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EPISODE 39 & 40






I discovered that ABIOLA have been having a relationship with a young lady called ABIKE while in the higher institution.


I confronted ABIOLA about it with much pains in my heart, and he confirmed it was true.


According to ABIOLA, he told me he met ABIKE immediately he just got admission into the university and instantly liked her.


To make matters worse, ABIOLA said he wants to marry ABIKE because she is the reason he changed to a better and responsible person.


I tried to talk to him, telling him that I have a feeling ABIKE won’t be good for him without even seeing her yet.


But ABIOLA simply laughed over it and told me i will love ABIKE, when I meet her in person.


I was really bittered about abiola’s new found relationship, and I was really determined to stop it at all costs.


Soon after, ABIOLA brought his girlfriend ABIKE home, to formerly introduce her to me.


Then gbenga was already 9years old, and I was already done with schooling and I was then a business woman.


Immediately i set my eyes on ABIKE, i developed hatred for her because she wants to claim abiola from me.


I didn’t even welcome her lovingly that day, i had to even lie to abiola that I was feeling a headache so I would not set my eyes on them together.


Then abike frequently started visiting abiola at home, so they would go to church together, which i was never happy about.


One day abike came visiting as usual, and she discovered that ABIOLA wasn’t around, and then she sat waiting for him.


Owning a cell phone was luxury as at then, and am sure she didn’t have any, i refused to lend her my phone to call abiola.


Instead I took that as an opportunity to express my feelings of displeasure towards her, so she would leave abiola alone once and for all.


I walked up to her and offered to give her some money, telling her plainly that I don’t like her, and I don’t want to see her anywhere around abiola.


She quickly rejected the money and apologized to me, telling me she would do as i said, and I watched her leaved with sadness on her face.


After she left i was happy she agreed to leave abiola, and at the same time I was angry she rejected my money.


What guts does she have, to reject a mouth watering cash from me?

That poor looking thing?…..I asked myself.


Anyways that’s her loss, let her stay away from abiola, that’s all I want from her.


Two weeks later abiola approached me at home one evening while I was trying to make dinner in the kitchen.


Abiola started screaming at me, at the top of his voice, warning me seriously that I should never try chase abike away from him again.


He was even threatening to stay away from me if I ever try such thing again.


Abiola didn’t allow me explain anything to him before he left the kitchen angrily.


After abiola left the kitchen, i too left the kitchen and went straight to my room crying my eyes out.


Since I have known abiola, he has never raised his voice at me no matter how wrong i am.


Why did he have to raise his voice at me because of a mere stranger, am i that common to him?…….I asked within myself amidst tears.


Few days later, abiola came back to apologize to me for shouting at me.


I instantly forgave him feeling happy, but my countenance changed instantly when he told me of his wedding with abike coming up in two weeks time.


I was very unhappy with the turnout of event, but I pretended to abiola that I was happy for him.


Later on abiola got married to abike as he had told me earlier.


All through the process of the wedding, i wasn’t happy, i wasn’t even in attendance for the white wedding, giving an excuse to abiola that I wasn’t feeling well which he believed me.


After their wedding, abike moved in with abiola into our house making me feel uncomfortable.


I tried several means to stir up a quarrel between abike and I, but we was a peaceful lady, and always avoided having issues with me.


The way abiola and abike was acting all lovey dovy around the house got me boiling in anger and I made a decision to get rid of abike soon.


Soon after abike got married to abiola, i noticed her tummy was beginning to take shape, seemed like she was already pregnant.


With each passing day, the hatred i had for abike increased and abiola loved abike so dearly that he didn’t want a fly to perch on her.


Then I thought of a good plan of getting close to abike so that when I strike, no one will suspect me.


I suddenly began to treat abike nicely, buying her things, and even cook for her so she would think i was at peace with her.


Abike was really happy, thinking i had finally accepted her, she was instantly free with me.


Some months later, when abike was due to give birth, I located Baba so I could get rid of her without a trace.


My aim was to finish off abike and her unborn child, but it didn’t work out that way.


