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It’s been two weeks since nnamdi and I have been having an affair, and I am so loving it.

I love nnamdi so so much and am sure he loves me too because he has proven it to me several times by not denying me his body.

Many atimes I wished he was my husband because of how strong and energetic he is in bed.

Since we started having an affair, i made sure he never lacked anything and he became more cute and handsome.

Nnamdi was so cute to an extent that anytime we go out together, girls and women will be tripping for him.

This always gets me jealous and I never allowed him go out alone except i go with him.

I don’t ever want any lady to take him away from me because I won’t have it at all.

I wont ever allow any lady come in between us, I should be the only woman in his life

Nnamdi is mine, and mine alone i won’t share him with any woman.

Though nnamdi told me he is very much single and i am the only woman in his life.

But i still ghat my eyes on him just to be at alert in case any woman tries to come close.

There was a time nnamdi and I went to a party hosted by one of my friends.

A woman kept eyeing nnamdi, and I didn’t like it, so I told nnamdi to go and wait for me at the car.

And then i fou*ght dirty with the woman and the party scattered.

News got to my husband at Germany that I fou*ght at a party, but I lied to obinna that the woman insult me and nnamdi and then i retaliated.

I don’t mind getting rid of any woman who tries to come between I and nnamdi.

Sometimes my instincts tells me nnamdi has a woman probably in the village where he was before, or here in Abuja.

Anyways, I trust him, but if I found out my instincts was right, I swear am going to keel that lady trust me.

Since the day obinna my husband travelled to Germany, i made sure I disconnected every cameras and CCTV in this house.
Hoping to connect it back day’s before he comes.

The whole workers in this house are beginning to suspect I and nnamdi because of the way we act like lovers in this house.

But they won’t dare say a word to obinna, because they know what am capable of, they love their lives.

I have a plan of getting rid of obinna once he comes back from Germany, so I can start up my life afresh with nnamdi, with our beautiful children.

I didn’t want to tell nnamdi about this new plans of mine because, I know he would definitely not agree with me.

I mean obinna my husband is his uncle, so he won’t be in support for me to keel his uncle just to be with him.

Anyways it will come as a shock to nnamdi, by the time obinna comes from his trip to Germany and suddenly dies.

I smiled broadly with my well orchestrated plan which i can’t wait to fulfill.

This time around am going to carry out this plan alone without the help of Agnes my girlfriend.
It will be between me, myself and I.

That early morning, nnamdi wanted to go out to see his childhood friend here in Abuja.

I had wanted to follow him because I didn’t want any other women to look at him.

But nnamdi refused, promising me that am the only woman in his heart and he can’t cheat on me.

I let him go anyways, but after he left, i sent one of my driver’s to trail after him and give me feedback on the location.

The driver carefully trailed nnamdi to his destination, and it turned out to be that nnamdi truly went to see his childhood friend.

Because the driver asked some persons around about the person who lived in the house nnamdi entered.

And the driver was told he was a business man named oke which nnamdi told me about earlier.

I felt happy and proud of nnamdi that he didn’t lie to me which made me love him more.

Nnamdi came back home looking sad and downcast and I asked him what the problem is.

He hesitated for a while before he told me about a business plan his friend introduced to him which he needs upto thirty million to invest in.

Well just to make nnamdi happy i agreed to give him the money.
Though the money was huge, but it’s nothing to me, I would get it back from obinna.

To be continued…..

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