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My parents were very much wealthy and famous in the society as at that time.


According to mom, what was the need to have much wealth, without children to spend them on?


My parents were stinking rich, and had much influence in the society, but they struggled to have a child.


My mom had a strange illness which held her from giving birth, and then she constantly pleaded with my dad to marry another woman who will give them children.


But my dad always refused, promising my mom he would stand by her at all costs, whether they have children or not.


My both parents were Christians then, so they kept hoping on God, to give them a child.


After 15 years of marriage, my mom miraculously got pregnant despite her illness, and gave birth to me.


After my birth, their joy knew no bounds, they were extremely happy for my arrival and treated me like a princess.


I remembered how my parents over pampered me, and never see any wrong in anything i do even if it was wrong.


They always gave me anything i wished for so long as it would make me happy, they didn’t want to offend me.


When I was ten years old, I noticed my mates in school all had siblings, and most times they bragged with their siblings to my face, simply because I don’t have any.


Suddenly one morning while I was about leaving for school with my parents, i started demanding for a brother from my from them, without remorse.


I could still remember the look of sadness on my mom’s face that morning when I made my request known to them.


But i didn’t care, all i wanted was a brother and I was determined to get it.


Bisola dear, why do you need a brother, are we not enough for you?……..mom asked sadly.


Of course you both aren’t enough for me, i feel lonely always, I need someone i can talk to, and play with everyday like my mates in school…….I blasted at mom.


It’s okay my dear, you know we love you so much, don’t worry, expect a brother from us soon…….dad said to me, trying to sound happy.


My parents promised to get me a brother as soon as possible just to make me happy.


That same night i overheard them discussing about adopting a male child because mom couldn’t bear anymore children, due to menopause stage.


Though my little brain didn’t understood all what they were saying, but I understood the fact that they were getting me a brother soon.


Soon after, they brought home abiola who was just a year older than me and they introduced him as my new brother.


Immediately my parents introduced him as my brother, i instantly rushed to hug him innocently falling in love with him.


I began to see abiola as my brother, and we got along pretty well, my parents treated him as their son, and showed us equal love.


I later learnt my parents adopted abiola from the orphanage home and they went through due process to make him their son.


Abiola was given same treatment as me, and within months of living with us, he was already looking healthy and handsome, and I bragged with him to my mates at school.


Some of my classmates tripped over abiola, but i suddenly developed this feeling of jealousy, and never allowed any girl move closed to him.


Abiola and I were in same class, so I had my eyes on him.


As the year went by, we all lived as one peaceful family until tragedy Struck.


Mom fell really Sick and all efforts to make her okay proved abortive.


Dad flew mom to several countries for treatment but still mom’s health kept deteriorating with each passing day.


Before mom finally died, one evening she called abiola and I closer to her, and urged us to live as one so we would both have peace in future, which we agreed.


Then she also spoke with dad, holding his hands and reminding him of the sweet and bitter moments they shared in the past.


Mom even cracked some jokes with all of us which we all laughed heartily to it, thinking she was beginning to get better.


Suddenly mom held my hands staring at me, but then I noticed i pupils weren’t moving, and her hands were cold.


I told dad about it, and quickly stood up from where he sat, and he quickly rushed to check, and noticed mom was gone, and he carefully placed his palm on mom’s eyes, closing them.


We all present in the room started crying because of the pain from mom’s demise.


Dad kept pleading with mom to come back to him which never happened.


Few months later we buried mom, and tried our best to move on which wasn’t easy for us all, no matter how hard we tried.


Six months after burying mom, dad suddenly became sick, and died leaving abiola and I alone in the cold world.


To be continued………..

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