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When we finally got to the hospital, gbenga led me to the ward his mother was.


I followed behind him not knowing what to expect, but i kept on muttering some words of prayers for gbenga’s mother.


We got in, and I gasped in shock with the condition of gbenga’s mother, it was so horrible to behold.


A maid was sitting close to gbenga’s mother, and gbenga told her to excuse us.


The i last time I saw her, she was looking beautiful with her fair shinny skin, and she was a bit chubby.


But now, I don’t really know the kind of sickness that made her this horrible, within a short period of time.


She was looking so dark as coal, and was so thin to an extent we could visibly see her bones.


She opened her eyes and was staring blankly at nothing, i think she was also blind too because her eyes weren’t moving.


I stared at gbenga with with misty eyes, i was heartbroken seeing his mother’s condition.


Gbenga, what happened to her, why is she like this?…….I asked sadly.


I don’t know either, she suddenly screamed while we were all having breakfast few days ago, and then she collapsed


And ever since then, she had been calling your name, wishing to see you, and the doctor said her chances of survival are slim, but he can’t find any illness in her body………. gbenga said sadly.


She will not Die in Jesus name……..I shouted.


Amen, Harriet ……. gbenga responded.


Suddenly gbenga’s mother moved her head towards our direction, waving her bony hands in the air, like she was trying to touch something.


Did I just heard Harriet’s voice, Harriet is that you…….she asked faintly.


Yes ma, it’s me Harriet….. i responded moving close to her.


My child, i am really sorry, i am sorry for all the pains i have caused you, please find a place in your heart to forgive me……… she spoke pleading with me.


At first I was confused wondering why she was apologizing, then a thought came to my heart.


Probably she was apologizing for the way she treated me, the last time I came to their house.


It’s okay ma, I am no longer angry with you, i understood you weren’t in a good mood that day……..I said trying to sound happy.


Then she let out a faint smile, and instructed gbenga to call his uncle to come over to the hospital before she would say anything.


Gbenga did as instructed, and within 30minutes, gbenga’s uncle rushed in with panic all over his face, thinking something had happened to gbenga’s mother.


When gbenga’s uncle confirmed she wasn’t yet dead, he then looked at me and recognised me instantly, he gave me a hug, thanking God for my safety.


Few minutes later gbenga’s mother started coughing which drew our attention to her.


Gbenga quickly gave her some water, and she stopped coughing.


Suddenly she started talking to gbenga’s uncle, apologising to him for all the wrong she had did to him in the past.


Then she started by telling him that she was responsible for his late wife death, and the child she gave birth to was me.


Then she also confessed how she tried to kill me some days ago which didn’t work in her favour, and it backfired to her.


The Straw that broke the camel’s back, was when she announced that gbenga was my half brother, because my father got her pregnant during their teenage years.


She narrated how she was angry with my mother because she married my dad, and killed her.


While she was saying her confession, I sat on the floor crying uncontrollably, even my father was crying uncontrollably too.


Please you all present here should find a place in your heart to forgive me, am deeply sorry, please forgive me…….. gbenga’s mother said tiredly after her confession.


You are very wicked and heartless BISOLA, how could you, why did you killed my wife, and hid my children away from me, you made me live in pains all this year’s believing i was childless.

Why BISOLA?……….. Dad spoke angrily still crying.


Abiola I know i have wrong you too much, and now I am paying the price for my past sins, please forgive me ejoor…….. gbenga’s mother responded to my father.


Death isn’t enough punishment for you BISOLA, i wish and pray you rot in hell, because you are evil……… Dad spoke angrily again.


Then I started remembering what the man of God had told me Sunday evening and that Monday morning about forgiveness, and I started crying bitterly.


How on earth am i going to forgive this woman for all she made me went through, since I was born?……..I asked within myself sadly.


Then I heard a voice clearly within me, instructing me to forgive, so I also can be free from my past sins.


I carefully stood up from where I sat, and went to the bed side where gbenga’s mother layed.


I held her hands crying uncontrollably, then i told her I have forgiven her, and prayed she finds rest in the Bossom of the lord.


Immediately i said that, she started coughing uncontrollably until she was coughing out blood, and that was the end of her.


My instantly called a nurse after her death, and she was taken to the morgue.


Gbenga on the other hand suddenly started laughing loudly and uncontrollably, my dad and I looked at him with shock on our face, because there wasn’t anything funny there.


Before knew what was happening, gbenga started tearing the clothes on his body, and ran out of the hospital.


He was later caught by some of the bouncers that accompanied dad to the hospital.


He was taken straight to the phsycatric hospital, because he was now beginning to act abnormal.


My heart broke into pieces seeing gbenga who once loved me, behaving abnormal.


I couldn’t stop myself from crying, and I prayed he gets well soon.


After a long day at the hospital, dad drove me home, and when we got home, he instructed the cook to make a sumptuous delicacy for me.


I didn’t had much appetite to eat, but I tried eating because I felt instantly comfortable around my father.


Later on dad happily showed me mom’s photos, and even showed me where she was buried somewhere around the mansion.


My mom was indeed very beautiful, and I took after her in beauty and her caramel skin colour.


I couldn’t talk much with dad, because I was so tired and unhappy with everything that happened that day.


Although dad had wanted us to just keep talking and talking because he missed me over the years.


But he understood i wasn’t just in the mood, and then he quickly ordered a maid to prepare a room for me so I would rest.


To be continued………..


Written ✍️ by Martha

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