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Day’s and week’s passed, and I immediately bonded so well with my father.


My father was always introducing me as his long lost daughter to who ever cares to listen.


In the space of one month of living with my father, i changed tremendously, I was now looking calm and beautiful more than ever.


One morning while I was having breakfast with my father, i suddenly remembered the man of God who saved my life spiritually some weeks ago.


And then it dawned on me that I had not done anything tangible for him, to at least appreciate his kind gesture towards my life.


I decided to speak with my dad while we were having breakfast, so we would go and see the man of God together.


Baba!!!…..I called.


Ehhnn, omomi kilode?……dad asked with his mouth full of food.


I just remembered the man of God that delivered me from evil few weeks ago, it just occurred to me that I haven’t gone back to him to show appreciation………I said worriedly.


Is that so, oya eat up Kia Kia, so that we would go and see him, I too want to appreciate him…….dad responded with a smile on his face.


Since I have got to know my father, he was always ready to do anything i want, according to him, he wants to make up for all the years i have lived alone, struggling for myself.


Dad treated me like a princess, and was showering me with gifts everyday, there was no dull moment with my father.


So that morning we finished eating our breakfast and dad personally drove us to see the man of God.


When we got to the church, we saw some group of women cleaning the church.


We asked to see the man of God, and we were told by them that he was at home, and they gave us his house address which wasn’t far from the church.


While dad was driving us to the man of God’s house, he told me he didn’t like the condition of the church, and he wants to build a bigger one for them with sound instruments.


I looked at my father and laughed, thinking it was one of his jokes as usual.


Soon after, we got to where the man of God stays, and we went in to the house.


Fortunately for us, we met the man of God about leaving the house, so he led us in.


We got in, and he offered us soft drinks which we accepted wholeheartedly.


His wife also wanted to offer us food, but my father turned her down politely, telling her we just ate before leaving home.


Dad briefly spoke with the man of God, thanking him profusely for everything he did for me.


The man of God was all smiles and he prayed for my father and I.


Before my very eyes, dad brought out a cheque book from his bag and was writing on it.


Then he tore out the slip from the cheque book and handed it over to the man of God.


Please man of God, accept this token of 30million naira, as a token of my appreciation for saving my daughter, please use it to rebuild the house of God and in case it isn’t enough please let me know………dad said stretching out the slip towards the man of God.


The man of God accepted it from my dad and prayed for us with all his heart.


While he was praying, he suddenly asked of gbenga, and dad told him of gbenga’s mental illness.


He told us to bring gbenga to church the next day being Sunday, and we agreed.


After all said and done, we left the man of God’s house, to our home.


The next morning we left home early to the phsycatric hospital gbenga was, and dad requested for him, and gbenga was brought out immediately.


Immediately i saw gbenga, I felt heart br0ken seeing how malnourished he looked, I started crying uncontrollably but dad kept consoling me.


Gbenga couldn’t even recognize me and my father, and he was still behaving abnormal.


Dad’s bouncers bundled gbenga with them into their vehicle, then i and dad was in a separate vehicle and we went straight to church.


We got to church, and the man of God asked us to bring gbenga towards the altar.


We did as told, and then the man of God, along with other members of the church, started praying for gbenga.


Suddenly gbenga started sweating and crying at the same time with his eyes shut, like he was feeling pains.


He suddenly opened his eyes and to everyone’s surprise, he stood up and went to hug dad, then he hugged me.


It was an emotional moment for us that day, everyone cried along with us.


After the close of service, dad gave everyone present there in church a wad of cash, which was a hundred thousand each.


I was so happy seeing gbenga back to his senses again.


Soon after, that held a big party in celebration of his long lost daughter which was me, and the healing of gbenga.


Dad Later sent gbenga to the United States to get a better life for himself.


While I on the other hand furthered my studies in one of the best schools in Nigeria.


While I was in school, I kept seeing myself doing the things of God, i was even one of those preaching the gospel at any given time on campus.


I graduated with first class, and I got married to a man of God, then we continued with our gospel outreach together, building churches and helping the needy.


Gbenga on the other hand got married to a white lady named Harriet and they had a daughter, and he named her BISOLA, which was the name of his late mother.


Two years after i got married, i couldn’t get pregnant and it was medically proven that I won’t be able to get pregnant because of a fractures in my womb.


Well to God be the glory, i finally got pregnant after three years of marriage and delivered a beautiful baby girl who i named bintu, I also had three more children, and everyone lived happily ever after.




Written ✍️ by Martha


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