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Later that evening, at about 8pm, I was reading a book i found in the room, then the girl that was dressing up earlier to go on an errand for madam Pepe walked in.


She looked like she had been working since because she looked tired, and then she tiredly layed on the bed.


“Welcome back”…..I greeted, but didn’t get a response.


Should I get you water to drink, you looked tired?…..I asked feeling concerned for her.


Just then she stood up and brought out some pi*lls from her bag and requested for water which i rushed to get for her.


I got a can of water from the small fridge in the room and gave it to her, which she used in taking her dr*ugs, and she drank all the water at once.


Seems like you are not feeling too well?……I asked innocently.


Then she looked at me and giggled like i said something funny.


Did I said anything funny, why I you giggling?…..I asked in confusion.


Don’t worry my dear, with time you will understand my reason for taking those dr*ugs….. she replied smiling at me.


So how did the errand go, hope it went well?…..I asked, but her countenance changed immediately after the question.


You ask too many questions, what is your business with the errand i went for, wait till it gets to your turn, before you know what the errand is all about…..she said angrily.


I pleaded with her not to get angry with me, that I was only trying to be close to her.


Am sorry if I was too rude, forgive my manners, but please, don’t go about asking other girls here about anything they do oh, you won’t like the outcome, am just being nice to you because I like you……she said cautioning me.


It’s okay I understand, i would learn to mind my business henceforth…..I replied.


What’s your name?…..she asked.


My name is Harriet….I replied.


And your father’s name?….she asked again.


I escaped from the orphanage home earlier today, I don’t know my father, but I was told my mom died while giving birth to me…..I replied sadly.


Oh, am sorry about that, my name is bintu.

But should have went somewhere else, why did you have to meet madam Pepe for help?…..bintu asked worriedly.


I stole from someone and was almost set ablaz¬£ but she rescued me from the mob, that was how i followed her here…..I replied sadly.


Just then, bintu held my hands looking straight to my eyes.


Harriet please, you still have time to change your mind, i want you to go back to the orphanage home where you came from, here isn’t a good place for you to stay am begging you….. bintu pleaded almost crying.


I immediately removed my hands from hers in anger.


I have made up my mind, I am not going back to the orphanage home, you can never understand what I went through there at the orphanage home….I said angrily.


Harriet please listen to me, i made a wrong decision in the past to be here, i wouldn’t want any other girl to make same mistake, please move away from here, i can help you move out if you want….. bintu kept pleading.


Am sorry bintu, my mind is made up, and i have even told madam Pepe to employ me and she agreed…..I said with finality.


Bintu gave me a long sad stare and just lye on the bed.


Some minutes later, the girl who had been rude to me earlier that day, barged in speaking with bintu.


Shuuooo, see this babe oh, bintu you never know say time don reach for our night hawkings?

You dey here dey sleep….she said referring to bintu.


Ejiro abeg leave me make i rest small, madam Pepe send me go meet clients today, so I don tire…. bintu replied.


That one concern you oh, madam Pepe say make i come call you, make we fall out….. ejiro replied.


Okay, they go i dey come… bintu replied weakly.


Ejiro left rolling her eyes at me and then closing the door loudly behind her.


Bintu immediately stood up from the bed and started getting dressed.


She wore clothes revealing many parts of her body, her cleavages and thighs were all exposed.


I tried to talk to her asking her where she was going to dressed like that, but she ignored me.


She finished dressing up, and picked up a small purse and her phone, and left leaving me behind.


Ejiro came in some minutes later asking what I would eat for dinner, but I simply told her to bring me anything.


She left, and brought fried noodles, egg and tea which i hungrily ate.

I finished eating, and then i kept the plate aside hoping to return it the next morning, then i dozed off without even taking a bath.


To be continued…..

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