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While I was on the journey of meeting Baba, I kept having several thoughts about Baba, wondering if he was still alive or not.


It’s been over 18 years since I last saw Baba, and the last time I saw Baba, he was quite ageing.


I prayed silently in my heart, for me to meet baba alive, so he would help me out of the situation i found my self in.


I still remembered the road that led to Baba’s place, and i kept giving my driver the directions to follow.


An hour later, we arrived at Baba’s house, and the environment hadn’t changed at all.


It was still same, and nothing changed since the last time I came.


I told my driver to wait for me in the car, while I go in to meet baba.


I went into the compound and I met Baba sitting on a mat, at the verandah of his house.


Baba looked more advanced, seemed like he was now in his 80s.


I noticed his eyes were slightly closed like one who was blind.


Immediately i stepped in baba shouted at the top of his voice mentioning my name which gave me goosebumps all over my body.


” BISOLA, you are finally here after over a decade and 8 years, the child whom you thought you discarded at the orphanage home, has come back to you through your son”……… Baba said referring to me.


I instantly knelt down removing my shoes before baba, pleading with him to help me out.


Baba ejooor saanu Mii

( Baba please have mercy on me ) I carefully did as you instructed me years ago.


I even passed the charm you gave me over the baby’s head three times as you instructed, but I was shocked to see her back at my house just this morning.


You know the penalty for it BISOLA, since you have already set your eyes on the child again, your death is in three days………Baba replied.


Ahhhhh great Baba ajala please, there supposed to be a way out of all this that I have gotten myself into.


I know you can help me out, baba ejooor oohh……I pleaded with tears flowing down my cheeks wailing uncontrollably.


BISOLA, ABIKE is really angry with you, and wants her daughter to be reunited with her father at all costs, she wants her husband, your half brother to be a happy man again……….baba responded coldly.


Baba i don’t care if ABIKE spirit is angry with me or not, all i want right now is for you to help me with a way i can get rid of her daughter, so I can survive and hopefully marry ABIOLA please………I pleaded still crying.


Just then baba clapped his both hands together, and a young boy came out, and helped baba stand up to his feet and he then led blind baba inside.


Few minutes later, baba came out with some stuff, and started mixing them together, then he turned all of them on a stone, and was grinding them.


While Baba was grinding them on the stone, he kept making incantations on it which i couldn’t understand any of them.


Baba was now very old and blind, but he did things smoothly like when I knew him years back.


After Baba finished preparing the charm, he handed it over to me, then he passed his staff over my head seven times, making some incantations.


“You have just three days to get rid of ABIKE’S daughter called Harriet, with this charm in your hands, if after three days and you could not do it, then you will be responsible for anything that happen to you”……… Baba said with a warning sound.


Thank you so much baba am really greatful, for this thing you have done for me, i really appreciate…….I said feeling happy.


Then I brought out some wads of cash from my bag, and gave to Baba, but he signalled me to keep them on a native pot beside him which I did hurriedly.


Then I carefully placed the charm Baba gave me, inside my bag and I stood up to leave.


When I was about leaving, baba stopped me and gave his last warning, that I should carefully carry out the plan within three days.


I assured baba that I would do just that, then i wore my shoes and left the compound.


I hurriedly got into the car and told the driver to drive off.


While we were heading back home, i had a flashback of my past with ABIOLA and ABIKE and also how i had gbenga.


To be continued…………….

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