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A cold splash of water woke me up from my unconsciousness.


I slowly opened my eye lids and saw several guys in front of me, and they were madam Pepe’s boys.


I tried to move, and I discovered that i was being tied to a chair, and my mouth was sealed with a tape.


I looked around the room, searching for bintu, and I saw her being also tied to the chair, she was looking so downcast, and I felt pity for her.


I felt like speaking or apologising to her, because I put her in this situation, but it wasn’t possible.


Just then one of the guys came pulling my hair which made me screamed out in pain, bintu too was also did same thing.


I overheard one of the guys, who was their leader, speaking to gbenga.


I screamed louder, so that gbenga would know what was happening to me.


Now that gbenga was aware of my kidnap, I know he would do something about it soon, i have that faith.


Later again i also overheard the leader threatening gbenga over the phone, that he would kill me, if by the next morning madam Pepe isn’t released to them.


I knew gbenga isn’t aware of the place they took us to, probably he would have come here to save me.


Now I have to think of a way to get myself and bintu out of here, so we won’t get killed by these boys.


That night they left bintu and I alone in the building they held us captive, and left to only God knows where, or so I thought.


I was constantly looking at the old wall clock in room so as to know when to carry out my plans.


When it was 12am, I looked at bintu, and she was already fast asleep.


Bintu, bintu, bintu please wake up, and let’s move out of here……..I said in a whisper.


Bintu didn’t respond to me, seems like she was still sleeping.


Then I started dragging myself, along with the chair that I was tied to, towards the direction of where bintu was.


Along the line, the thick rope that I was tied with, suddenly loosed up, then i stood up and untied the one’s on my leg, and ran to meet bintu.


I quickly untied bintu, and she helplessly crumbled on the floor, then it dawned on me that something wasn’t right with her.


I knelt close to where she layed on the floor, and I placed her head on my chest shaking her vigorously to wake up.


Bintu tiredly opened her eyes, and then she let out a faint smile on her face, placing one of her hands on my cheek, and speaking to me in a whisper .


Harriet, i want you to know that even in the after life, you would still be close to my heart, I wish our part cross again in our next life, I want you to please leave a normal life, you have a bright future ahead of you, please run away from here, and take good care of yourself, i would be looking aft……


She couldn’t complete her last statement before she started gasping for breath, and her nose and mouth were bleeding, and then she gave up the ghost.


No no no, bintu please don’t do this to me, if it’s a joke stop it please, bintu please wake up……. I screamed at the top of my voice shedding tears.


Suddenly i started hearing a movement at the door, like someone was trying to open the door.


I quickly grabbed the huge hammer close to me and rushed to the door to hide behind the it.


Immediately the person opened the door, i then discovered it was one of madam Pepe’s boys, then i raised the hammer high above my head, and hit him at back of his head with all my strength.


He collapsed immediately, and quickly ran out of the room, and before I knew what was happening, I escaped from the building towards an unknown destination.


I wasn’t familiar with the place they took me to, but I ran with all my might, without looking back.


That night I ran along the road alone for a very long time before stopping by to catch my breath in front of a church, far away from where I was abducted.


I then decided to just pass the night there, in front of the church and continue my journey when it’s day break.


But before I slept, i kept crying uncontrollably over the death of bintu, until i slept off.


To be continued………..


Written ✍️ by Martha

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