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While I was being locked in that room, expecting a miracle to happen, i suddenly started filling uncomfortable due to the atmosphere in the room.


There was no much air in the room, which made me began to breath with my mouth opened.


I was beginning to get tired, dizzy and hungry, suddenly I felt a sharp pa*in around my abdomen which made me scr£amed out in pa*ins.


But no one came to attend to me, the pa*in i was feeling there Got so unbearable to an extent I felt my life draining out of me.


I started ga*sping for air, and at the same time writhing in pains on the bed.


My hands were ti£d, so I could not hold my tummy to ease the pa*in i was feeling, but I was just trying to stay alive.


Few minutes later, my eyes began to feel h£avy and as i was about closing them, some persons entered the room.


I couldn’t see their faces clearly, but I was hearing gbenga’s voice, pleading with me to stay alive until i passed out.


I woke up some time later and the first person I saw was gbenga, I wanted to speak to him telling him how much i missed him but he quickly stopped me from speaking.


Tears rolled out of my tears seeing how stressed and thin gbenga looked, all because of me.


Soon bintu came in with a doctor and few nurses and i was examined.


I was later told jokingly by bintu that I was unconscious for two weeks which surprised me.


Seeing gbenga and bintu around me made me happy, and I recovered faster than i expected.


I was later discharged a week after i got conscious, and gbenga moved us straight to a nice bungalow he got for I and bintu.


I was so very excited that I now have my own apartment, and no more madam Pepe, bintu was more than happy constantly showing her appreciation to gbenga.


Gbenga announced to me that he would be introducing me to his mother and uncle after i was fully recovered, which i agreed to it.


Day’s and week’s passed by and I was beginning to recover from the trauma i faced from the gang ra*ping I experienced.


Gbenga frequently visited us to check on me and most times drive me to see a therapist which helped my health greatly.


One morning after i finished bathing, i stood in front of the dressing mirror about to apply some lotions on my skin.


Suddenly i started rubbing my tummy, and I noticed it was no longer feeling heavy and big.


And with my calculations i was supposed to be four months gone with my pregnancy, and my baby bump should be a bit pronounced by now.


But what happened, could it be i lost my pregnancy when I was ra*ped by those guys?……….I wondered.


Just then bintu came to my room announcing to me that she had made breakfast, as she was about turning to leave, i called her back.


Bintu please wait I need to talk to you about something.


Bintu quickly turned back to the room with her face looking worried.


What is the matter Harriet?…….she asked.


I don’t know if it’s normal, or am over thinking things, but bintu I remembered i had a little baby bump before i was raped and unconscious.


But i don’t seem to understand what went wrong, my stomach is flat and feels light.

Do you think i already lost my pregnancy?………I asked worriedly.


Harriet i don’t think so, you still have your pregnancy intact, come let’s have breakfast…….. bintu replied trying to close the topic.


Tell me the truth bintu……I said glaring at her because I could see the uneasiness in her eyes.


Bintu stared at me for a while telling me gbenga would be in a better position to answer my question, and then she left my room.


That same day gbenga came visiting, and I also told him my worries.


Gbenga looked into my eyes, and kissed me and then he told me we lost the pregnancy, assuring me that we would have other ones which light up my mood.


Gbenga informed me to get prepared, because by weekend he would be taking me to see his mom and uncle.


I was so excited because I had looked forward to that day for long before I encountered tragedy.


The day finally came, it was a Saturday morning, I got dressed in one of the beautiful dresses gbenga got for me.


And then bintu did some light make up on my face, and fixed my hair, after dressing up, i checked out my self in front of the huge dressing mirror in the room and I was impressed with how matured i looked.


I was 18 plus, but I looked like i was up to 25.


Then gbenga came in and he complimented me, and then off we went to see his family.


While we were in the car, i was really nervous for an unknown reason, but gbenga assured me that all would be fine.


To be continued…………

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