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Gbenga pulled up in front of a huge gate and he horned loudly in front of the gate.


A gate man quickly rushed to open the gate for us and then gbenga drove in.


My heart kept b£ating fast, not even knowing what to expect.


Gbenga parked at the garage area of the compound, and I was wowed by the different kinds of exotic cars i saw there.


I was able to count them, and they were up to 12 expensive cars and gbenga’s car was the least of them.


I wondered why gbenga choose not to leave lavishly, but anyways I love him still.


After parking the car, gbenga stepped out from the car first and rushed to open the car door for me and held my hand leading me out of the car.


I smiled nervously feeling shy with his romantic gesture.


Then we walked hand in hand into the mansion, and I couldn’t stop admiring the mansion in the process of going in.


When we got in, gbenga asked me to sit at one of the luxury sofa’s in the sitting room so he would Go upstairs and call his mom and uncle.


Gbenga left, and immediately he left, I took the opportunity to take a look round the room admiring everything there.


Every furniture in the room was all luxury and they screamed wealth.


While I was looking round the photos on the wall, my eyes went straight to a particular large portrait on the wall.


It was a large portrait of a young woman, who sat smiling, looking beautiful and innocent, she even looked like she was pregnant when she took the photo, because of her pr0truding tummy.


But what caught my attention was the fact that I look a lot like the woman, I was like the younger version of her.


And there was this birthmark I had at my neck area, coincidentally the lady on the portrait had it too and it’s exactly the same spot i had mine.


While she smiled, i noticed she had a gap tooth, and I too have a gap tooth.


I kept staring at the photo portraits on the wall, wondering who the woman was, i felt a strange connection with the photo, and I wondered why.


Though the photo looked like it was taken in the 90s, but it still looked new and beautiful.


I tried looking away from the portrait, but my eyes kept going back to the direction the portrait was.


Gbenga finally came downstairs and apologized for taking too long and then he sat closer to me, telling me his mom and uncle will be downstairs soon.


Gbenga sorry if am being too nosy here, but please who is that lady at that portrait on the wall?……..I asked pointing at the portrait i was looking at earlier.


Oh that, she was my uncle’s late wife, who di£d years ago while giving birth……… gbenga replied.


Oh, but what then happened to the child she gave birth to, i hope the child survived it?……..I asked feeling concerned.


Unfortunately the child also died too, and ever since then, my uncle has refused to get married……… gbenga replied.


That’s so sad to hear, am really sorry for your uncle….I said sadly.


Just then a man who i suspect was gbenga’s uncle came down to the sitting room, and I and gbenga immediately stood up to greet him.


Put suddenly he paused, looking at me like he knows me from somewhere, then he turned to look at the portrait of his late wife on the wall, then he turned back looking at me.


But surprisingly he didn’t utter a word to us, he simply sat down, and signalled us to have our sit but he kept staring at me awkwardly.


Even gbenga began to feel uncomfortable with the way his uncle was staring at me.


Few minutes later, a beautiful fair but a little bit advanced woman came down the stairs and I had a feeling she was gbenga’s mother.


She climbed the stairs down slowly and I looked down my feet because of nervousness.


Then gbenga nudged me, signalling for me to stand up, and i stood up in a hurry raising my head up.


Immediately gbenga’s mother set her eyes on me, she halted and screamed at the top of her voice, and everyone there wondered what happened, including me.



You are d£ad, what are doing here, you don’t belong here…….. gbenga’s mother screamed at the top of her voice referring to me.


But mom, her name isn’t ABIKE, her name is Harriet, the lady i told you i want to marry…… gbenga replied his mom in confusion.


But gbenga’s mother didn’t say any more words and simply turned her back, and went upstairs in a hurry.


I and gbenga both looked at each other puzzled about what just happened.


Gbenga’s uncle didn’t even utter a word to us, he simply went to the portrait of his late wife staring at it, and i could see real tears in his eyes.


Gbenga grabbed my hand in anger and then we left the mansion, back to our apartment.


To be continued……..

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