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So two weeks later, i and oke set out on the journey to the village to see ogechi and her family.


Before then, Aunty Caroline had given me the thirty million naira i had requested from her, and i had already started the traveling process with the help of oke.


I lied to aunt caro that I wanted to travel with oke to Lagos to start the business plans of which she agreed.


If i had told aunt caro that I want to travel to the village, she would have told mama, and mama would ruin my plans.


We left Abuja as early as 5:00am heading straight to the village in oke’s car.


We took turns driving the car so the journey would be easy for us because, it was a very long journey from abuja to our village.


While oke was driving, he made a suggestion which changed my countenance instantly.


Nnamdi, how about when we get to the village, and we take ogechi along with us to Abuja?


so she would live with me for the main time pending when you would finish the traveling process for you both?….. oke asked not looking at me.


Where is this question coming from oke?….I asked already pissed off.


Calm down my guy, I was only making a suggestion oh….. oke said laughing.


Shebi you were the one that told me in the first place not to bring ogechi to Abuja so that aunty caro won’t find out about her?…..I asked oke impatiently.


Yeah I know, but i was thinking she would have to always follow you for traveling process since she is included na….. oke said looking at me.


And then i thought about it and saw some truth in what oke said and I felt greatly bothered.


But oke, can goat and yam stay in one room without the goat devouring the yam?…..I asked oke sarcastically.


Wait oh nnamdi, are you trying to call me a goat or what?…..oke said and he angrily stopped the car not minding the lonely bushy environment around us.


Ah ah, oke why did you stopped the car naw, you know our journey is still far ahead of us?…..I asked surprisingly.


Nnamdi so you mean you don’t trust me enough to allow your woman stay with me?….. oke asked angrily.


Look oke, it’s not as if i don’t trust you as my childhood friend oh, but common, you are human and have blood flowing through your veins.


I wouldn’t want to put you in an unnecessary temptation, hope you understand what I am trying to talk about?….I said.


Look nnamdi i understand your point very clearly, but I won’t stoop so low to do such.


I can never have canal knowledge of your woman if she stays with me, am only trying to help you as a friend so that your Aunt Caro would think ogechi is my girlfriend and not yours, and to also make your travelling process easier…..oke explained.


It’s alright oke, i agree with you, I just hope her parents agrees for her to go with me to the city so she would be with you and it would be easy for me to always see her…..I said.


So we continued our journey and Got to the village at about few minutes to 8pm.


When we got to the village, it was already getting dark so we went straight to ogechi’s house.


They had light in their compound when we came and the light made the whole place so bright that we could be easily seen, but luckily for us, we wore face caps.


We parked the car by a corner beside the house and came out of the car, and then oke led the way while I followed behind him.


I saw my beautiful ogechi lying on a bench at the verandah of their house.


She covered herself with a wrapper, and she was shivering like she had a cold.


I felt pity for her and i regretted everything i did to her, I couldn’t even say a word, i was just silent.


Then when we were getting closer to the verandah, ogechi stood up from the bench to properly look at us, Seems like our footsteps alerted.


And then as if she saw a ghost, ogechi started screaming at the top of her voice which got me afraid.


And then her parents and only brother ran out of the house to see what made her shouted.


When they saw me, they were all shocked as if i was a ghost and I nervously looked down at my feet.


Just then a punch landed at my mouth and before I could do anything, more punches kept coming all over my face and I struggled to free myself away from the person.


It turned out to be ogechi’s elder brother throwing me punches, oke managed to move him away from me because he was already strangling me.


I had already lost a tooth and part of my face was swollen from the several punches.


You bas*tard what are you doing here after what you have done to my sister?…. ogechi’s elder brother shouted angrily.


And then ogechi ran to hug me shedding tears.

That moment was an emotional one for us.


Then I immediately knelt down before ogechi’s parents and elder brother, pleading with them and explaining the reason why I denied the pregnancy in the first place.


Oke also joined me in pleading, and after much pleading, ogechi’s parents asked us to come into their house.


Ogechi’s parents weren’t poor, and they weren’t rich, but they were very comfortable.


So that night i discussed my plans with ogechi’s parents to take ogechi along with me to the city so we can start our traveling process to Dubai.


I also told them of coming back to marry ogechi properly when the coast is clear.


Ogechi’s parents were happy and immediately gave their consent for ogechi to follow me to the city.


Right there and then, i gave ogechi’s parents and elder brother a million naira each for their upkeeps and they jubilated greatly, showering praises on me.


Later on ogechi went to prepare hot water to press the swollen parts of my face.


And I was given some herbs to drink by ogechi’s father to relieve my pains and it worked.


That same night, ogechi’s father took one of his goat and killed it to prepare pepper soup and yam for me and oke.


It’s was celebration all through the night till the early morning.


When it was 5am, we all got ready including ogechi who picked few of her important things that she would be needing because, I told her not to carry clothes, I would buy her new ones when we get to Abuja.


We embarked on our journey back to Abuja with ogechi’s parents badeing us farewell.


To be continued….

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