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I woke up the next morning and I stared at my dressing mirror with anger written all over my face.


How dar£ you nnamdi, you think you are smarter right?


I have been trying to play cool with you but you are trying to outsmart me.


This time around, I will come ha*rd on you, and you wouldn’t know what hi*t you nnamdi.


I said smiling sinisterly and then i thought of another plan and I started laughing.


Don’t think you can test my patience nnamdi, if I can’t have you, then i would d£str0y you…..I said walking to my bathroom to have a shower.




It’s been two weeks since nnamdi left this village to Abuja, and I haven’t heard from him.


I don’t have a phone, and he didn’t have a phone too when he left so maybe that’s why he haven’t called me.


And then one afternoon, i took a bold step, and went to nnamdi’s house to inquire from his mother if nnamdi called her.

I was the only one at home, so I cease that as an opportunity to quickly rush there and come back home.


When I got there, i met mama nnamdi sitting at the verandah of the house p££ling melon.


Good afternoon mama….I greeted almost going down on my knees.


Good afternoon my child, how are you?….she asked looking at me head to toe.


Am fine mama…..I replied scratching my head not knowing how to say what brought me there.


So what brought you here my daughter and who are you?…..Mama asked staring at me.


Ehmmm my name is ogechi, and am nnamdi’s fiancee, am sorry mama, since nnamdi travelled has he in away called you?…..I asked with my voice shaking.


Heeeeiii chineka nna….mama said clapping her Hands and laughing scornfully.


So, you had the guts and effrontery to come to my house asking me about nnamdi without shame okwhia?


Mama biko…..I immediately went on my knees.

Since nnamdi travelled, i haven’t been myself because I didn’t hear from him.


Please mama I beg you just help me with a way i can reach nnamdi please, so that my heart will be at rest…..I said still on my knees and cr*yi*ng.


So you are the girl nnamdi has been packing my money to okwhia, you are the one that made him not wanting to go to Abuja in the first place okwhia?.


No mama oh, I loved nnamdi so much and I don’t demand money from him.

When he told me he would be traveling to Abuja, i didn’t stop him oh, mama please Believe me.


Anyways, the badnews is, I don’t like you, and I don’t want you close to my son nnamdi, please leave this place immediately…. mama said signalling me to leave.


I still stood there begging mama but her mind was already made up.


While I was going home i felt heart br0ken.

I was so frustrated and sad.


When I got home, I saw my parents in a meeting with some strangers and I just greeted them and pass trying to go in.


Ogechi nwam bia….my father called me back.


I turned round and went to meet Papa to know what he called me for.


Ehrrmm ogechi, this handsome man sitting right here want’s your hand in marriage, what would you say about that?


Before I could even say anything, papa cut me short.


Don’t worry nwam I know what you were about to say, my in-laws she has agreed oh.

Ogechi get prepared oh, by next week you will be getting married to my handsome son-in-law here.


Before I could say anything mama quickly took me inside.


On the day that I was supposed to get married, i was no where to be found, because I ran away.


The traditional wedding was cancelled and my parents were greatly disappointed in me.


I did all that because I strongly believe nnamdi will come back for me and marry me.


To be continued….

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