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That morning i was on a phone call with a business partner when gbenga walked into room.


Surprisingly, he waited for me to finish my calls, the gbenga i know, would have just turned back seeing me on call, and probably come back later when he is sure I must have been through with my calls.


After i was done with my phone calls, i asked gbenga what brought him to my room, and he happily announced to me that he had finally brought his fiancée home.


I happily embraced him and told him to give me some time to refreshen up.


After gbenga left my room, i got to my wardrobe and picked one of my most expensive wear’s, and did some little touch up on my face and rearranged my hair.


I was looking all beautiful, to meet my would be daughter in-law.


I left my room and headed to the sitting room downstairs.


I finally got downstairs and met ABIOLA, my brother already downstairs.


My eyes went towards gbenga, and standing close to him was a pretty young girl who was looking downwards.


And I guessed she was the lady gbenga was talking about.


Suddenly the young girl looked up and i almost had a h£art att@ck.


Was she not ABIKE, ABIOLA’S late wife?…….I asked within myself.


I started questioning abike’s presence in the house asking her what she was doing here.


Gbenga tried to correct me that her name wasn’t ABIKE, but her name was Harriet, but I didn’t wanted to listen to anything.


I hurriedly went to my room upstairs out of fear and guilt.


When I got to my room, i hurriedly slammed the door, locking it.

I was pacing back and forth murmuring to myself.


Who is that lady, where did she came from, why did she looked so much like ABIKE, and even had same birth mark as her?


I kept asking myself several questions which i couldn’t provide answers to.


Suddenly Baba’s voice 18 years ago kept ringing in my ears, and i held my head screaming in regrets.


” Immediately after abike’s d£ath, make sure you discard her new born child, and never set your eyes on the child again, the day you set your eyes on the child again, you shall diiieee”


Ahhhhh, am finished!!!!…..I screamed holding my head.


Just then i paused, what if that girl isn’t related to ABIKE, sometimes people do look alike.


Then an idea came to me, i decided to go back to the baba that did the charm i used in Keeling abike 18 years ago.


I wanted the baba to help me confirm if truly gbenga’s fiancee was related to ABIKE or not.


Luckily for me, the Baba’s place wasn’t far from my house, it’s just an hour journey so I quickly called one of our drivers on the phone, to prepare one of the car so he would drive me somewhere.


Some minutes later, i came downstairs, and saw ABIOLA lying close to where ABIKE’S portrait was.


seemed like he was crying as usual, because I could see some traces of tears on his face.


Just look at him, if he had simply chosen to love me year’s back, i wouldn’t have keeled ABIKE.


I thought Keeling abike would make abiola love me, but I was wrong.


Until now he still haven’t recovered from the death of abike, claiming am his sister, which isn’t true.


I hissed loudly out of anger and jealousy and left the house, heading straight to go and see Baba.


To be continued……….

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