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I was up the next morning, staring at the chandelier in my room with so many thoughts running through my mind.


I didn’t want to just move away from the bed because I was tired and frustrated about everything going on around.


Most especially when I thought about me being responsible for Aunty Caroline’s pregnancy, got my head spinning.


Just then I remembered something, and I quickly sat up from bed looking around me.


I remembered sleeping at the edge of the bed, with my clothes and shoes still on, I saw my clothes neatly folded on the sofa beside my bed.


And the shoe i wore, was kept in my shoe rack and then i started wondering how come.


I woke up sleeping well organized on the bed without my clothes on just my boxer and singlet.


And then my thoughts went straight to aunty caro, she must have been the one who got my clothes and shoes off me and arranged me properly on the bed.


I hissed loudly because I was still angry with her for carelessly getting pregnant from our affairs.


I don’t want to start what I can’t finish, i will have to do something about it,


I won’t allow aunty caro keep that pregnancy, whether she likes it or not.


I will have to tell oke the latest news today, so that he would help me out with a solution.


Just then the door opened and aunty caro walked in with three maid’s


They were all holding large trays of food in their hands and I wondered what was going on.


“Good morning sir”….. the maid’s greeted.


“Good morning” please what’s going on….I asked.


Aunty caro shot a scornful gaze at me and simply instructed the maid’s to arrange the foods on the the table in my room.


After the maid’s arranged the foods, they bowed to aunty caro and left with the trays.


After they left, i stared at the table containing varieties of delicious meals which made me salivate.


They were toasted bread, omelette, fried bacon, boiled Irish potatoes and lettuce, whole salmon fish, fried shrimps, boiled noodles, boiled eggs, cupcakes, cookies, fruits, bottles of water, and a bottle of red wine.


After i finished observing the foods, i stared at Aunty Caroline in surprise, wondering why this much food.


My love, am confused here, while all this much food?…..I asked in amazement.


But Aunty Caroline didn’t respond to me, she simply smiled and picked up a glass cup pouring some wine in it, and then she gave it to me.


I hurriedly took it from her i drank it all at one gulp because I was very thirsty and hungry at the same time.


I brought all this food here because I want both of us to have breakfast here in your room….. Aunty Caroline said sitting beside me.


Is that so?

No wahala Na, let’s eat….I said rushing to eat but aunty caro held my hand.


Wait nnamdi, allow me feed you, I want our baby to see us in love…..she said picking a shrimp to put in my mouth.


I hissed loudly and my mood instantly changed and I turned away from Aunty Caroline.


What’s wrong nnamdi?…. Aunty Caroline asked confused.


One minute you are acting right, the next minutes you are acting like a witch, do you have to bring in that thing you have in your womb into this sweet moments?….I asked angrily.


Wait oh, nnamdi i don’t understand, is it the bundle of joy in my womb you are calling a thing?….. Aunty Caroline asked in sh0ck.


Look Caro, I have no time for your emotional talks, i have come up with a decision, i want us to get rid of it because I am not ready to father any child now.


Maybe when am ready i would let you know so we can have children…..I said angrily.


Just then in a flash, Aunty Caroline took the plate of h0t noodles, and p0ur£d it all 0v£r me which made me immediately ran to the bathroom to pour some water on my body to avoid getting blisters.


I came out from the bathroom minutes later to find Aunty Caroline staring at with anger written all over her face.


I was scared to come close to her because I didn’t know her next action so I just stood beside the bathroom door.


Nnamdi, this thing you just said now, if you ever say it to my Face again, i sw£ar I will keel you, don’t test my patience.


And then she stood up from my bed rolling her eyes at me and she left my room closing my door loudly.


Ahhhh nawa oh!!!!….I exclaimed.


God who did i offend, to warrant this kind of purnishment, what have I gotten myself into?


What type of devilish woman is this, why is she h£ll b£nt on making my life mis£rabl£?……I asked out loud.


I sat on my bed, like someone who is sick because I wasn’t in myself anymore.


I managed to eat few from the breakfast that was brought in earlier and then i took my bath and got dressed to go and see oke my friend.


When I got downstairs, I saw Aunty Caroline at the sitting room filling her nails.


I walked up to her telling her that I want to go and see my friend oke, but she just stared at me and ignored me.


I repeated myself again to her, but she still ignored me, so I just left.


I went straight to the garage and hop into the G-wagon and I left the house straight to oke’s house.


I had earlier called oke, informing him of my coming to his house, but he told me he went to his warehouse to settle some things and would be back soon.


So I just drove off hoping to have some alone time with the love of my life ogechi, before oke comes back.


To be continued……

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