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It’s been a week since I started staying with madam Pepe, and I am enjoying every bit of it.


Bintu suddenly stopped talking to me ever since that day she wanted to say something about madam Pepe to me.


Ejiro on the other hand never liked me, and I don’t like her either, she looks too wild.


Anyways, I don’t care if bintu or ejiro talk’s to me or not, my only concern is to make sure I please madam Pepe so she won’t send me out of this place.


I will feel really bad if madam Pepe send me away from here because, since I came here, i have been eating varieties of food i like, and drinking anything i want.


The kind of food and drink i eat and drink here was never given to me at the orphanage home, so I won’t let this great opportunity to slip off my fingers.


The clothes madam Pepe bought for me the other day, I didn’t like them, so I never wore them.


I was still wearing the gown i came with.

I wear at day time, then i wash it at night.


Since that incident of me sla*pping a customer happened, I have been avoiding the bar with everything in me.


I managed to be among girls who cook’s in the kitchen, so I won’t be asked to serve at the bar.


One afternoon, while i was joining the girls to cook at the kitchen, a girl came into the kitchen and whispered to my ears that madam Pepe wants to see me.


I was scared to my bones immediately i heard that, i didn’t want to face madam Pepe because I am afraid of what she would do to me this time.


Hope i didn’t commit any offence?……I asked the girl worriedly.


I don’t know oh, when you see her you will know….. she replied and left the kitchen.


The girls in the kitchen all stared at me suspiciously, also wondering why madam Pepe wants to see me.


I hurriedly washed my hands and removed my apron from myself, and then i left the kitchen to go and see madam Pepe to know why she sent for me.


I got to the spot she usually sits at the bar.

She was counting some money when I came, so I stood waiting for her to be through with what she was doing.


From where i stood, i could see bintu staring at me with a sad look on her face, and I quickly looked away from her, afterall she doesn’t talk to me.


Madam Pepe was done counting her money after 15 minutes of keeping me standing.


She signalled me to follow her which I quickly obeyed.


We left the bar to a beautiful bungalow some mile’s away from the bar.


When we got to the house, a gateman opened the gate for us hailing madam Pepe and it made me guess we are at her house.


We got into the house and i was wowed by the beauty of the sitting room.


Every furniture in the sitting room looked expensive and neat, i couldn’t help but noticed several beautiful portraits of madam Pepe, hanging every where in the sitting room which made me guessed right that this was her house.


What should I offer you?….. madam Pepe asked interrupting my thoughts.


Nothing ma, am fine…..I said looking shyly at my hand’s.


I sent ejiro to give you some clothes some days ago, didn’t you get them?….she asked with all seriousness.


No, i mean yes ma I got the clothes, it’s just that I didn’t like them….I replied sadly.


And why don’t you like them?

You couldn’t even come back to tell me you don’t like them so I can get you other ones…. she asked again impatiently.


Madam it’s not as if those clothes are not beautiful oh, its just thatttt…..I was afraid to complete the statement.


It’s just that what, speak up Harriet don’t waste my name….. madam Pepe said raising her voice.


Am sorry ma, those clothes are not my kind of clothes, they are too revealing, a child of God like me isn’t supposed to wear those worldly looking clothes…..I replied with a little bit of boldness.


And immediately i said that, madam Pepe let out a wild laughter which got me scared and confused.

What was funny in what I said?


Look at who is talking, child of God my foot, if you were really a child of God as you claimed, why did you steal the other day?

If i wasn’t there on time to rescue you, you would have been burnt and long forgotten, and you have the guts to tell me you are a child of God, you must be going nuts Harriet….. madam Pepe said referring to me scornfully.


I couldn’t even say a word to her, i was even feeling too embarrassed to look at her face.


She was kind of right, a child of God isn’t supposed to steal, but I stole that day because I was very famished, and I had already begged God for forgiveness, why is madam Pepe hurting me with my past?……I thought sadly.


Look at me Harriet, you see those clothes i bought for you, you will wear them, i bought those with my hard earned money, i cannot allow you waste my money because of your foolish belief’s.

Have i made myself clear?……she asked loudly.


Yes..yes..yes ma I would do just that……I said nodding my head with tears rolling from my eyes.



No come with me….. madam Pepe said standing up from where she was sitting before.


I followed behind her and we got to a room in the apartment, when we entered the room, i got scared, there were lots of fetish things inside the room which sent a shiver down my spine.


Then madam Pepe picked up a small native pot and pass it round my head then she gave me the same native pot to drink from.


It was as if i was controlled by a force to drink from the pot.

At first I didn’t want to accept to drink from it, but somehow I find myself drinking every content in the pot which smelled like rot*ten egg.


After drinking whatever that was inside the pot, i felt weak and my tummy started rumbling which was very painful, and I held my tummy in pain.


This concoction you have drank, symbolises your convenant and loyalty to me, you are never running away from me no matter what happens, except i agree on it.

The day you break that convenant, you shall die….. madam Pepe said at the top of her voice look at me with fiery red eyes.


Immediately she said that, my head started spinning and I passed out.


To be continued…..

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