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when nnamdi had traveled to Lagos with his childhood friend, i missed him greatly.


I felt some uneasiness in my body, so I went for a pregnancy test, and I was confirmed pregnant.


I couldn’t believe it, so I did sc*an at same hospital and I was just three weeks gone.


My joy knew no bounds and I couldn’t wait to share the good news with nnamdi.


I left the hospital happily, and I instructed my driver to drive me home carefully because I was already acting and feeling pregnant.


Immediately i got home, I started calling nnamdi so I could share the good news with him, but he wasn’t picking up.


I called severally because I was already getting worried but I still he didn’t pick up.


It got me pissed and I wondered what kind of business was more important to nnamdi than me.


I decided to call one last time and luckily for me he picked.


I was about yelling at him to tell me the reason he had been avoiding my calls.


But nnamdi simply told me he is on his way to Abuja and hunged up on me, which got me red in anger.


Anyways I instructed the cook to prepare a sumptuous meal for dinner.


And she happily asked me if obinna my husband has arrived?


But i gave her a deadly stare which made her shivered, and she quickly apologized and I left the kitchen hissing at her.


It was almost 11pm and nnamdi was still not back, I was trying to call him but it was unreachable and I was greatly troubled.


I kept paciing back and forth in the sitting room worriedly.


Sometimes I would come out of the house and instruct any of my driver’s to look out of the gate if they would see nnamdi, but they would tell me they didn’t see him.


The dinner I instructed the cook to make earlier was already cold and I instructed her to microwave everything.


I wouldn’t want my baby daddy to eat cold food after coming back from a long journey….I thought smiling sheepishly.


Few minutes past 11pm, nnamdi came in and I rushed to hug him, i have really missed him.


I had wanted to give him a peck when I noticed his face which got me asking questions.


But nnamdi simply held my hand and led me upstairs to his room.


While we were in his, he didn’t want to tell me what happened to him, i had to plead with him.


And then he said him and his friend were r0bbed which made me gasp£d in sh0ck.


I started complaining that he would have at least informed me so I could involve the police to catch those criminals.


He told me he didn’t want to bother me which made me flared up.


I lost my cool and told him if he wanted to render my unborn child fatherless?…..my emotions made me announced the pregnancy that way.


Nnamdi was surprised when he heard me mentioned ‘unborn child”


And I ceased that as an opportunity to announce the goodnews that we were expecting a baby.


I thought nnamdi would start jumping around for joy in celebration of our unborn child.


But i was disappointed, instead nnamdi started shouting at me, blaming me for getting pregnant.


He accused me of purposely getting pregnant, which I told him straight up that I got pregnant for him on purpose.


Of course I don’t want to have ugly children like his uncle, so I had to purposely allow myself get pregnant for nnamdi.


But nnamdi wasn’t having it at all, he kept ranting about my pregnancy and then i sla*pp*£d him.


I left nnamdi’s room angrily without bothering to have dinner and I just went to my room straight.


When I got to my room, i was pacing everywhere in anger, fuming and muttering incoherent words.


And then i picked up my phone second phone to see almost 30 missed calls from my husband obinna.


What does this man wants, why did he call me this much?….I muttered angrily.


I had up to three phone’s, but I use one of them to communicate with nnamdi alone and no one else.


So I immediately called my husband, and changed my countenance quickly to a happy one so that he won’t be suspicious of me.


Hello my beautiful Caro, how are you doing?…..he spoke happily from the other end of the phone.


Hello my husband, am sorry I missed your calls….I spoke tiredly in a low tone.


Ah ah Caro, this one yha voice is like this, oginidi?….he asked concerned.


I have been vomiting since, so it made me weak….I replied still in pretense.


Vomiting Kwa, what is making you vomit na, have you called our family doctor?….he asked worriedly.


No i didn’t call him, but i went to a hospital close by to run a test earlier today and I was confirmed pregnant….I replied still in pretense.


And then i heard a loud scream from the other end which shocked me to my bones.


You said what Caro, that you are pregnant?

Heeeeiii chukwunna, finally it has happened…he said happily.


Chaii caro, i wished I was there now ehhnn, i would have rolled on the ground for this great news.

So finally i will become daddy…..he said laughing.


And I simply giggled at his dry joke’s, and I couldn’t wait to just end the conversation so I can rest.


Nne biko, let me leave you to sleep oh, I know you must be tired, let me not stress you and my child mush.


It’s just a month and two weeks remaining for my business meeting to be over here, when I return we would hold a big celebration to celebrate this goodnews inugo?….. and then he hunged up.


After he hunged up, i hissed loudly tossing my phone aside.


Few minutes later i received two text messages.


One had a bank alert of 50million naira from obinna.

The other one was a text from obinna telling me to use the money to do what I want for myself.


I smiled and kept my phone, I thought about nnamdi and how i slapped him and left his room angrily.


I felt bad and I went to his room to check on check on him.


But i met him fast asleep with the same clothes he wore when he came in earlier.


Meaning he didn’t had a bath, and he didn’t had dinner.


My heart melted seeing him that way, and I pulled of his clothes and shoes arranging him properly on the bed so he could sleep comfortably.


I covered with with the duvet and then i left his room to my room to sleep.


To be continued…..

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