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Since the day i didn’t partake in aunty caro romantic dinner, she had been giving me this silent treatment and it’s getting to two weeks.


I was very happy about it, and i even ceased that opportunity to be closer to okechukwu my childhood friend.


I always visit okechukwu at his place of work or his house, it helps me also in knowing more of my surroundings.


One late evening i called mama, and while we were talking, mama said something about ogechi Which i denied immediately because I didn’t want trouble from mama.


Ehen nnamdi, that reminds me…so while you were in this village, before you traveled to Abuja, you were busy frolicking with small small girls abii.


No mama oh I wasn’t with any girl oh, who told you that?


May amadioha str*ike that lying tongue of yours there, so I would be busy hustling to feed you, and you would be going about giving my money to girls and you think i won’t know okwhia?….mama bla*sted.


Anyways, I was on my own oh, and then one girl called ogechi came to the house asking after you, and even have the guts to tell me to call you so she would talk to you.


But i drove her away, telling her i don’t like her.


Shi*it!!!….I muttered.


Shi*it abi, nnamdi who is that girl to you?….mama asked angrily.


No mama oh, I only said sh*it because what I was holding fell down.

I don’t have anything to do with any girl called ogechi oh, maybe she wants to speak with me because she heard am now in Abuja….I lied which i regretted immediately.


Ok oh, better not have anything to do with any girl in this village oh.

If i hear any girl in this village got pregnant for you ehhhnnn, you will not like what I would do to you…..mama said angrily.


Okay mama I have heard you good night….I said hunging up the call.


I felt really bad after speaking with mama, I felt bad for denying ogechi before mama.


Nnamdi you couldn’t even defend your love for ogechi, what have you done nnamdi….I asked myself almost in t£ars.


How will ogechi react if she was aware i denied her this way.


Oh, my poor ogechi, she must have been worried about me to have gone to mama to speak with me.

It’s so unfortunate that mama turned her down.


I would have to look for every means to send her a phone so her heart will be at peace hearing my voice.


I don’t want her to feel i abandoned her….I thought.


A loud knock on my door brought me out of my thoughts, and I went to check who it was.

It turned out to be one of the maids in the house.


Good evening sir, please madam Caroline sent for you to meet her at her room…she bowed, and left.


God in heaven, what is this woman up to again ehhnn, of all places in this house, it’s her room she wants me to come.


why doesn’t she want to give me peace in this house….I asked loudly.


At first I refused to go, but the maid came again reminding that madam Caroline wants to see me.


I reluctantly left my room, and went to the direction of Aunty Caroline’s room.


When i got to her door post, i stood there breathing in and out for some minutes because I was so nervous.

Then I ringed the doorbell.


Immediately i ringed the doorbell, she opened quickly as if she was standing behind it.


I went in and she shut the door behind me locking it and i wondered why.


I kept standing and she asked me to sit on a sofa facing her bathroom.

I didn’t want to sit on that sofa so I kept standing.


Nnamdi you can’t come to my room and stand like that, sit on that sofa if you know you want to leave this room this night.


Meaning what Aunty Caroline….I asked glaring at her.


Just sit on that sofa and stop questioning my authority in this house.

And don’t even try to outsmart me this time.

So if you know what is good for you, sit on that sofa right now….. Aunty Caroline shouted.


I quietly obeyed and sat on the sofa but I wasn’t sitting comfortably.


Good boy….she said.

Anyways I was about taking a shower before you came in, would you like to join me?….aunty caro asked looking straight to my eye’s.


No please, you can bath alone, please before you take your bath, let’s discuss what brought me here please…..I said nervously.


You would have to wait until i take my bath first.

Since you won’t bath with me, it won’t be bad if you watch me bath.


And then in a swift Aunty Caroline let down her gown, and she was unc*lad before me looking straight to my eyes.


Her b00bs were pointing at me and I also noticed her finely sha*ved woman h00d.


You like what you see?…. Aunty Caroline asked smiling seductively.


I quickly turned my Face away, feeling g00se bumps all over my body and I also felt a bulge in my trouser.


Aunty caro please I beg you in the name of G0d, please let me go….I pleaded still looking away from me.


And then aunty caro let out a loud laugh and simply walked in to her bathroom to have bath.


For 30 minutes Aunty Caroline was in her bathroom which was facing me, having her bath and singing love songs.


She kept singing and bathing, and most times she would spla*sh some water at me from the bathroom but I didn’t look up.


Then she asked me to pass her the towel on her bed to her.

I gave her the towel towel without looking at her and then she turned my Face towards hers and gave me a ki*ss.


I managed to free myself from her and i rushed to the door wanting to come out and I discovered it was locked and I then remembered she locked it earlier.


Looking for this?…. Aunty Caroline asked waving a bunch of key at me.


Aunty caro what do you want from me, please let me go….I said ang*rily.


Aunty caro smiled and then she brought out something from her wardrobe and I looked at it closely and I discovered it was a vi*bra*tor.


Nnamdi, i want you to use this on me…..she said pointing it to me.


God f0rbid I do this with my uncle’s wife….I said looking away from Aunty Caroline.


Is that so, then watch me do it…..aunty caro said.


Aunty caro walked to her bed, layed on it, and spr£*ad out her legs and she started pleasuring herself with the vibr*at0r.


I was looking away from what she was doing, but I could hear her m0*ans.


Her m0*ans triggered me and my r0d kept sw£ll*ing inside my trouser causing me pa*ins.


I was so determined not to have any s£x with Aunty Caroline because I didn’t want to b£tray my uncle.

So I endured.


Aunty caro finished with what she was doing and then she left to the bathroom to clean herself up.


And she later came out from the bathroom tying a towel round her chest.


And then she sat on her bed speaking to me.


Bravo nnamdi, in your mind now you have over come this one abii.

No let me tell you, you won’t be able to overcome what will come to you next, it’s a promise.


Please Aunty Caroline allow me go back to my room to rest, you have done enough already.

And I promise you aunty caro, i will keep overcoming anything you bring to my way until you get tired of disturbing me.

I can never have anything to do with you…..I said looking at her face.


Okay oh, no problems, we shall see, it’s me and you in this house.

Nnamdi you need to ask about me very well oh, I never easily back out of a thing oh, so don’t start bragging yet.


It’s late already Aunty Caroline, allow me go, so I could go and sleep……I said interrupting her.


Aunty caro open the door and I rushed out sweating like one who had been working under the sun.


I rushed to my room and had my bath and just had my bath and slept off because I was completely dra*in£d.


To be continued….

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