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The moment gbenga’s mother and uncle started acting funny, gbenga held my hand angrily, and we left their house.


While gbenga was driving me back home, he kept fuming with anger and muttering incoherent words.


I tried to pacify him, telling him to be calm, but he was so angry that the meeting with his family, didn’t go as planned.


Anyways I on the other hand wasn’t happy about the whole event too.


I kept wondering why gbenga’s uncle stared at me like that earlier, and I also wondered why gbenga’s mother shouted at me like that too, the whole attitude from them, got me confused.


Seems like they might have been aware of where gbenga brought me from.


But on a second thought, they were the ones who requested for my presence, why did they not welcome me nicely………..I asked myself silently.


Soon after, gbenga dropped me off at my apartment, promising to confront his mom and uncle for their attitude towards me earlier.


I told gbenga not to bother about it, both he didn’t listen, and stormed out of our house.


Bintu seeing how sad gbenga and i looked, tried to ask gbenga questions, but he didn’t reply her, before he left.


Bintu came to me an hour after i got home, trying to inquire what went wrong with my outing with gbenga.


Harriet what happened, you and gbenga don’t seem happy, didn’t you met with his parents again, or did you both had an argument?………. bintu asked worriedly.


Hmmm bintu, if it was just an argument, it would have been better, but this is more than an argument oh…….I replied sadly, slowly taking off my jewelleries.


Abeg gist me what happened, my ears are itching…….. bintu replied back.


Then I narrated how gbenga’s uncle and mother reacted towards me, I even also told her about the portrait of a woman i saw who we both looked alike.


Nawa oh, but why would they react that way na, seems like they don’t like you…… bintu said sadly.


Same thing i was also thinking too oh my sister, i regretted going with gbenga to meet his family, look at how they belittled me……….I said almost crying.


It’s okay Harriet, don’t cry, give them time, soon enough, they would accept you, maybe they aren’t yet used to you now………. bintu spoke patting my back.


I nodded my head in agreement to what bintu said and I carefully cleaned the little tears that formed on my eyes.


I had stood up from the bed to go and get something to eat at the kitchen when I heard my phone ringing from the bag i took went out with earlier.


I rushed towards my bag to pick up the phone, because I knew it was gbenga calling, he was the only one calling me through the phone.


I picked up the call talking on a low sad tone with gbenga, but I was surprised with how lively and happy he spoke with me.


Hello my lovely queen, hope you are good?……. gbenga’s happy voice wafted through my ears.


Yeah sure, am good…….I replied tiredly.


Instantly gbenga announced a good news to me which made me squealed happily.


Gbenga told me his mother and uncle apologized to him for how they treated me earlier, and wished I could come to live with them for some time.


My heart leaped for joy hearing the good news, i felt on top of the world hearing that.


We ended the conversation, and after that, I told bintu of the good news and was also excited too.


Bintu instantly stood up from the bed rushing to bring out our luggages and bag’s, so we would Start arranging our accessories in them and anything else we would need while away.


I instantly lost appetite for food because of the too much joy in my heart.


Bintu was going with me, because I can’t leave her all by herself in this huge house, so she won’t feel bored while I am away.


In the process of us arranging our bag’s and luggages, we heard a knock at the gate.


I and bintu both turned to look at each other puzzled as to who must have been knocking on the gate, by that late hour which was almost 8pm.


Were you expecting someone?…… i asked bintu.


No oh, you know i don’t have any visitors, it might be gbenga, just go and check…….. bintu replied still arranging our thing’s.


But gbenga normally calls me before coming na, since when did he started knocking the gate……..I questioned amusedly.


Maybe he wants to surprise you, gbenga can be unpredictable sometimes…….. bintu said giggling.


The knock came on the gate again, and then i came out from the apartment to check who was at the gate.


I got to the gate and asked who was there, and I heard a voice different from gbenga.


He said he was sent by gbenga to deliver some goods he ordered from their company, to me.


I was surprised, because gbenga doesn’t send anyone to give me gifts apart from bintu, since when did he started ordering surprise packages for me?……..I wondered.


I had wanted to confirm if gbenga truly sent the guy, but unfortunately my phone wasn’t with me.


Hello ma’am Harriet, if you are not interested in the package, i can as well take them back to my company, it’s late already……… the guy replied interrupting my thoughts.


I reluctantly opened the gate, so as not to keep the guy waiting, but I regretted immediately why I did so.


Immediately i opened the gate, a d0uble barr£lled g*un p0int£d at my h£ad and then some guy’s walked in a hurry, they were up to six.


I was sh0cked to my b0nes, seeing that they were madam Pepe’s boys, i started scr£aming, but one of them quickly pu*lled me to himself and c0vered my m0uth with his hands.


Some of the boys went in and brought out bintu, p0inting g*un’s at her, and thr£at£ning her not to scr£am.


See this two olosho, una think say una fit r*un hi*de abii, make una r*un again make we see na, especially this yeye Harriet, you go hear word for our hand, until that your f00lish boyfriend wey dem dey call gbenga, provide madam Pepe for us……… one of the boys said, and the rest laughed wildely like hyaenas.


Immediately i heard that, my eyes wid£ned in sh0ck, so gbenga had h£ld madam Pepe h0stage and he couldn’t even inform me?……..I asked within myself with slow tears running down my cheeks.


They led i and bintu out of our apartment into a bus waiting outside, and we da*red not make a m0ve.


When we were all seated in the bus, they instantly z00med off, driving r0ughly.


Just then i felt a little pi£rcing on my n£ck, like i was being inj£cted, and then I pa*ssed out.


To be continued…………..

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