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That afternoon, i was at the sitting room reading a magazine and then nnamdi walked in.


My heart leaped for joy when I saw him, and i rushed to give him a hug because I missed him, but nnamdi brushed me away, and simply went upstairs.


I watched him climbed up the stairs up going to his room.


It was my intention to give him some time before I unleashed my next plan, but I changed my mind.


I wanted to carry out my plan that evening before it’s too late.


So I called my cook aside and instructed her to leave the kitchen for me so I could make dinner.


She stared at me in surprise because she had never seen me cook since she started working as a cook for us.


She left the kitchen for me and then i prepared dinner for nnamdi, which was yam and goat meat pepper soup.


Since obinna married me, i have never cooked for him because he doesn’t want me to, according to him, he doesn’t want to stress me.


So here am i preparing dinner for the man who always give me sleepless nights, which was nnamdi.


I hurriedly prepared the food because I didn’t want nnamdi to come downstairs and see me cooking, he wouldn’t want to eat.


After cooking, i took the food upstairs to my room not forgetting to instruct the cook to call me immediately if nnamdi comes to request his dinner from.


When I got to my room, i brought out that thing Agnes gave me the other day.


I had wanted to put a dr0p as she instructed, but I changed my mind and emptied everything into the pepper soup for fast results.


An hour later, the cook called me that nnamdi had just came to her for his dinner but she told him it wasn’t ready yet.


So I told her to come and take his dinner from my room and take it straight to his room.


I warn£d her st£rnly not to let nnamdi know i cooked the food and she agreed.


And after an hour, i went to check on nnamdi.

I got to his door and it was locked from inside.


This boy want’s to outsmart me again….I muttered.


I went back to my room, picked the spare keys to his room and went back to nnamdi’s door.


I opened the door with the keys in my hands and i went into the room.


I saw nnamdi sweating and he was uncomfortable, and then i knew my plans went well.


I discussed briefly with him and told him to meet me at my room if he needs my help and then i left.


While at my room, i kept a hidden camera that would capture our show incase he tries to outsmart me, then i would bl@ck*m@il him with it.


An hour had passed and nnamdi didn’t show up, and i was beginning to loose hope thinking he won’t come.


Then I heard an agr£ssive£ knock on the door and I opened it immediately because I knew it might be nnamdi.


And then we had h0t st£*amy s£x which made me had several orgn*ism which obinna my husband has never made me feel since I got married to him.


Nnamdi finally reached cli*max after rid*ing me back and forth for three good hours and he slept off right on my bed.


While he was sleeping, i couldn’t help but admired him.

Chaii odogwu nwokem, obiagu….I hailed.


I can’t believe you are finally mine nnamdi, who would have you would be on my bed someday?

All thanks to Agnes my friend, i owe her a gift….I said smiling.


And then moments that I had earlier with nnamdi kept replaying in my head and it made me blush constantly.


I went to have my bath, and layed close to nnamdi placing my hands over him, and my head on his chest and we slept like newly weds.


To be continued……

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