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I drove home like someone who was being chased by a beast, i almost had an accident.


When I got home, I met both my mom and uncle seated in the sitting room.


Immediately mom saw me, she stood up in a haste and rushed towards me, inquiring about Harriet.


Where is she, where is your fiancée?……. she asked anxiously.


I stared at her not knowing what to say, then i sat on one of the sofa in the sitting room breathing in and out.


Gbenga talk to me, where is the girl, why is she not with you?……….mom asked impatiently again.


She was kidnapped last night by some thugs, at where she stays………I replied tiredly.


Immediately i said that, mom started screaming at the top of her voice, which had me perplexed.


Ahhhh, kidnapped keeehh, no oh, we must find her oh, my daughter in-law can’t be kidnapped, it’s not possible.


Mom, you have to calm down, and let’s look for a way to get Harriet out of that place.


Gbenga don’t tell me to calm down, i need to see my daughter in-law this minutes.


But gbenga, does it have anything to do with the former place she was?……my uncle asked me calmly.


Yes uncle, they wanted her back, that’s why they held her hostage……..I replied.


What are you both talking about?…..mom asked confused.


Do you have any idea of the place she was taken to?……. uncle asked again.


No i don’t, i know definitely they won’t take her back to the brothel, might take her somewhere unknown to us……..I responded.


I tried calling the line that called me earlier ago, but it wasn’t going through.


Then my uncle suggested we storm, madam Pepe bar with some armed force men.


I instantly agreed to the plan, and surprisingly, mom got worried over Harriet than me.


I was a bit calm seeing my uncle and mom trying to save Harriet.


I uncle instantly picked up his phone, and made calls.


Soon a van of armed force men, came to our house, and we all followed drove down to madam Pepe’s bar.


When we got there, some people started running helter skelter afraid of being captured, or getting shot.


Then my mom and uncle remained in the car, while I went in with some of the armed men, to raid the brothel.


We checked all nook and cranny of the brothel, but we couldn’t find anything suspicious there.


Then we got hold of few of madam Pepe’s boys there, and the men took them away.


Then I drove my uncle and my mom back home with a heavy heart.


When we got home, I went straight to my room, because I wasn’t just in the mood to talk to anyone.


When I got to my room, i took off my clothes, and went straight under the shower to cool off my blazing soul.


I kept remembering the sweet memories i had with Harriet, and it got my eyes misty with tears.


It broke my heart so much that Harriet went through all this because of me, if I had known, i shouldn’t have lay my hands on madam Pepe.


To make matters worse i can’t even provide her alive, so as to get my Harriet back.


I was still in my thoughts under the shower, when I heard my phone ring.


I went to check who was it, and it turned out to be the same number that called me earlier that day.


I hastily picked up the call, and the loud, angry voice of the guy, blasted from the phone, echoing round my room.


“Weldon gbenga, you didn’t only captured our madam Pepe, you still want back with mopols to grab some of guys abi?

You no dey fear, e be like say you want make waste Harriet oh”…….. the guy said angrily.


Look, let nothing happen to Harriet, your madam Pepe is in safe hands, just release Harriet to me, and I will release your madam to you…….I responded.


Then the guy let out a loud scornful laughter, and I also heard the others laughing too.


“You think am a fool right that you can easily toss, left and right, I’m only giving you today as a day of grace, if by tomorrow morning you didn’t release madam Pepe, consider Harriet de-ad”


Before I could reply back to him, he hung up on me.


I stared blankly at the phone in my hands, my knees got weak, and I sat on the bed placing my hands on my head.


To be continued………..


Written ✍️ Martha.

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