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We arrived Abuja late in the evening and we moved straight to oke’s house.


On our way from the village to Abuja, Aunty Caroline had been disturbing me with calls to the extent ogechi was getting suspicious of me.


The calls was getting too much, then i picked the call and gave her an excuse that I was busy and am on my way to Abuja.


Who was that constantly calling you?….. ogechi asked me suspiciously.


It was my uncle’s wife…..I replied briefly without looking at her face.


But why would she constantly call you, did you have any business with her…..she asked rolling her eyes at me.


Ogechi please, am having a headache, we would discuss this some other time, let’s embark on this journey in peace…..I pleaded.


Ogechi gave me a long scornful look as if she knows something, and then she looked away.


Ogechi didn’t talk to me until we got to oke’s house and i wondered what was running through her mind.


When we got to oke’s house I showed ogechi a room in the apartment that she would be staying.


It was a nice comfortable room large enough for four persons to live in it.


Is this your uncle’s house?…. ogechi asked.


No this is oke’s house, you would be staying here for now pending when our passports and visas are ready….I said tiredly.


Wait oh nnamdi, so you mean i would be staying with your friend, a total stranger?….. ogechi asked in surprise.


Oke isn’t a stranger oh, we grew up together in that same village until he left to learn a trade at Onitsha…..I explained.


Look nnamdi, i don’t like this oke, and I don’t trust him either, please look for another alternative for me….. ogechi said in a whisper.


Ogechi I understand how you feel, but trust me when I say oke is a good person, you will get to like him later i promise.


Okay oh, if that be the case, if I notice any slight error from your friend, i will simply run back to the village oh….. ogechi said drawing her ears.


Silly girl, don’t worry i assure you, you are in safe hands….I said hugging ogechi laughing alongside.


I left oke’s house that same evening to my uncle’s house after much pleading to ogechi to let me go.


Ogechi didn’t wanted me to go back that night, she had wanted me to stay with her because she really missed me.


I pleaded with her to let me go that night because I had already told Aunty Caroline earlier that I was already on my way.


So I don’t want aunty caro to be suspicious of me, so I had to go to my uncle’s house to meet her that night.


I left ogechi at oke’s house promising to come and visit her the next day.


I immediately ordered a ride which came in immediately, and I left to my uncle’s house.


When I got to my uncle’s house, i met Aunty Caroline at the sitting room pacing up and down with her phone in her hands.


I have been trying to reach you, your line wasn’t going through….she said rushing to hug me.


My battery went down, am sorry about that….I pleaded.


Then she was about giving me a peck, but she stopped abruptly trying to observe my face properly.


Nnamdi, please i beg you in the name of God, tell me the truth, what happened to you?….she asked alarmed.


I..I..I….I just, please let’s forget about it….I said sadly.


Forget about what, I need you to start talking right now, what happened to you, you even l0*st a t00th, did you fou*ght with someone?….. she asked worriedly.


Come please, let’s go upstairs….I said holding her hands, and we went upstairs to my room.


While we were at my room, i started putting up with a fake act to get her sympathy.


Nnamdi, please talk to me naw ehnn, we’ve been here for over five minutes and you have refused to say anything, the suspense is Keeling me, nnamdi tell me what went wrong…..she kept pleading.


I kept breathing in and out so as to make what am about to say look real.

Then I dropped the bombshell.


I and my friend were robbed on our way to Lagos, they took every penny we had on us, and b£*at us up, that was how i sustained this bruises…..I lied.


And then she gasped placing her hands on her mouth, and then she started cry*ing pulling me closer for a hug.


Oh my p00r baby, you mean you went through all this and you couldn’t bother to inform me, so I could contact the police to track those criminals?….she asked sadly.


I didn’t want to bother you my queen….I said patting her back.


You could have at least call me, what if you and your friend were keeled, you would have rendered my unborn child fatherless?…..she said sadly.


‘Your unborn child???….I asked surprisingly.


Yes nnamdi, we are expecting a baby, i was confirmed three weeks pregnant yesterday….she said happily.


Immediately she said that, it was as if there was a thunderstorm going on in my brain.

I was mute not knowing what to say.


You…you… you are kidding right, tell me this is a joke please….I said getting scared.


Of course it’s not a joke, i have a little one growing inside of me and you are responsible for it…..she said rubbing her tummy.


No you can’t be pregnant, no na it’s not possible, how could you be so careless to let yourself get pregnant?…..I asked angrily.


Wait a minute nnamdi, are you talking to me….she asked in surprise.


Of course am talking to you, you successfully lured me to your bed, now you purposely allowed me get you pregnant, why are you this Wicked?….I asked angrily, raising my voice up.


And then aunty caro gave me a sounding sl*ap on my face.


How dare you talk to me like that nnamdi, are you insane, yes I purposely got pregnant for you because I love you and I want you to be the father of my child.


I purposely didn’t want to get pregnant for your uncle because I don’t want to have ugly children.


If you know what is good for you nnamdi, start practicing how to be a good daddy to our unborn child and more to come.


And then she left my room angrily.


After she left my room, i held my head in confusion.

This came as a shock and surprise to me, i never saw it coming at all.


To be continued……

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