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When I brought Harriet home to introduce to my mom and uncle that Saturday morning, i never expected the kind of reaction i got from them.


I thought they would both accept Harriet with open arms because they asked me to bring her home in the first place.


But instead my mom and uncle started acting weird, which gave Harriet the feeling that she wasn’t welcomed, and I was so embarrassed.


I angrily grabbed Harriet hand and we left, then i drove her back to her home.


When I dropped Harriet off at her house, i hastily drove back home, fuming in anger.


I was going to confront my mom and uncle when I get home, to explain to me the meaning of that attitude they displayed in front of Harriet earlier today.


Soon after i got home, and I stormed in rudely, and met my uncle sleeping close to his late wife’s portrait on the wall.


I let out a loud long hiss, and then i ran upstairs, towards my mom’s room.


When I got to her room, i didn’t meet her there, then i asked a maid of her whereabouts, and I was told she left almost an hour ago.


I let out an angry groan, because my whole mood was messed up, and i didn’t know what else to do.


I angrily went back downstairs thinking of going out to chill with my friends, to ease me off my sad mood.


When I got downstairs, i saw that my uncle was awake, and he was casually pressing his phone.


I just passed by him without saying a word, but he called me back saying he wants to speak with me.


Gbenga please, before you go out, can I have a word with you……… my uncle asked calmly.


I halted, then i turned to face him, with anger written all over my face.


What else do you have to say to me, after the embarrassment you and my mom caused me earlier, in front of my fiancee?……..I asked him rudely.


It’s okay my child please calm down let’s discuss like father and son……my uncle replied again calmly.


I am not your son, don’t ever call me your son again, you don’t deserve to be my father!!!!……i fired back screaming at the top of my voice.


Gbenga please, am sorry for the way I reacted earlier, i was only carried away by the way your fiancée looked so much like my late wife.

Please forgive my manners it won’t happen again……….my uncle replied pleading with me.


I calmed down a bit and apologized to my uncle for how i spoke to him rudely, and then i sat on a sofa opposite him to listen to what he wanted to say to me.


That fiancée of yours, do you have any idea of the orphanage home she ran away from?………my uncle asked inquisitively.


No i don’t, she didn’t really give me details of the orphanage home she ran away from, she only gave me details of the brothel she was formerly working as a s£x worker………..I replied bluntly.


It’s okay, I feel a certain bond with your fiancée, and I would love it if you bring her over here to live with us for some time, so I can be close to her, and give her the fatherly love she never had………..my uncle said, with a smile on his face.


Immediately he said that, i let out a wide grin, feeling happy, with the latest developments.


Then I rushed to my uncle and prostate before him, thanking him greatly.


After wards I went back to my seat, and then my uncle started asking more questions about Harriet which I answered freely.


I even happily narrated how i met Harriet to my uncle, and our adventures together which we both laugh heartily to, with my uncle hailing me, and calling me a sharp nigga.


While I was still discussing with my uncle, mom walked in, and I noticed how tired she looked, but then she spoke to me alone, asking me to see her upstairs when am done talking with my uncle.


I was still happily talking to my uncle, when he reminded that I need to go and see my mom, to know why she wants to see me.


I happily went left my uncle and went upstairs to see mom, and to my greatest surprise, mom apologized for the way she reacted to Harriet earlier, and also requested i bring Harriet over to the house.


I was so excited and I happily embraced mom, because she was saying what I want to hear.


I left mom’s room, straight to my room, feeling on top of the world.


When I got to my room, i instantly called Harriet, to tell her the latest news.


Harriet let out a squeal over the phone, and was so excited hearing the news i just told her.


I was glad that she was happy too, we discussed about other things, and I ended the conversation.


Just then i picked up my other phone to call my guys in the street, who i assigned to do a dirty job for me some days ago.


How far, una still collect the woman……I asked them almost in a whisper.


Yes we don grab am, e hard us sha, but na our jazz we come take hold am………they replied.


No wahala, make una tie her hand and leg with heavy chains as e take tie my woman own oh…….I said again.


No wahala boss, everywhere good…….they replied.


No shaking na, I go forward small thing give una this night for beer and cigar, then i go reach there tomorrow evening.


They all happily hailed me, and I hunged up the calls letting out a sinister smile.


By the time am done with you madam Pepe, you would never ever be wicked in your next life……..I said out aloud.


To be continued…………

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