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I woke up as early as 4am the next day to see bintu lying with me on the bed and ejiro layed on the floor I wondered what time they got in.


Seems like i would be sharing this room with this two…..I thought.


Just then i stepped out from the room hoping to sweep round the place.

There was light, so it was easy for me to see what I was doing that early morning.


I was already sweeping with a long broom i saw at the backyard.

Just then, Madam Pepe walked up to me which scared me, because I didn’t heard her footsteps coming.


“Good morning ma”…..I greeted, partially kneeling.


Good morning my dear, who asked you to sweep?….she asked.


No one ma, I felt I should do it to show appreciation for what you did for me yesterday…..I replied.


Oh that’s so nice of you, you don’t have to stress yourself sweeping, we have people who are paid to do that…..she said collecting the broom from me.


Thank you so much ma….I replied.


What’s your name, i forgot to ask you yesterday….she asked.


My name is Harriet ma….I replied.


Nice name, you will be sharing that room with bintu and ejiro, maybe later in the day i will get you few clothes…… madam Pepe said walking away.


After she left, i sluggishly went back to the room and met ejiro and bintu already awake, they were having a conversation.


Where are you coming from this early morning?…. bintu asked staring at me suspiciously.


I wanted to sweep the environment but madam Pepe stopped me, and told me there are people paid to do the job…..I replied.


Immediately i said that, bintu and ejiro let out a wild laughter which got me confused.


Penperinpe, penperinpepe, no go dey do pass your sef…. ejiro said still laughing.


Habamana Harriet, you could have at least woke me up before going, maybe i would have let you know that you aren’t in the position to sweep…. bintu said feeling concerned for me.


You just get luck say no be madam Pepe boys sight you, your t0t0 for hear am h0t this early morning…. ejiro said still laughing.


Ejiro please it’s okay, you don’t have to be rude to her, she is still a newbie here and isn’t aware of the DO’S and don’ts here…. bintu said referring to ejiro.


Abeg make i hear word e, like say she still be Vir*gin, see as you dey side the girl….. ejiro fired back at bintu rolling her eyes at me.


I was standing by the door watching bintu and ejiro arguing because of me but I couldn’t interfere.


Just then ejiro brought out a packet of cig*ar£tt£s and lighter and angrily moved out of the room brushing me aside roughly.


Does she sm0ke?….I asked bintu in shock.


Yes, even i too sm0ke including every girl here, it’s not a big deal…. bintu said tiredly.


I sat down on the bed still in shock trying to comprehend what bintu just told me.


But anyways, that’s their life, i can never join them to sm0ke, am a child of God……I concluded in my heart.


Later that morning, madam Pepe began with her business as usual, customers kept trooping in and out of the bar.


Some of the girls attending to the customers all wore clothes revealing their bodies and I felt irritated.


I thought of reporting them to madam Pepe to caution them, because what they are doing is not proper.


When the bar was over filled up with customers, madam Pepe signalled me to assist the girls in attending to customers and I gladly accepted.


I walked up to a guy asking for what he cared for, but instead of him replying me, he kept staring at me from head to toe in lu*st.



Please can I have your orders?…..I said waving my hands over his face.


Before I know what was happening, the guy drew me closer to him, squ££zing my back side in the process.


I quickly disentangled myself away from him and gave him a thundering sl*ap which made everyone turned to look at me in surprise including madam Pepe.


Everyone’s attention was now focused on me like i did something abominable.


Then I started hearing Whispers and murmuring among everyone there, i couldn’t even look up at them.


Just then the guy who held me to himself earlier, stood up and was about moving away but madam Pepe rushed to stop him, pleading with him not to go.


But the guy left angrily, not wanting to listen to madam Pepe.


Immediately he left, madam Pepe held my hands and Dr*agg£d me inside with her, and all eyes were on us.


I was afraid of what she would do to me when we get in because she looked angry because I have successfully driven one of her customers away.


To be continued…..

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