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When I got to my uncles house, I saw Aunty Caroline at the sitting room reading a magazine.


Then she looked up from the magazine giving me a smile and she kept the magazine aside rushing to hug me.


But i just brushed her aside going upstairs to my room with anger written all over me.


God please save me from this woman oh, I wonder what her next plans would be…..I muttered silently.


When it was time for dinner, I went downstairs to take my food so I could take it upstairs to my room and eat.

And I was really hungry.


I got to the kitchen and the cook told me she hasn’t finished preparing dinner.


She told me to go back to my room that she would bring my dinner to me when she is done preparing it.


At first I found it weird for the Cook to bring me my food upstairs, because she has never done that before, and she usually finish preparing dinner by 6pm.


But this is 8pm already why had she not finish preparing dinner by now?…..I wondered.


I tiredly left the kitchen to my room upstairs waiting for the Cook to bring me my dinner as she said.


Some minutes later, my door bell ringed, and I rushed to open the door because I know she was the one.


She brought the food in which was on a tray and placed it on the centre table in my room.


After she left I quickly rushed to open the food and the aroma of the food made me salivate.


It was white rice and goat meat pepper soup which i have never had since I came to my uncles house.


I ate everything in hurry because I was really hungry .


Ten minutes after i finished eating, I started feeling funny, my whole body was h0t and covered with sweat.


At first I thought it was because of the pyjamas i was Putting on.


I removed my pyjamas wearing only boxer and singlet and then i increase the power of the AC.


But then, I was still not comfortable in my room because my whole body was on fir£.


Suddenly i started getting a ha*rd on, it kept sw£lling until i was feeling pai*ns.


God, what is happening to me, am i about to di£ why all this reactions….I said loudly.


Then I started having a high cra*v£ for s£x with my r0d fully £r£ct£d and out of control.


My throat became dry, and it made me started feeling a h£a*vy h£ad*ach£.


I held my head, not know what to do, because I was just confused with the whole thing happening to me.


I rushed to lock my door so no one will find me this way.


Few minutes later i heard a knock on the door, and I refused to open the door.


The person tried opening it, but discovered it was locked and maybe he or she left.


Some minutes later I felt someone was trying to open my door from outside, and I quickly wrapped myself up with my duvets still feel uncomfortable.


And then the door opened and aunty caro walked in to my room shutting the door behind her and locking it.


How are you feeling my boy?….she asked in a m0cking tone smiling at me.


What did you do to me aunty caro?….I asked glaring at her with my eyes r£d with an*g£r.


And then she laughed walking up to me.


Look nnamdi, am not here for questions and Answers, am here to help you, if you don’t allow me help you, am afraid you might di£ from what you are going through now.


You are wick£d and h£artl£ss Aunty Caroline, how could you do this to me?…..I asked angrily.


I tried to use the easy way to get your attentions nnamdi, but you were proving so stu*bb0rn to me, so I had to use this means to get you nnamdi.

Am a genius right?

I told you that day that you shouldn’t Bragg yet, now look at you….. Aunty Caroline said laughing.


I stared at Aunty Caroline in disbelief, I couldn’t believe my uncle married this s£rp£nt as a wife.


Anyways, am in my room waiting for you in case you need my help…. and then she left.


After Aunt Caro left my room, i felt like cr*y*ing, the uncomfort I was feeling kept increasing with each passing minutes.


I have never pl£asur£d myself before, so I tried to help myself to see if I can be okay, but it didn’t work.


I did it for 30minutes but I didn’t feel any better, instead it got w0rs£ because I had trigg£r£d it.


I couldn’t bear it any longer, and then i rushed to Aunt Caroline’s room knocking at her door aggr£ssiv£ly.


Immediately she opened, i rushed into her room and I had it with her.


For good three hours there were lots of s£x position, gr0*ans, m0a*ns, sweat, bl0w j0b s, kisses and cu*ms going on between I and aunty caro inside her room.


During that three hours, Aunty Caroline had several orgn*isms and she kept scr£a*ming in ecstasy.


I managed to reach my cli*max after our three hours rump, and then i just slept off on her bed immediately because I was so drai*n£d and tired.


To be continued……

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