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The moment I set my eyes on Harriet walking in with madam Pepe, i knew she was going to be one of us.


I looked at Harriet closely from where I stood talking to a customer, and I observed she doesn’t look like a ghetto kid.


Most girls being brought here by madam Pepe were already inside the street before coming here to be more rugged.


But Harriet was beautiful, young and innocent, if I could guess her age correctly, she shouldn’t be more than 17 or 18.


I felt troubled knowing that Harriet would soon be d£voured by the wolves around here, so I made up my mind not to let that happen.


I would make sure she goes back to where she is coming from, she doesn’t belong here…..I thought.


After agreeing to follow the customer home, I went in to get dressed, and while I was getting dressed, Harriet walked in.


We talked briefly and then madam Pepe came in shouting at me to hurry up and go and meet the client that was waiting for me outside.


I came back late at night to see Harriet alone in the room, she offered to give me water but i ignored.


Then I remembered i was supposed to take my contraceptive pills and I quickly stood up to ask for water which Harriet brought to me in a haste.


She started being inquisitive, asking me several questions which pissed me off.


I got to know her name was Harriet that night and I tried talking to her against staying in this br0th£l, but she vehemently opposed against it.


When I saw that she was being adamant, i let her be and simply layed on the bed, some minutes later ejiro came to call me out for our night hawlkings.


The thing is, at day time we work as sales girls at the bar for madam Pepe, while at night we work as core girls and stripper’s at the same bar till 12midnight.


Most times madam Pepe do pimp some of us out who are well endowed to men who are well to do and she would be the one to receive our payments.


Several times most of the girls that are being sent out by madam Pepe never return alive, some are being returned abnormal until they die or give up at the hotel


And then madam Pepe would send her boy’s to discard their bodies.


The most scary thing is, madam Pepe never let any girl leave, she always makes us drink from a native pot as a convenant of never leaving the brothel except she approve of it.


That afternoon while Harriet was attending to a customer, i didn’t know what happened between them that made Harriet slapped him.


I smiled being proud of her but i don’t know why am happy about what she did.


My fellow girls there were murmuring among themselves calling Harriet despicable names.


Just then what I feared happened, madam Pepe dragged Harriet inside with her.


I was afraid she might hurt Harriet, or even keel her because I know what madam Pepe is capable of.


So I followed carefully behind them and I watched madam Pepe gave Harriet a sl*ap and warning her seriously not to do what she did earlier again.


After the confrontation by madam Pepe, Harriet ran past me from where I was hiding.


I got to the room and met her crying seriously.

There and then i made up my mind to tell her everything.


I kept giving Harriet hint about madam Pepe and this brothel, but she wasn’t getting it.


When I was about to just tell her the main gist, ejiro barged in, gave Harriet a polythene bag containing clothes, and dra*gged me out to come along with her.


She dra*gged me to the back of the br0th£l, and looked around us to make sure we were alone there and then she let go of my hands and started talking to me.


Bintu, what were you trying to do just now?….. ejiro asked with anger all over her face.


I..I.. don’t understand ejiro, what do you mean by that?….I asked stuttering.


Bintu if you lie give me now, i swear i go give you sl*ap, i dey vex oh…… ejiro said angrily.


Ejiro please what’s wrong i don’t understand you…..I said in confusion.


Bintu, since Harriet came here yesterday, you have been overly being nice to her which made me suspicious because you have never been nice to any girl here.


And the moment I saw you trail after madam Pepe and that yeye Harriet i knew my suspicions were right.


I was eavesdropping on your conversation, if I had not interrupted, you would have told Harriet everything abi?….. ejiro said angrily.


Look ejiro, I don’t want Harriet to live her life here, she is too innocent for what is going on here, i don’t want here to stay here anymore that’s why I wanted to tell her what goes on here……I said worriedly.


You will do no such thing now let me sound this as a warning to you bintu, if you ever tell Harriet about what goes on here, i will tell madam Pepe, and you know what that means.


Allow Harriet discover what goes on here by herself, afterall she wants to be here, she isn’t a kid, she will surely survive anything she experience here, but if she doesn’t survive it, then that’s her business….. ejiro said with all seriousness.


Ejiro, why are you this Wicked, can’t you just allow me save her innocent soul?…..I asked almost in tears.


Make i hear say you go tell Harriet anything, madam Pepe go show you pepper……she said rolling her eyes at me.


Before I could say anything else, ejiro walking out on me hissing loudly.


I stood there at the backyard alone crying, because ejiro’s threat to tell madam Pepe if I tell Harriet anything, broke my heart.


Right there i made up my mind not to tell Harriet anything again, it’s best i mind my business so I won’t incure the wrath of madam Pepe.


To be continued……

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