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After dad died, i informed few of his relatives about his death and they all came together, to bury dad immediately.


After dad was buried, Few of my parents relatives teemed up and got several nannies that would look after ABIOLA and I because they couldn’t have the time to look after us themselves.


They weren’t interested in my parents properties because they were very much wealthy too.


A lawyer came to me and ABIOLA, telling us we will both have access to my parents finance and properties when we are up to 18 or more than.


I was only 14 while ABIOLA was 15 years old as at that time, so we didn’t really understood what the lawyer was saying to us.


After my parents died, i found it difficult to cope because there was no one there to treat me like a princess and pet me.


The nannies being assigned to look after us, didn’t care much about how i felt or what I needed most, they were only after their monthly payments.


most times they were always rude to me if I tried to act stubborn, like i always did to my parents when they were alive, which made me missed them greatly.


ABIOLA on the other hand tried his very best to look after me, he was beginning to act like dad, who made sure he gets me anything i wanted.


As the years went by, i was now slowly moving on from the deaths of my parents, and I began to experience puberty.


I noticed my body changes, and I innocently told ABIOLA about it, which made him laughed at me.


I then noticed, i was beginning to have feelings for ABIOLA at my young age of 16.


Sometimes I take it as siblings love, but on the other hand, i kept telling myself that it was more than siblings love.


ABIOLA was pretty handsome, and girls were already flocking after him, which made me angry all the time.


I couldn’t voice out my feelings to him because I was afraid he would turn me down, stating the facts that we were siblings.


Suddenly ABIOLA started hanging out with some group of bad boys in our area.


Then ABIOLA changed from the innocent good brother i used to know, to a though rugged boy.


ABIOLA changed so fast, and I couldn’t recognise him anymore, but I loved him still and he also still never joked with me.


ABIOLA then started having several girlfriends and he even brings them home sometimes.


I always pretended I was in support of him having girlfriends, but deep down in my heart, i wasn’t happy about it, and i wished i was one of the girls ABIOLA was dating.


One late night, ABIOLA came home from a party drunk, I sat at the sitting room, waiting for him to come back home so that I can open the door for him, and go back to sleep.


When ABIOLA finally came back home that night, i scolded him for coming home late, like our late mother would have done if she was alive.


While I was still scolding ABIOLA, he suddenly grabbed my waist, and he pulled me closer to him giving me a kiss.


Immediately the kiss landed on my lips, I frozed out of shock, and i instantly melted like an ice-cream into abiola’s hands and i reciprocated the kiss.


That was my first kiss, but I kissed abiola like never before, because I have always craved for him.


Soon our kiss graduated into touching and smooching each other, and with each touch from abiola, i felt vibration all over my body because it was my very first.


Right there and then in the sitting room, ABIOLA had his way with me, still in the state of his drunkenness.


I felt sharp pains, with each thrust from ABIOLA but I held myself from screaming out loud, so I won’t alert the nannies in the house.


After ABIOLA was done, he left me and staggered to his room upstairs.


After ABIOLA left, i kept reminiscing on the erotic moment we just had and I couldn’t stop myself from smiling.


I slowly stood up from the spot we had intercourse, and carefully cleaned the place up leaving no trace of anything suspicious.


I slowly walked upstairs to my room feeling slight pains in between my legs, but I didn’t bothered much about it, I was only happy and content that abiola was finally mine.


I got to my room, and took my bath and layed on my bed afterwards, but I couldn’t sleep.


My little mind couldn’t just stop thinking about abiola, and how he handled me moments ago.


The next morning I pretended as if nothing happened and ABIOLA didn’t remember having anything with me either.


After that incident between abiola and I, i had wished for it to happen again but it never happened, and I couldn’t boldly meet abiola.


So I kept mute, waiting for an opportunity to come again.


Three months after, i fell really sick, and it was discovered by the nannies that I was pregnant.


They instantly informed my parents relatives, and they were all unhappy with me.


Everyone tried asking me who was responsible for my pregnancy, but I never said a word.


My parents relatives were all angry with me for not speaking out who got me pregnant, but I didn’t care.


I didn’t want them to send abiola away thinking he took advantage of me, thats why I didn’t say anything.


ABIOLA also pleaded with me to tell him who got me pregnant, but I didn’t say a word to him either.


That was how i got pregnant, and gave birth to gbenga at the age of 18, with ABIOLA being his father.


After i birthed gbenga, I went back to school to further my studies, and left my new born with the nannies to take care of.


ABIOLA also further his education, and soon after he suddenly changed into a better person and to my disappointment, a young lady called ABIKE, was the reason why abiola became responsible.


To be continued………..

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