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Since the incidence between I and Aunty, she successfully made me her lover.


My aim was to make some millions out of aunt caro so that I can establish myself with it and marry ogechi my girlfriend.


So I just played along with Aunty Caroline.

Because I had other plans.


I and Aunty Caroline lived together like couples upstairs, while we lived like stranger’s downstairs before the worker’s.


I no longer slept alone at night, it’s either Aunty Caroline comes to my room, or i go to her room to sleep at night.


Aunty caro loved me with all her heart, but I didn’t love her, i was just after the benefits i was getting from her, and i was also afraid she would send that video of us to my uncle if I ever back out from her.


She would always give me money and take me shopping always.


I had up to ten million naira in my account all because of Aunty Caroline.


It’s almost two weeks since I started sleeping with her and i have achieved a lot from her.


The next thing on my mind was to bring ogechi to Abuja since I now have millions breathing in my account.


I thought of how i was going to do it, but I was kind of confused about it so I decided to visit oke to help me out.


It was a Saturday, so I woke up as early as possible, Aunty Caroline was still sleeping besides me so I silently left the bed so as not to wake her.


I got to bathroom, and had my shower.

When I was through, i got to my room and met Aunty Caroline up from the bed and using her laptop.


Good morning pretty angel…..I said giving her a peck on her cheeks.


Good morning my prince.

This one you are up this early morning, are you going somewhere?…..she asked.


Yes, am going to visit my childhood friend oke, we grew together back in the village, and he is a business man here in Abuja…..I said explaining.


Is that so?

Okay, give me few minutes let me get ready, so I can go with you……she said closing her laptop and getting down from the bed.


Nnn..ooo.. please, I mean you can’t go with me today, maybe some other time i beg you…..I said pleading.


You are beginning to hide things from me isn’t it?

How am I sure you don’t want to go and visit one small girl in this Abuja?…..she said rolling her eyes at me.


I just stared her not knowing what to say.

Then I walked up to her and held her jaw turning her face towards me.


You are the only woman in my heart right now, no woman is as pretty as you, learn to always trust me…..I said giving her a kiss.


Aunty caro blushed and allowed go out.

Since I started having an affair with her, she never let me go out alone.


She always had her eyes on me and never wants me to leave her sights for any reason.


Each time we go for shopping, she would stare around me to see if any girl is looking at me which makes me uncomfortable.


So I left my uncles house and went straight to oke’s house with one of my uncles car which was a range rover sport.


Aunty caro always thought me how to drive each time we went out together and that was how i learnt driving.


I got to oke’s house at exactly 8:00am and we started talking.


See as you fresh like say you just come from UK…..oke teased.


Guy leave me abeg, I came here because I need your help.


Wetin happen again?….. oke asked.


I have been thinking about ogechi my girlfriend who i left in the village before coming to Abuja.


I wanted to bring her to Abuja, so we could start life together, how you see am na?….I asked oke.


That isn’t good at all oh, with the way your uncles wife is into you, she won’t let me start your life with another woman oh.

She must do something, remember how she got you to her bed, guy be careful oh…. oke advised.


You are very right oh oke, i never thought of this, indeed she is very dangerous for me to toy with.


Could you believe she still had that video of the both of us the first day we both had s£x?

I begged her several times to delete it but she refused and kept telling me it’s for future purposes.


Nnamdi that your first plan for your girlfriend ogechi, no just follow.

I don’t want you to get into trouble with your uncles wife oh.


That’s why am here give me your advice na…I asked oke.


As oke was about speaking, my phone ringed and it was Mama calling.

At first I didn’t want to pick, but oke told me to pick to hear what she wants to say.


I picked the call and mama’s insult first greeted me.


You shameless son of mine, so you have finally gotten a girl pregnant abi, ngwanu clap for yourself, you have done well….mama blasted.


But Mama, i don’t know what you are talking about oh please explain further…..I said still in confusion.


Ogechi and her parents are here in my house claiming you got their daughter pregnant.

Nnamdi is that true…. mama asked angrily.


Immediately i heard ogechi was pregnant, I smiled happily, knowing i would soon be a father.


I was about saying yes, but oke signalled me to say no because he was listening to my conversation with mama


To be continued…..

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