kept singing, showering praises on my uncle and his wife Aunty Caroline.


Then i sighted the thug i hired earlier, with his uniform and facemask on, no one could easily see his face because he was also putting on a face cap.


He passed by me with a tray of cocktails and handed one of them to me, then i stylishly slipped that stu*ff oke gave me, into his hands.


I carefully pointed at Aunty Caroline, and told him to put the stu*ff in any beverage she would be drinking.


Before I could instruct him to add just a pin*sh, he hurriedly left my side.


Anyways, if possible he added all the stuff into her drink, then that’s her loss…..I thought within me.


Just then my uncle and his wife were ushered into the dance floor with music, and everyone stood up and was dancing with them spraying them money.


After they had finished dancing, the MC for the day asked everyone to make a toast to uncle obinna and Aunty Caroline.


We all raised our glasses up for a toast wishing them a happy life.


And then i observed that guy I hired, handing a glass filled with red wine to Aunty Caroline and uncle obinna.


From where I stood, I watched Aunty Caroline sipping her wine until it finished.

I was anxious, not knowing what would happen next.


Then my phone beeped, and it was a text from that guy, telling me he has finished the job.


I called him instantly to know where he was, and he told me he has left the party already.


Wow, that was fast, I didn’t even knew when he left.

Right there and then, i sent him extra cash for a job well done.


I purposely didn’t invite oke and ogechi to the party because of all this.


After several activities, the party ended and everyone went back home.


The party ended as at 7pm, but before the party ended, i didn’t see Aunty Caroline, so I asked my uncle her whereabouts, and he told me she went upstairs because she was feeling uneasy.


Then I rushed to meet her upstairs, to know how she was feeling, I wanted to know if what I ga*ve to her had already started taking £ff£ct.


I got to her room upstairs and met her r0lling all over the bed as held her tummy in pa*ins and she was bl££ding seriously.


What is it Aunty Caroline you are bl££ding?….I asked in pretence feeling concerned.


But she couldn’t say anything, and when she opened her mouth to try to talk, bl00d kept pouring out.


Then I ran out of the room to inform uncle obinna about what was going on with Aunty Caroline.


My uncle rushed upstairs in haste and panic to check on Aunt Caro.


But before we got to where she was, we met her lif£l£ss with her eyes opened.


My uncle wailed loudly after confirming her d£ad.


I also joined him in crying because I was feeling guilty for what happened.


Later on an ambulance came that night and took Aunty Caroline’s lifeless body away.


Uncle obinna was shattered and heartbroken, he kept asking why this happened, today being a day of celebration for us all.


That night no one slept, we were all mourning for Aunty Caroline.


It looks like that guy added all that stu*ff to her drink…..I thought.


It wasn’t my intention to keel Aunty Caroline, i only wanted to get rid of the pregnancy she had, which was for me.


I was mute, I couldn’t even say anything because of how Aunt Caro died pai*nfu*lly.


I pray she forgives me wherever she is.

It wasn’t my fault, but she pushed me.


To be continued……

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