Baba gave me a little doll, asking me to make a wish on it, I did exactly what I wanted to the doll, and Baba pierced its chest with a nail, and threw it away.


Baba also informed me that the child abike will give birth to wont die, because she was a destiny child.


But I should make sure I keep her at the orphanage home and never set my eyes on her again.

Warning me seriously that when I see the child again, i would die.


The day abike wanted to give birth, abiola wasn’t around, so I personally drove abike to the hospital.


When we got to the hospital, abike laboured for several hours and finally gave birth to a beautiful baby girl which looked exactly like her.


Abike didn’t survive it, and was taken to the morgue immediately after her death.


As for the baby, i brought out a black feather like stuff from my bag and pass it over her head three times and I instantly took her to an orphanage home far from where we lived.


When I got there, i lied to them that the person who gave birth to the child doesn’t have a family, and she died while giving birth to the child.


The willingly accepted the child from me and I dropped some cash with them, and left never to return there again.


Soon after i informed abiola of the death of abike and the new born child.


Abiola got really heartbroken after hearing the news of abike’s death, and that of his newborn.


He went to see abike’s corpse at the morgue, to confirm if she truly died.


After the burial of abike, Abiola isolated himself in his room for months, mourning over the loss of both abike and their child.


I didn’t regret ki*lling abike, I was happy that she was gone, so I would get married to abiola and have other children with him.


Two years after abike’s death, i came out openly to tell abiola my feelings, but he didn’t listen to me.


He reminded me that we were siblings, and we should remain so.


Right there and then, i wanted to tell abiola that he was the father of gbenga, but I changed my mind, hoping to give abiola some time to heal from the death of abike.


Gbenga on the other hand started disturbing me for his real father, i was not yet ready to show him who his real father was, so i was trying to cunningly make him see abiola as his father.


I have been in several relationships in the past, i even got married to a king in the past, but It all didn’t end well, because my heart belongs to abiola.


Abiola didn’t remarried till date, because according to him, he hasn’t seen a woman like abike.


I on the other hand wasn’t ready to have anything to do with any other man apart from abiola, i was ready to wait for him to get married to me and let’s leave peacefully.


I purposely followed abiola anywhere he travels to, and we lived together in a mansion we both built together.


Abiola loved gbenga so dearly like his son, and I was very much happy about that.


My flashback ended, and I discovered tears were already rolling down my eyes uncontrollably.


I wiped them carefully with the handkerchief in my hands, and i moved on from my flashback, to our journey back home.


Minutes later we got home, and I briskly walked in to the house because I wasn’t in a good mood.


I saw gbenga at the sitting room, having a discussion with abiola.


I told him to meet me in my room when he his done talking to abiola.


Immediately i got to my room, i carefully brought out the stuff baba gave me earlier, and I carefully placed them inside my wardrobe, letting out a satisfactory smile because of what am about to do with the stuff.


Minutes later gbenga came to my room, and I first apologised to him for the way I behaved towards Harriet earlier that day, lying to him that i wasn’t in a good mood as at then.


But gbenga, i was thinking, why don’t you just bring your fiancée Harriet, to live with us for some days, so that I can properly know my would be daughter in-law pretty well………I suggested to gbenga.


Wow, thank you so much mom, i really appreciate, i will bring her back here by tomorrow morning…….. gbenga replied happily and even hugged me.


It’s okay son, you can leave now I need to rest a bit……..I replied tiredly.


After gbenga left, i simply layed on the bed and slept off, and then i had a dream.


In that dream I saw abike angrily dragging me along with her with a rope tied around my waist, she was shouting at me to confess what I did to her in the past and what I was trying to do to her daughter.


I instantly woke up, with my heart beating fast, and I was sweating profusely, despite the AC in the room.


I looked at the time and it was already 7pm, i rushed to have a bath, and ordered the maid to bring my dinner to my room.


I slowly ate my food, but along the line i lost appetite, and I was also afraid of sleeping so I won’t set my eyes on ABIKE again.


To be continued……..

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