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I woke up to see that i was no longer at madam Pepe’s house, i was now back to the room i was staying with bintu and ejiro.


But how did i got here?

I was no longer putting on my favourite gown, I was tied wrapper round my chest.


The thought of someone else seeing my nakedness apart from me, gave me goosebumps, I wondered who had undressed me and tied me wrapper.


Just then bintu came in to the room, she was surprised and glad I had woke up.


Finally you are awake, i thought I have lost you?….. bintu asked worriedly with her eyes teary.


How did i got here, the last time I remembered, i passed out at madam Pepe’s house?…..I asked sadly.


Yes, you were brought in here that same day by madam Pepe’s boys.

And it’s been two days since you have been unconscious Harriet.


Two days?….I asked in shock.


Yes Harriet, two days.

Was the concoction she gave you that strong, that made you unconscious for two days?….. bintu asked sadly.


So you are aware she is going to give me a concoction, why didn’t you tell me before hand?….I asked with tears rolling down my cheeks.


Harriet i warned you didn’t I, i tried to give you hint but your brain was clouded by the thought of madam Pepe helping you to survive…… bintu replied crying too.


Bintu please help me, i need to get away from here as soon as possible, madam Pepe is evil……I said crying uncontrollably.


Harriet, it’s too late, if you run away now, you would die, every girl here was given that same concoction you drank, including me.

We can’t dare run away expect she let us go which will never happen.


I stared at bintu with my eyes wide in shock and regret, i would have listened to bintu, maybe all this won’t have happened to me.


Harriet, as it stands now you are now working for madam Pepe as a core girl, please i beg you with whatever you hold dear to yourself, do what madam Pepe asked you to do, go anywhere she sent you, if you want to remain alive…… bintu said pleading with me, with tears in her eyes.


I couldn’t even say anything to her, i kept crying uncontrollably.

This was not the kind of life i bargained for, if I had known, i wouldn’t have ran away from the orphanage home.


Just then the door opened and madam Pepe walked in looking mean.


You are finally awake, just small drink i gave you, and you slept for two days, you are not even strong sef.

By the way who died, why are the both of you crying?…… madam Pepe asked without pity.


It’s nothing ma, it was tears of joy that Harriet would be joining us….. bintu replied sadly.


It better be tear of joy oh, and you Harriet, hurry up and wear one of those clothes i bought for you, i have somewhere i want you to go for me….. madam Pepe said referring to me.


But ma I…..


But what?…..she asked angrily.


Nothing ma…..I replied sadly.


Bintu, dress her up and make sure she looks matured than her age.

Harriet i give just 30minutes to dress up and come and meet me outside, if it exceeds that, you will be punished.


Yes….yes ma, she won’t exceeds that time ma….. bintu quickly replied and then madam Pepe left the room hissing loudly.


Immediately madam left, bintu quickly picked up clothes, shoe, bag, wig and some makeup kit that I needed to get dressed.


I refused to get up at first to do anything, but bintu told me madam Pepe would keel me if I don’t run this errand for her.


I reluctantly went to take my bath, and afterwards bintu started dressing me up.


After she was done, i looked at myself the huge dressing mirror inside the room.


I couldn’t even recognize myself any longer, I looked pretty and more advanced.


I was supposed to be happy seeing my new look, but instead I was sad and I started crying.


Bintu rushed to me with an handkerchief cleaning up my tears gently.


She pleaded with me not to cry so that I won’t ruin my makeup.


I was wearing a short sleeveless red dress which exposed my cleavages and thighs, I felt na*ked because I wasn’t used to this kind of clothes.


Though I was well endowed for my age, the dress brought out every of my womanly figure which was attractive.


Then bintu wore one of her expensive wigs on my head, taking her time to ensure it fits my head properly.


Even the high heels i was wearing seems like i was walking on a stone, i couldn’t even walk properly with it.


I didn’t just like everything i was putting on, because they look odd to me.


Bintu kept assuring me that with time I would get used to it, she then ushered me outside to meet madam Pepe so I won’t fall because of the kind of shoe i was wearing (heels).


Some of the girls kept hailing me calling me sweet name’s which made me embarrassed.


When we got to where madam Pepe sat at the bar, the men there couldn’t stop gawking at me but I couldn’t even look at their face because of embarrassment.


Then madam Pepe ordered a ride for me which came in instantly.


She gave the driver the address of the place he is to take me to, and we drove off.


While I was in the cab, i kept praying to God in my heart to keep me safe, my heart wasn’t settled, then we finally got to the place.


To be continued……

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