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After i finished talking to Agnes on phone, I rushed to take my shower.


And then i dressed sedu*ctively in case i see nnamdi so I would look h0t to him.

Not forgetting to wear my most expensive cologne.


I went downstairs and sat like a queen that I am and then i started eating.


While I was eating, a maid ran towards me and told me she saw nnamdi leaving the house with a bag in his hands at the early hours of the morning.


When she said that, my heart skipp£d a bit and I quickly rushed to his room upstairs to see things for myself.


I got to nnamdi’s room and opened his wardrobe and discovered it was almost empty.


Where has this boy gone to, could it be that he has gone to the village?….I asked myself aloud.


Let it not be that he has gone to the village oh, or else it won’t be funny…..I said to myself angrily.


I lost my appetite for food that day because I wasn’t happy nnamdi left the house.


I didn’t even have his number i would have called him to know his whereabouts.


The next day afternoon, Agnes came to my house as promised, and while we were discussing, she brought a tiny b0ttle from her bag which had liquid content inside.


Ehen Caro here’s what I was talking about on phone yesterday….she said handing it.


What is its works?….I asked staring at it Inquisitively.


Hmmm caro, this thing you are holding is very p0w£rful oh, just a drop from it will make a man go Gaga.


So Agnes you mean a drop from this thing would make a man extremely h0rny?…..I asked.


Exactly nne, I got many of it when I traveled with my husband to London.


I tried it on my side nigga some days ago and i was impressed by the result.


I stared at the little stuff in my hands and i made a satisfactory smile.


Thank you so much Agnes, I believe nnamdi can never escape this one….I said laughing.


When he no be spirit?

Of course he won’t escape it biko, just add a drop to his food or drink and you will have him begging to have you because of how h0rny he would be….. Agnes said laughing.


I joined Agnes in laughing and then i remembered something.


But there’s something going wrong now oh…..I said looking sad.


What is it again nne?…..agnes asked.


Since yesterday morning, nnamdi has not been in this house, he left with some of his belongings and I don’t know if he had gone back to the village….I said looking sad.


And you could not call your husband to report to him?….. Agnes asked.


I don’t want to bother my husband, and what if my husband asked me the reason for his absence in this house, what would I say?


Call your husband, and tell him his nephew left because you caught him trying to st£al your money and he ran away.


Haba na agnes that lie it’s too expensive, what if my husband asked me to forget about the money and nnamdi?


Then you would have to use your woman p0w£rs, convince your husband to call his nephew to come back to this house that you need him around because the house is too bored for you.


You have a point there agnes, i will do that as soon as possible, thank you so much.


Agnes left my house after much conversation with her and immediately she left, i rushed to call my husband obinna.


I called obinna cry*ing telling him that I didn’t know the whereabouts of nnamdi his nephew.


He asked why did nnamdi left and i li£d to him that nnamdi has refused to eat at the dinning and he also doesn’t want to talk to me.


When I tried to confront him, he left angrily insulting me….I said to obinna.


So you mean nnamdi d@r£d to insult you…. obinna asked me angrily over the phone.


Yes oh my husband, you need to see the way he insulted me and he walked out on me angrily….I continued lying.


I tried to help nnamdi, but it seems he is becoming ungrat£ful, it’s okay caro baby, allow Go back to the village he belongs, i can’t have him insult my wife…. obinna said angrily.


No oh please my husband allow him come back home i forgive him already, just help me talk to him that he should come back home, am no longer angry with him again.


Chaii, omalicham!!!

This is why I love you and married you, you have a pure heart and soul, don’t worry, nnem when I get back from Germany, i will sp0il you silly inugo?


No problems dim oma, I heard you but don’t forget to call nnamdi oh?


No problems my darling, i will call him tomorrow to come back to the house as you said.


Thank you so much, I need to go now have a great day….. and I quickly hunged up.


After the call, i smiled feeling happy and then i stared at the stuff Agnes gave me once again, and I safely kept it inside my wardrobe.




it’s been three days since I started living with okechukwu and I was really cool with it.


I had peace and did anything i like without the fear of seeing Aunty Caroline.


That day i was watching a movie at the sitting room when I heard my phone ringed.


I checked and it was my uncle calling with his international number.


I was afraid to pick his calls but he constantly kept calling and i picked.


You didn’t want to pick up my calls because you are guilty right?….my uncle asked over the phone.


Good afternoon uncle….I greeted.


Keep your greetings to yourself nnamdi i don’t need it.

What is it that am hearing from my wife nnamdi?


I don’t understand you uncle, i don’t know what you are talking about….I replied.


So nnamdi, because my wife asked you to start eating at the dinning and talking to her, you started insulting her and you left the house angrily abii, is it not?…. uncle obinna asked angrily.


I placed my hands on my mouth in shock, wondering why Aunty Caroline would lie against me to her husband.


Why didn’t she just tell her husband the truth, i wondered.

And then uncle obinna spoke again.


Why are you mute obinna, and by the way where are you?…. uncle asked.


I am at a friend’s place….I replied.


Oh, so just this few weeks you have been in Abuja, you are already making friends?

Now I see where your rud£n£ss to my wife is coming from.


No uncle, he is my childhood friend and we are from same village….I replied.


Anyways, that’s your business, you are lucky my wife Caroline pleaded on your behalf, i won’t have allowed you come back to my house.


Now if you know what is good for you, park your things and leave where you are presently and go back to my house this minutes.

I wont repeat myself again…. and then he Hung up.


Instantly i arranged my bag’s, and left that same day informing okechukwu.


To be continued……

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