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I woke up that morning to make breakfast for nnamdi, so I could make up for the wrong things i said to him yesterday.


I got to the kitchen, and started making varieties of food with the help of the cook.


After we finished cooking, i and three maid’s carefully arranged them in trays and took it upstairs to nnamdi’s room.


When we got to his room, we met him already awake and he was surprised to see the foods.


The maid’s arranged the foods on the table and they left.


After they left, nnamdi started asking questions, but I simply ignored him and poured him some wine, which his drank at one gulp.


Seems like he was really hungry, i sat close to him telling him i want us to eat together.


He wanted to start eating when I stopped him, telling him i want to feed him because I want our unborn child to see us inlove.


He immediately flared up, telling me i shouldn’t have involved the thing in my womb into our happy moments calling me a witch.


He went further to tell me he isn’t ready to father a child now, so we should get rid of the thing growing inside me.


I started at nnamdi flabbergasted, I felt like just Keeling him that moment because what he said br0ke my heart.


I stared at the b0ttl£ of wine in front of me, i had wanted to pick it up and then sma*sh it on his h£*as but i composed myself.


Then I angrily took the plate of noodles which was still h0t and p0ur£d it on him, which made him scr£am£d and ran to the bathroom.


He came out minutes later but I didn’t want to come close to me because I was really angry.


I stood up from his bed warning him seriously not to ever say such words to me again else, I would keel him.


Then I left his room angrily shutting the door loudly behind me.


I got to my room and started scattering things, cr*yi*ng and scr£*aming along side because I was h£artbr0k£n.


And then a thought came to my mind.

What if nnamdi has a woman he wants to marry, and that’s the reason he doesn’t want kids with me?……I thought.


I then promised myself to make it a point of duty to always trail after nnamdi myself to check if truly he has another woman.


I took my bath, got dressed and then i left my room to the sitting room downstairs, and then i started filling out my nails to keep myself busy.


While I was filling my nails, nnamdi walked up to me dressed like he was going to a party.


He told me he wants to go and see his friend oke, but I simply ignored him.


I repeated himself again, but I still ignored him, because the fact he is extra dressed, show’s he wants to see another woman and it pissed me off.


When he saw i didn’t respond to him, he simply left, he couldn’t even apologize for the hurtful words he said to me earlier.


Immediately nnamdi drove off, i immediately send for the driver who trailed after him the other day, to trailed after him again.


I followed the driver this time around, because I want to personally see where nnamdi is going to.


We trailed after nnamdi carefully so he won’t notice us, until he got to his destination.


Nnamdi stopped at a beautiful bungalow and parked outside of the house and went in.


Then the driver told me that was oke’s house but my instincts tells me to wait and not leave in a hurry.


I need to also see that friend of his, to check if he is a good influence on nnamdi or not.


Minutes later, what I saw almost gave me a h£art att*ack and I held my ch£st in great pa*ins.


I saw nnamdi coming out from oke’s house with a fair young lady, she was very beautiful.


They held Hands laughing, acting all lovey dovey which made me real sad.


I stared at them with tears in my eyes until nnamdi drove off with her to God knows where.


Before they left, i was quick to take a photo of them as evidence when I confront nnamdi incase he tries to deny it.


How could nnamdi do this to me, after all i have done for him, is this what I get in return?


I sad told the driver to drive me back home so I could rest.


I got home, went straight to my room, crying my eyes out.

I was d££ply Hu*rt.


To be continued……

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