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A tap on my leg woke me up from my sleep, and i instantly jumped up from where I layed in front of the church, thinking it was madam Pepe’s boys.


I saw a tall handsome man standing in front of me, he held a bible in his hands and i guessed he was either the pastor in charge of the church, or a member of the church.


Your name is Harriet right?……he asked staring at me seriously.


Immediately he said that, I froze, and I was about running away because I was afraid, but he held my arms firmly.


Don’t be afraid young lady, i mean no harm, i was only sent by the lord to liberate you from the clutch of the enemy after your life.


What do you mean by that sir?……..I asked in confusion and fear.


He stared at me one more time, and shook his head like he was having pity for me, then he started muttering some unknown language.


After that, he left me, and went to open the church, then he signalled me to come inside the church with him.


I stood there staring, i was afraid to step into the church, my sins were way too much and I was scared i would get str*uck by lig*htning if I stepped into the church.


You wouldn’t blame me, since I ran away from the orphanage home, I totally forgot everything about Christianity.


As if the man of God knew what i was thinking about, he instantly interrupted my thought, which scared me more.


Young lady please come in, Christ died for sinners and he is more into sinners, your sins are nothing before him, it’s not a coincidence you ended up here, christ is ever ready to save you …….he replied without even looking at me.


I stared at the church for some minutes, then I reluctantly stepped in, like a child who was learning how to walk.


I got to where the Man of God sat at the alter area, and I sat at a chair he kept for me Infront of him.


When I sat down i couldn’t even look at his face, I bowed my head in shame feeling guilty.


Look at my face Harriet, i want you to be comfortable around me, am a human being like you, don’t feel guilt in your heart, God preserved your life right from when you were in the womb for a reason……he spoke calmly to me.


I slowly rose up my head, and nodded in agreement with what he is saying, and he went on and on speaking to me, which I listened with keen interest.


Harriet, while I was praying last night, the lord ministered to me that you were in deep trouble, and the enemy that ended the life of your mother, is also after your life.


The lord further explained to me that you are not really an orphan, your father is very much alive, and is still heartbroken over the death of your mother that died while giving birth to you.


And your father was also told by the enemy that you died along with your mother years ago.


Suddenly the man of God paused, seeing the tears rolling down my eyes.


What offence did my mom commit that made that heartless human kill her, and is also trying to kill me too.


Why is the person this evil to have separated me from my father even after killing my mom, imagine the pain and trauma i went through from birth till now, and the person still want me dead?……….I said crying uncontrollably.


It’s okay Harriet, the enemy after your life, has just three days to get rid of you, and if after three days she didn’t kill you, she would die……. the man of God said, giving me a handkerchief to wipe my tears.


Oh, it’s even a woman, i guess she wanted to get married to My father which didn’t work out………I said scornfully.


Yes it’s a woman, and I wouldn’t give much details about her to you, but I want you to remain in church here in the next one week, so as to nullify her plans, and every evil spirit hovering around you.


Then after that, I would allow you to go from here, because by then she would be requesting to see you for a confession.


And i also want to urge you Harriet, when the time comes, please forgive her, so that your heavenly father will forgive you too for your past sins.


I let out a little chuckle, and nodded in agreement, but deep down my heart, i had deep hatred for the so called woman who killed my mom, and separated me from my dad.


The man of God left that day, promising to come back in the evening with his family to see me.


But before he left, he bought some food, snacks and drinks for me and instructed me never to leave the altar, and he also told me to pray continuously too.


At first I found it difficult to do it, but with time, the more I prayed, the more I started getting perfect in praying.


Through out my stay in the church, i was praying continuously, morning, afternoon and night.


I prayed for gbenga and his family, i also prayed for bintu and pleaded with God to accept her soul.


After one week of living in the church and attending church weekly services, the man of God came to me after Sunday service that day.


And told me that it’s time for me to go and get back the life that was mine, that the enemy that wanted me dead, has been struck down by a strange illness.


He gave me his phone to call who ever i want to call, so that I can leave the next day being Monday.


I instantly collected the phone, and the first person that came to my mind to call, was gbenga.


Fortunately for me, i had his number by heart, and i typed the number on the phone.


Gbenga instantly picked at first ring, and my heart started beating fast hearing his voice.


Then the man of God signalled me to say something to gbenga.


Hello gbenga, it’s me Harriet……I said in a hurry.


At first there was silence at the other end of the phone, and I thought gbenga had Hung up the call, but I checked and saw that the conversation was still going on.


Hello gbenga are you there?……..I asked worriedly.


Harriet is that really you, where have you been, i thought I lost you……. gbenga responded like one who was crying.


I then explained how I escaped to him, and i told him my present location.


Gbenga also informed me that his mother has been seriously sick for some days now, and she has been requesting to see me.


I innocently thought she wanted to see me because of her request to see me the other day before i was kidnapped.


Gbenga promised to come and picked me up the next day, he told me he would have come that day, but he was the only one looking after his mother at the hospital.


After the conversation ended, i gave the man of God his phone, and he instructed me to pray seriously for the spirit of forgiveness.


I nodded in agreement, and he left with his family.


That night, i innocently started praying to have the spirit of forgiveness, I prayed over it till dawn.


When it was 5am, I started getting prepared in await of gbenga.


Soon after, the man of God came to church, We prayed, and we both waited for gbenga.


Few minutes past 7am, gbenga arrived the church, and thanked the man of God greatly for looking after me.


He tried to give the man of God some cash, but he rejected it instantly claiming God didn’t instructed him to collect money.


He also asked the both of us to kneel down, and he was praying seriously for the spirit of righteousness and forgiveness upon gbenga and I.


After then i left with gbenga and we drove straight to the hospital where his mom was.


To be continued…………


Written ✍️ by Martha

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