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Immediately nnamdi ran out of my room, i couldn’t help but let out a laughter.


You’ve not seen anything yet nnamdi, by the time am done with you, you would be the one crawling to me for pl£asur£.


What you just experienced it’s the tip of an iceberg, more are yet to come for you, just wait and watch….I said talking out loud in my room.


Agnes my friend adviced me some days ago to Lu*re nnamdi to my room and to*tur£ him with my nak£dn£ss and he would have no option than to have me because he won’t be able to bear it.


But unfortunately for me, nnamdi was able to control himself despite everything i did, and this made me crave for him the more.


I won’t back out, i would call Agnes first in the morning tomorrow for another plan.


Agnes has been in the game for a very long time without her husband finding out.

So Agnes would have a solution to this again….I said to myself.




I woke up some minutes to 7 and I instantly gave agnes a call for my next plan.


How far na Caro, this one you called me early this morning, hope am safe?


It’s about what we planned the other time Agnes, I carried out the plan last night with nnamdi, but he didn’t fall for it oh.


Eziokwu!!!…. so you mean he didn’t come close to you at all?…. Agnes asked me in surprise.


Yes oh, I even went as far as pl£asu*ring myself and m0a*ning loudly but he didn’t even want to even look at me talk more of coming close…..I lam£nt£d.


Nawa oh, are you sure he is a complete man, what if he is imp0t£nt?….. Agnes asked.


He is very complete oh, you need to see how his r0d was begging for fr££d0m from his trousers.

But that c0c0nut h£ad nnamdi refused to use it on me last night.


No problems Caro, when one way close, another way opens.

I would come to your house tomorrow to give you something to use on him.


Really!!!! Oh nnem, that’s why I love you, you have every solution to a problem.

I can’t wait to see you tomorrow…..I said happily.


What are friends for, I will see you tomorrow, have a great day.


And you too baby girl…. and I hunged up happily smiling all through the day.




I woke up the next day as early as 5am and I quickly had my bath.


I got dressed and picked few of my clothes and some important things I would need.


I arranged everything in a small bag and I sneaked out of my uncle’s house heading straight to okechukwu house.


My aim and plan was to stay with okechukwu pending when my uncle returns from Germany.


Because with what Aunt Caro did to me at her room last night, I had to just avoid her because I don’t know what her next plan is.


I don’t want to do what she is asking of me and then b£tray my uncle in the process.


When I got to okechukwu house, i met he was already on his way out to work, so I joined in his car following him to his place of work.


Nnamdi how far na, this one you came to my house this early momo, what happened?….he asked driving.


Guy nothing….I replied looking s0ber.


You are not even in your usual happy self, wetin dey happen na, talk to me nnamdi.


It’s my uncles wife oh, she has refused to let me be in my uncles house.


What did she do to you?….oke asked looking at me concerned.


And I narrated everything that Aunty Caroline having been doing to me from day one till yesterday evening.


But after i finished talking, oke started laughing at me and I was wondering what was funny in my ordeal.


What’s funny oke, why are you laughing?….I asked.


Nnamdi wait let me ask you, are you a vir*gin?


What kind of a question is that oke, what’s your business with that?….I asked angrily.


Guy calm down no be fig*ht na only question I ask, just answer me yes or no.


No….I replied.


Very good, so you are not a virgin and you are here complaining.

So many guys are looking for this kind of opportunity like this and you are here talking sh*it.


Wait a minute oke, it’s my uncles wife we are talking about oh remember?….I asked oke.


And so, she gave herself freely to you, and you should take advantage of it.

I too did nau*gthy stuff with my oga wife na, before I was settled and left their house.


Till today we still meet and have fun once in a while and it’s not a big deal.

Am still alive and living well.


I stared at oke like he was at gh0st not knowing what to say to him.


If you want to make it in this Abuja, then you ghat to take ri*sk oh.

You never can tell, your uncles wife might be a gateway for you to become a millionaire.


But oke i don’t want to b£t*ray my uncle, he has been a nice man to me with the few times I spent with him before he traveled to Germany.


Nwanne forget that thing, where was your uncle when you were in the village suffering after school.

A whole PhD holder like you.


Oke I don’t want to have anything to do with my uncles wife please.


Nwanne chop that woman Clean mouth, you no be Joseph wey dey Bible….oke said.


I stared at oke in confusion not knowing if I should do what he advised or not.


But at the same time I still refused to take oke advice and I told him I would be staying with him for some time pending when my uncle would be back from Germany and he agreed.


To be continued…..

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