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Day’s and week’s passed and I got more closer to Aunt Caro, making her believe that I had accepted her child with all my heart.


I just can’t wait for the day i would carry out my plans of getting rid of her pregnancy.


Ogechi on the other hand always crave to see me which wasn’t that possible because aunt caro won’t let me go out alone.


She claims the baby in her womb wants me around her and then i will have no choice but to stay back with her at home.


Oke has been doing a great job helping me look after ogechi and ogechi too has learnt to like oke.


Oke even helped me registered ogechi in a hospital for her antenatals and always drive her to the hospital for check up.


It’s been two weeks since I set my eyes on oke and ogechi, we only communicate via video call.


Are passports were already prepared, all thanks to oke who made it easy through his connections.


We were told our visas would be granted in a month time and oke never stopped updating me about it.


Oke was a very though guy, but has a pure heart.

What if I hadn’t come across oke, what would i have done?


Mama on the other hand never stops demanding money from me.


She always has a reason to collect money from me everyday.


According to her, she must claim back every penny she used to train me in school.


I already enrolled my kid sister oluchi, in a nursing school, because she told me she had passion for being a nurse, and am glad she is doing well in her schooling.


So one morning, Aunty Caroline Caroline came to my room looking moody.


What is the matter my love?….I asked concerned.


Then she started sobbing which got me alarmed.


Talk to me na Caro, you are getting me scared oh….I said in pretence, but deep down in my heart, i don’t care if she dies.


She she stopped sobbing and just broke the news to me which made me shout for joy and it got her angry.


Your uncle called me just now that he would be returning to Nigeria tomorrow, his three months business trip at Germany is over…..she said sadly.


Wow, that’s great news, finally he would be back, am so happy….I said screaming for joy.


Are you insane, so you mean to tell me that you are happy your uncle is coming back?….she asked scornfully.


Yeah of course, why not?

I mean he is my uncle and I should be happy he is finally coming back…..I replied scornfully too.


So how are we going to be free with ourselves now?….she asked.


I know you too well, you can always come up with a plan for the both of us, isn’t it Caro?…..I asked in mockery.


Oh is that so?

No problems, am off to my room….. and then she stood up, and left my room angrily.


Immediately she left, I let out a loud laughter, for few minutes.


Look at her, so you expect my uncle to stay in Germany forever so you could drain all my strength away, you are so ridiculous Caro…..I said hissing loudly.


I was very happy my uncle would be coming back soon, so I would be able to carry out my plans, and be free to move about.


The thought of seeing my uncle again brought smile’s to my Face and guilt to my heart, but I just wave it off.




My husband had called me early that morning, telling me he would be coming back to Nigeria the next day which changed my mood instantly.


I had wanted to tell him to just stay back and not come to Nigeria for now.


But it will make him suspicious of me, so I simply pretended to be happy for his return.


After our conversation, I went straight to nnamdi’s room to tell him the bad news thinking he would be sad with me.


But to my disappointment, nnamdi started jubilating for his return of his uncle, which got me really pissed off.


He even told me to look for a solution alone, on how we would continue our affairs when obinna is around.


I angrily left his room because, he wasn’t helping at all.


I got to my room, thinking of how i would get rid of obinna when he comes back, I needed to act fast so nnamdi won’t outsmart and escape from me.


Then I thought of a powerful chief priest whom i know very well since when I was a teen-ager.


He works spiritual things for people, and no one has ever complained of his charms not working.


I would secretly travel to my village next week, in disguise of seeing my family, then i will go and see the chief priests.


I smiled feeling fulfilled at my plans.

I am Caro, I never loose in a fight….I said laughing.


And then later onwards that same day, reconnected back the whole cameras in the house, so that obinna won’t suspect a thing when he comes back.


To be continued….

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