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After doing the house chores from the early hours of the morning till noon, I decided to have some sleep.


While I was sleeping, i heard my mom’s loud voice from my sleep, insu*lting me as usual.


Just look at him, all he does in this house is wake up, eat and go back to sleep again, lazy son of mine…..she said ang*rily.


Good afternoon mama, welcome back from the market.


And what is good about the afternoon, ehhhnnn Nnamdi?


When I left the house this morning you were sleeping, now am back and I met you sleeping you this lazy boy.


The only thing you know how to do best is to eat my food and nothing else.


But mama since I woke up today i have been doing the house chores.


I filled the whole drums with water as you instructed, washed the whole dirty plates in this house and even went to the bush to fetch firewood.


What have I ever done wrong to you mama, that you always look for every means to in*sult me ehhnn every day?….I asked sadly.


Nnamdi you did all wrong to me oh, did I ever did wrong to train you in school till you graduated?


Nnamdi if I had use the money and time i used in training you in school to invest in my cocoa farms, i think I would have been counted among the richest women in this village.


But look at you, being lazy staying with me here in the village doing nothing, making my fellow women laugh at me anywhere i go.


But mama, it wasn’t my fault that I didn’t see any job after my schooling, life was very ha*rd for me in the city, that’s why I am here staying with you in the village, hoping you would cover my sha*me as my mother, but here you are adding to my problems….I said ang*rily.


Taaarrr mechionu gi osiso, so you still have mouth to talk back at me okwia?… anyways I don’t blame you.


Nnamdi you aren’t even ashamed of yourself, your mate’s that are making it in the city, did they have two heads?


Many of my fellow women here in this village that their children went to school same time with you are already bearing mama lawyer, mama doctor, mama engineer and so on.


But here i am still answering Mama Nnamdi, as if i didn’t train my son in school.


Nnamdi if you know what is good for you, you better find a way to make me proud or else this house would not contain the both of us.


Mama kept talking and talking and I dared not say a word, and just then my junior sister oluchi walked in replying mama.


Mama, aren’t you tired of this your every day ins*lts to brother Nnamdi?…. from way away i was hearing your voice and I knew you were at it again and I wasn’t wrong.


Mama what has brother Nnamdi done to you to warrant your constant in*sults, is it his fault that he couldn’t get a job?…..and then mama interrupted her.


May amadioha str*ike that your mouth there, so you have grown wings and you think you are now grown enough to talk back at me okwia?


Now as I close my eyes, before I open them move out of her osiso…. and oluchi ran inside because she knows what mama Can do when she is an*gry.


And you Nnamdi, i have a job for you, obinna my younger brother that base at Abuja needed a male house keeper and I told him that you are perfect for the job since you are not doing anything here.


Immediately mama said that, i stared at in bewildment, wondering if she was referring to me.


Wait mama did you just asked me to become a house keeper for your brother my uncle?….I asked sco*rn*fully.


Yes na, at least since you are not that useful to me, you should be useful to my brother, he will pay you well for the job, he is very rich….mama said boastfully.


I reject such an offer mama, I can never stoop so low to being a house keeper never….I said ang*rily.


Look at this ungrateful child, am trying to help you better your life and you are here doing anyhow.


Now let me sound this as a w@rn*ing to you, if you don’t take this job, i will place a cu*rs£ and you, don’t try my patience Nnamdi…. and she left ang*rily to the kitchen hissing along side.


I placed my both hands on my head thinking deeply and just then my younger sister oluchi walked in sitting close to me.


Brother Nnamdi, i am sorry with the way mama treat’s you in this house, please do not think much about it everything would be fine…. she said placing her hands on my shoulders.


It’s okay oluchi, am fine thank you for always defending me before mama, you are forever my little angel….I said rubbing her hair.


She smiled blushing alongside and gave me banana and groundnut that she bought for me at the market.


I collected it from her and started eating it immediately because I had not eaten anything for that day and it was almost 3pm.


Oluchi cheered me up and then left to go help mama in the kitchen.


While I retired to my room to think about my life.


To be continued…..

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