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I was trying to get few things for myself at the market When suddenly i saw someone who looked like bintu buying some foodstuffs close to me.


I looked closely at her, and it was indeed bintu, so I hurriedly brought out my phone and informed one of madam Pepe’s boys, who was my brother.


I told him to hurry quickly to the market area so we would trail after bintu and know where she now lives.


Definitely Harriet must also be with her, because they both left the brothel together with that bas*tard gbenga.


I detested Harriet so much, ever since the very first day i knew her, the ha*tred and a*nger that I have for her grew more, when I discovered she was dating gbenga.


I had a crush on gbenga, and tried seducing him several times, but he never looked my way, his focus were on Harriet until he moved her away.


Since Harriet and bintu eloped with gbenga, madam Pepe and her boys had been seriously searching for them.


Now this is the best time to get back at Harriet, for st£aling my man.


Now madam Pepe was missing, and rumours had it that gbenga was behind it, if we can’t get hold of Harriet, gbenga would have no option than to let go of madam Pepe.


Bintu finished buying what she needed, and I carefully trailed behind her, unknown to her.


Soon enough she got a cab, and I also got a cab, and told the driver to trail after the cab bintu entered.


Minutes later the cab bintu boarded, pulled up Infront of beautiful bungalow which had a small gate.


And then bintu came out from the cab, and stepped into the house with the things she bought from the market.


I got jealous immediately, this was supposed to be mine if Harriet didn’t sn*atch gbenga from me.


A tear dropped from my eyes, because I was h£art br0ken, and determined to teach Harriet a lesson she won’t forget easily.


I came out from the cab and sat somewhere opposite the beautiful house bintu entered minutes ago.


I picked up my phone and called my brother that I already trailed bintu to where she lives along with Harriet, and I texted the address of the house to them.


In few minutes, My brother and few other madam Pepe’s boys came to the venue where I was, and I pointed the house to them.


Just then while we were still there, we saw gbenga drove past us, and dropped Harriet off at the house.


I almost di£d from j£alousy, seeing gbenga and Harriet together, and Harriet was looking more beautiful than when she was with us at the brothel, which infuriated me.


Soon after we all left the area, with the boys promising to come back to get Harriet and bintu later in the late evening.




The next morning i woke up so early feeling so happy that I would be bringing Harriet over to the house.


I freshened up quickly, and left the house few minutes past 7, without even having breakfast.


Before I left the house, i kept calling Harriet, and her phone was off.

I called bintu, and it was also same thing.


I was a bit pissed, because why would their both phones be switched off?


I made sure there was constants power supply to them, so why would their phones be switched off?


Anyways, let me get there first, they will both explain to me the reason they off their phones……..I said angrily.


When I got to Harriet’s house, i instantly noticed something wasn’t right.


The gate was a bit ajar when I came, and I also noticed Harriet’s slippers in front of the gate.


My heart ski*pped a b£at and I instantly rushed in to check if Harriet was safe.


I got into the apartment, and noticed everything was scattered, and Harriet and bintu were no where to be found.


My heart started beating fast in panick, I checked Harriet’s bedroom and noticed their arranged bags and luggages.


Seems like she and bintu were already preparing their things to come over to our house.


So what then happened, where the h£ll are they?….I scr£amed out feeling fru*strated.


Just then my phone ringed, and it was from an unknown number, i picked up at first ring to know who was on the line.


Suddenly i started hearing scr£ams and cr*ies from the background of the phone and my h£art t0re to pi£ces when I recognised those Voices belonged to Harriet and bintu.


Harriet, bintu!!!!!!…..I y£lled.


The next minutes i didn’t hear their voices again, instead I heard the voice of a guy.


“Gbenga my man, if you want Harriet and bintu back @live, r£lease our madam Pepe to us before the end of today, and not a single sc*ratch should be f0und on her, if not, you know what will happen”.


Before I could say a word, the call ended, and when I tried calling back, it wasn’t reachable.


I c0llapsed on the floor out of @nger and fr*ustration not knowing what else to do.


Then I immediately called the guys who h£ld madam Pepe, i pleaded with them to let her go, but they told me madam Pepe didn’t wake up this morning, and she wasn’t br£athing any longer.


I fr0ze hearing that, and the phone instantly slipped from my hands.


In a flash, i stood up to go back home, so that i would seek for help from my uncle.


To be continued……….

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