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Madam Pepe dra*gg£d me r0ughly to the back of the br0th£l.


When we got there, she let go of my hand, and gave me a sl*ap which made me held my cheeks in pain with te*ars rolling from my eyes.


Wetin dey, worry you Harriet, you dey cra*ze?….. madam Pepe asked angrily.


I couldn’t even say anything, i was silently sobbing looking at my feet.


This thing you did today, should never repeat itself, or else, you won’t like what will happen to you afterwards, now get out of my sight you swi*ne…… madam Pepe warned, screaming at the top of her voice.


I quickly ran away from her sight as she requested, and went to the room crying.


I was crying not aware of a presence in the room until i felt a hug.


I looked up and saw that it was bintu who hugged me, I hugged her back increasing the tempo of my tears.


This was what I was talking about Harriet, you are too young and innocent to go through all this…… bintu said Rubbing my back gently.


No bintu, I deserve it, I know Madam Pepe is not a bad person, i was the one who triggered her by slapping her customers, i shouldn’t have acted that way I should have simply walked away…..I said amidst tears.


Harriet just stop, madam Pepe doesn’t care if you loose your life trying to work for her, she is only after her selfish gains….. bintu said still rubbing my back.


It’s okay bintu i have heard you, everyone have their good and bad side, I just have to be of good behaviour so as not to anger madam Pepe again……I said pulling away from her.


So we the girls here that always taste her bad side, aren’t of good behaviour abii?….. bintu asked scornfully.


No, that’s not what I meant bintu, it’s just that madam Pepe is a really good woman, if not that she saved me yesterday from those mob, i would have been bu*rnt by now…..I said sadly.


And so what, God made her rescued you for a reason because he has a plan for you.

It was left to you to have gone your way.


Harriet am saying this for the very last time, and i promise I won’t disturb you about it again.

I won’t you to move away from this place immediately…… bintu said with seriousness.


And why should I?…..i asked folding my arms on my chest.


Because you don’t deserve to be here, this place aren’t for girls like you, because you are naive about what goes on here…… bintu replied.


Meaning what bintu?

I still don’t understand what you are trying to say……I asked in confusion.


Harriet listen to me, i know this will sound somehow to you, but I have to tell you maybe it will change your mind from staying here.


Madam Pepe is into pim….as she was about completing that statement, ejiro barged in interrupting our conversation.


She gave me a long scornful look rolling her eyes and she threw a big polythene bag at me.


What’s this for, is it for me?……I asked in surprise.


Madam Pepe say make i give you, na your new clothes dey inside….. ejiro replied staring at me.


You see, i told you madam Pepe is a very good woman, she even cared to buy me clothes, despite my offence to her today…..I said referring to bintu.


Just then ejiro came to where bintu was sitting down and dra*gged bintu to follow her and they left the room to God knows where.


When they left, i was now the only one in the room, so I turned every contents in the bag on the bed so I could check them out.


To my greatest disappointment, they were same skimpy outfits the other girls wore.


They were mini skirt, bumb shorts, lingeries, short gowns and tops, and so on that I couldn’t give name to.


I looked at the clothes in disgust and hissed loudly feeling angry.


Several questions kept flooding my mind, like.

Why would madam Pepe get this kind of clothes for me?


Doesn’t she knows I am too young for this kind of clothes, and i am a child of God?


When I was at the orphanage home, I was used to wearing just long gowns, or long skirt that is up to my toe, and a big top to go along with it, not all this wordly clothes…..I thought aloud.


I was putting on a very long faded brown gown when I escaped from the orphanage home yesterday, and it’s what am still wearing till this minutes because it’s my favourite gown.


And I will keep wearing the gown until madam Pepe get me good clothes not these one’s she brought…..I said with finality.


Then I packaged the clothes back into the polythene bag and I kept it inside the cupboard in the room.


Left the room and walked to the kitchen area to just do the dishes because I don’t want to go to the bar so as not to chase another customer away.


To be continued…..

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