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So when I got to oke’s apartment, i met ogechi alone at the house watching a movie in her room.


Immediately she saw me, she ran to hug me and I reciprocated the hug which led to a short intense kiss.


Ogechi had wanted me to make out with her being that we were the only one in the house, but I wasn’t just in the mood for that.


A lot of things occupied my mind, and I told her maybe some other time.


I told her to just come out with me let’s go out for shopping so that I can get her good clothes and phone.


While we were outside the apartment, ogechi whispered something to my ears which made me laugh.


And then i opened the car door for her to go in, and I went to the drivers seat and we drove off to a supermarket close by.


When we got there, i made sure ogechi bought things to her satisfaction and I also got her an iPhone and iPad.


I spent millions shopping for ogechi and she was very excited.


She kept asking me where I got the money i have been spending from.


I lied to her that my uncle introduced me to the business he is involved in and she believed me.


We finished shopping and then we got back to oke’s house.


Oke was already back when we got to his house so I simply told ogechi to take her things to her room and excuse us.


Ehenn guy how far na, what was the problem, you sounded urgent on the phone….. oke asked.


Nna ehhnn, caro is at it again oh…..I lamented.


At it again as how?…..oke asked concerned.


That witch informed me yesterday that she is pregnant, and I tried convincing her to get rid of it, but she refused and even threatened to keel me if I ever tell her that again……I complained.


Ah nawa oh, this woman sef, she get wahala oh….. oke said.


Oke I came to you for your help oh, I need to get rid of her pregnancy whether she likes it or not…..i said angrily.


Nnamdi that one na small thing sha, but you will have to wait for your uncle to come back from his trip before you do anything oh….. oke replied to me.


But why na?

I need to act fast before it’s too late…..I said desperately.


Look nnamdi, if you do anything to her now, she would definitely suspect you because you’ve already threatened her before to get rid of it.


So for now, pending when your uncle comes back from his trip, you would have to pretend to her that you truly want the pregnancy, so she won’t suspect you when you strike.


Be more closer to her now, so it will be more easier to achieve your plans in future.


It’s true oke, you are very right, I never thought about all this before, I will have to slow down for now…..I said feeling a bit relieved.


In a month and two weeks time, uncle obinna would be back from his trip and then, i will carry out my plans.


I won’t let caro have my child, i don’t want to have any connections with her when I finally leave Nigeria.


So oke and I discussed and planned the date we both would visit the immigration office for my passport and that of ogechi’s own.


Before I left, i downloaded all social media apps on ogechi’s phones so we can communicate better.


Luckily she had a sim, and she was a little bit lenient, so she was able to operate the phone i bought for her.


And then i left oke’s house bading him and ogechi a goodnight promising to call them when I got home.


There was a lot of traffic on the way, so I got home late as at few minutes to 10pm.


I parked the ride at the garage and I tiredly went into the house.


I prayed in my heart not to meet Aunt Caro at the sitting room or lounge upstairs because, I wasn’t ready for any questions and Answers.


No one was at the sitting room or dinning when I got in, seemed like they had all gone to bed.


I slowly climbed the stairs up to my room to freshen up so I can come down to take dinner.


When I got to my room, i met it pitched dark and I wondered who had offed the lights in my room.


I don’t off my chandelier and bulbs since I came to this house, so how come it’s offed now…..I wondered.


I brought out my phone from my pocket and switched on the phone torch light so I could use it to on the switch controlling the chandelier and bulbs in my room.


I found the switch, and put it on and light was restored back in my room.


Immediately the lights were put on, my eyes went straight to me bed, and then i saw Aunt Caro on my bed glaring at me.


Jeeeesuuusss!!!!….I scr£*amed falling backwards and my phone also fell from my hands.


Where are you coming from nnamdi…..aunt caro asked still glaring at me.


Do you have to scare me this way, why are you doing this to me Caro?…..i fired back.


Answer my question you bl00dy cheater, where are you coming from….she asked raising her voice.


Common Caro, didn’t i told you earlier this morning that I was going to see oke, why are you now calling me a cheat…..I fired back.


And then she laughed scornfully, rolling her eyes at me.


You think am a fool right, so who is this girl you were acting all lovey dovey with?……she said bringing her phone to my face.


And then i stared in shock, of a photo of me and ogechi earlier today when we were about going shopping.


I quickly braced up, I won’t let her catch me red handed, so that ogechi won’t be in d@ng£r.


Oh that, she is oke’s girlfriend, I simply took her to meet oke at his business place today…..I said putting up a fake act.


Then how come you both were playing like couples today, I saw everything…..she said loudly.


Of course am her fiance best friend, do you expect us to start fighting?

She is just being free with me…..I said sternly.


Then I brought out my phone and called oke, i knew he would definitely cover up for me, so I wasn’t afraid.


I called oke, and gave aunty caro the phone to talk to him and they both spoke.


Oke told Aunty Caroline that ogechi is his fiancée and even went as far as telling her they were expecting a child.


And then Aunty Caroline congratulate oke and apologized to him.


After their conversation ended, i simply collected my phone from Aunt Caro pretending i was angry.


She tried talking to me but I simply ignored her still feigning anger.


Am sorry nnamdi, i didn’t mean to call you a liar, i was only be jealous please forgive me….she said pleading with me.


But i still ignored her, typing on my phone like she wasn’t there.

Suddenly she started crying which made me quickly rushed to her.


It’s okay my love, I over reacted, am just angered you still haven’t trusted me after all my loyalty to you.

But she still kept crying.


Don’t cry my love, i wouldn’t want my baby mama to cry, it isn’t healthy for our child you know…..I said rubbing her back .


Immediately she said that she looked at my face in surprise and smiled.


Nnamdi did i just hear you say our child?…..she asked in surprise.


Yes my queen, am ready to accept my responsibilities as a father for our unborn child……I said faking a smile.


And then Aunt Caro hugged me shedding tears of joy.


I felt irritated and I just couldn’t wait to carry out my plans.


Anyways, after our emotional moments, Aunty Caroline asked me to freshen up so she would Go downstairs to bring my dinner, and she left my room.


Immediately she left, i called oke thanking him greatly, and then i called ogechi.


We spoke for a short time and i wished her goodnight and hunged up.


Few minutes later, Aunty Caroline came to the room with my dinner which was jollof rice and big chunks of chicken.


I ate to my satisfaction and then Aunt Caro told me she would be sleeping in my room which i agreed to.


We had fun all through that night, till the early hours of the morning before we both slept off.


To be continued……

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